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K Boat Catastrophe

EIGHT SHIPS AND FIVE COLLISIONS: The full story of the 'Battle' of the Isle of May

By N.S. Nash
2009, Pen and Sword
ISBN 1844159841
Hardcover, 224 pages

Descripton: The "Battle of the Isle of May" was one of the strangest episodes during WWI and was suppressed for decades after the war. During the night of 31 Jan 1918 8 ships were involved in 5 collisions that resulted in 2 submarines being lost with 104 officers and men.

From the review: This fascinating book covers the much hated British K boats of WWI and the incredible series of collisions that took place on 31 Jan 1918. The British fleet was assembling at Scapa Flow for a major exercise called EC1 – and a large part of the f ...
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