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Bestemming New York

De bijzondere geschiedenis van ms Zaandam 1939 - 1942

By Top, Henk
(Destination New York)
2007, Walburg Pers, Zutphen, The Netherlands
ISBN 9789057305160
Paperback, 208 pages, 23 images and 2 maps
book is in Dutch language

Descripton: The book is a reconstruction of the adventures of the captain and crew of the 'Zaandam', a new passenger ship of the Holland - America Line. It describes the escape from the Dutch East Indies in 1942 with 932 refugees during the attack of the Japanese forces, the u-boat attacks during convoy AS-4 and the tragic end when the ship was torpedoed on November 2nd 1942 by U-174. One of the lifeboats with 60 persons reached the Brazilian coast after 8 days sailing and 3 crew members were picked up after 83 days on a raft.