Obtaining the books

Here below are some of the sources I am aware of that could assist you in finding the books of your choice. I only list companies that I know are good and offer the material I seek.

NEW! When you see this icon next to a certain book you can click on it to order that book online. This is a fast and secure method (how I buy my books) that I highly recommend.

Through the Internet


Traditional Means

Christian Schmidt

Sauerbruchstrasse 10
D-81377 Munich
Phone 089/703227
Fax 089/7005361
This is an address from which you can order the the 5-volume U-Boat resource, Der U-bootkrieg 1939-1945. Vols 1 and 2 are now available.

Articles of War

8806 Bronx Avenue
Skokie, IL 60067-1896

phone: (847) 674-7445
fax: (847) 674-7449
e-mail: warbooks@aol.com

They publish a good-sized catalogue several times a year and additional smaller ones in between. They usually have a number of U-boat or naval books available.