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The Search for a World War II Hero

By Johnson, Rody
1999, Sunflower University Press
ISBN 0897452364
Paperback, 205pp.

Descripton: U-333, commanded by Peter Cremer, torpedoed the US tanker Java Arrow off the Florida coast in May, 1942. The tanker crew was rescued by the author's father, Kit Johnson, a Coast Guard Auxiliary volunteer, in his fishing boat. This incident is the basis for a story about Cremer and Kit Johnson in war and in old age. The author visited Cremer in Germany and maintained a close association with him until Cremer's death in 1992. The book provides additional information and a more personal look at Cremer than found in his book, “U-boat Commander.”

From the review: This book is rather unusual as it is not so much about the U-boat war itself but rather about 2 personalities who almost met in the war. The former and more visible character is the author’s father, Kit Johnson, who served as a civilian voluntee ...
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