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Naval Officers Under Hitler

The Story of Crew 34

By Rust, Eric C.
1991, Praeger
ISBN 0275937097

Descripton: A collective biography of the 318 members of Germany's naval officer Crew 34, the class that produced such outstanding U-boat aces as Erich Topp, Jochen Mohr, Engelbert Endrass, Helmut Witte, Carl Emmermann, Fritz Guggenberger, Freiherr von Tiesenhausen, Günther Müller-Stockheim, Adi Schnee, Ulrich Folkers, Hirsacker among many others.

From the review: This is a group biography of Crew 34, whose members went on to serve in U-boats, S-boote, the surface fleet, and aviation, and whose numbers include U-boat commanders both illustrious and notorious - Topp, Endrass, Schnee, and Mohr, as well as Eck an ...
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