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The Battle of the Atlantic and Signals Intelligence

U-boat Situations and Trends, 1941-1945

By Syrett, David
1999, Published by Ashgate for the Navy Records Society, Brookfield VT
ISBN 1840142952
628 pages

Descripton: This is a fascinating reference book compiling documents in the two series U-boat Situations and U-boat Trends, written from December 1941 to May 1945 by Rear Admiral J.W. Clayton, RN, head of the British Admiralty's Operational Intelligence Centre, and by Commander Rodger Winn, RNVR, head of the Submarine Tracking Room. These reports were assembled on the basis mainly of decryption intelligence and distributed to selected high officials and commanders in the Royal Navy to keep them informed of U-boat activities and of strategic, tactical, and technological developments in the battle against the U-boats. This is a valuable primary source for serious researchers because it illustrates British wartime knowledge of U-boat activities on a week-by-week basis.

From the review: This massive book is an edited compilation of British intelligence documents. The Situations are weekly reports, which were produced from 15 December, 1941 to May, 1945. Each of these reports begins with a table showing the number of U-boats t ...
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