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On Fortune's Side

By Anthony Molloy
2012, Amazon Kindle
E Book Price 2.00

Descripton: It is 1941 and British Naval Intelligence suspect that the German High Command have plans for a spring offensive on the British convoy system, their aim, to finally snap the already tenuous supply lines between a beleaguered Britain and the rest of the free world. Faulted in his attempts to invade Britain, Hitler turns his insane ambitions east to the sleeping bear that is Russia. However Britain and the Royal Navy in particular, remain a thorn in his side. He makes overtures of peace sending his secretary, Rudolph Hess, to Britain to negotiate on his behalf. But the British government has no wish to make peace and use Hess as a pawn to alert Stalin to Hitler's real intentions. When he realises that his guileful plan has fallen on deaf ears he embraces Grossadmiral Raeder's plan to finally starve the British into submission. The ‘glorious spring offensive’ will bring together, for the first time, the combined might of Germanys surface fleet and the stealthy prowess of her U Boat arm to strangle the vital Atlantic arteries that have supplied the island fortress and kept her in the War Only then will Hitler be able to turn his full might on the Russian bear. Captain Barr's special operations group, code named 'Orca', are ordered to do all they can to disrupt the plan, to somehow stop the scattered Baltic Fleet regrouping in safe waters from where they can sally out into the Atlantic to join forces with Doenitz's U Boat's. The captured U Boat, ‘Antler’ must make a perilous journey four hundred miles deep into the Baltic Sea, the German Navy’s backyard, to prove that no hiding place can be safe from the Royal Navy.