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A Hard Fought Ship

The story of HMS Venomous

By Moore, Robert J. and Rodgaard, John A.
2010, Holywell House Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9559382-0-7
234x156 mm with 320 pp, 170 photographs and 12 maps and plans.


HMS Venomous was a destroyer of the V & W Class, the most advanced in the world when built and arguably the most successful ever. Sixty-six were built at the end of the Great War. By the end of World War II they had all been sunk or scrapped but during those thirty years thousands of men served on them.

This is possibly the most detailed study yet of the contribution made by a typical “old warrior” of this class to winning the war with end notes and citations plus a list of all its officers from 1919-46 and a list of known ratings. It begins with a comparative survey of the world’s destroyers in 1919 and ends with a list of all the V & Ws giving date of construction and ultimate fate.

However, this story is about her officers and crew as told by them. It is illustrated with 170 of their unique photographs taken in the heat of the action plus paintings, drawings and maps.

The authors
Their accounts are linked together and set in context by Robert J Moore, the former CO of TS Venomous, and Capt. John Rodgaard USN (Naval History “author of the year”, 2000).

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