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U-boote 1935-1945

L'histoire des sous-marins de la Kriegsmarine

By Dalliès-Labourdette, Jean-Philippe
(U-boats 1935-1945: The history of the submarines of the Kriegsmarine)
1996, Histoire & Collections
ISBN 2908182424
Hardcover, 144 pages, with 16 pages in colour, format 24 x 32
book is in French language

Descripton: This book contains many excellently reproduced photographs, many of which were new to me, including some good shots of U-boat pens. There are also some pretty good U-boat color profiles, several pages of U-boat and Flotilla insignia (all in color), and a very nice full-color 8-page section on German war art featuring U-boats and U-boat men. Also included are a full-color photo feature on U-bootwaffe uniforms and equipment, and a section on U-boats in the movies.

- This book has been translated into other languages.