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U-9: A Damned Un-English Weapon

By Thesing, Jim
2013, Merriam Press
ISBN 1482644851
Paperback, 272 pages, 1 map (also available in hardcover)
The book is a fiction

Descripton: On the eve of World War I, expectations were low for Germany's small flotilla of undersea boats. But just seven weeks into the war, U-9 sank three British armored cruisers, killing nearly 1,500 men. The following morning, headlines blared on the front pages of the world's newspapers. The U-boat had arrived. This novel, inspired by memoirs written in the 1920s, weaves historical fact with an imagining of how both German and British officers and seamen may have experienced this event.

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Get U-9: A Damned Un-English Weapon now at (£ 9.64)