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  HMS WILTON (Destroyer - Hunt(type 2 class)  Terry Gaunt 07/04/2003 06:21AM
  H.M.S. BARFLEUR  Maxwell Callister 07/01/2003 08:41PM
  Lt JA McClure DSC MBE  david 06/30/2003 06:08PM
  Hms Avondale  Len Inglis 06/29/2003 10:26AM
  Re: Hms Avondale  David Hepper 06/29/2003 12:14PM
  USS New Jersey  José M. Rico 06/28/2003 01:38PM
  Japanese destroyers' boilers  Marek Twardowski 06/27/2003 08:21PM
  Re: Japanese destroyers' boilers  Brian 06/28/2003 01:31AM
  Re: Japanese destroyers' boilers  Marek Twardowski 06/28/2003 07:11AM
  BISMARCK  Alex Caron 06/14/2003 12:38AM
  Re: BISMARCK  Alex Caron 06/14/2003 01:22PM
  Re: BISMARCK  John McBride 06/27/2003 04:37AM
  HMS & HMAS Vengeance.  Vin 06/27/2003 03:40AM
  HMS Galatea  Dave Friend 06/26/2003 05:04PM
  HMS Beaufort Mutiny in Malta  Roger 06/24/2003 06:30PM
  HMS Erne - Black Swan Sloop  Steve Green 06/23/2003 07:41AM
  Re: HMS Erne - Black Swan Sloop  Roger 06/23/2003 03:23PM
  Re: HMS Erne - Black Swan Sloop  Steve Green 06/24/2003 10:49AM
  HMS Clare  Dennis J Hylton 06/23/2003 12:38PM
  Re: HMS Clare  Roger 06/23/2003 02:57PM
  Re: HMS Clare  Brian 06/24/2003 01:13AM
  HMS Dido  Alec Coles 06/18/2003 03:38PM
  Re: HMS Dido  Visje 06/19/2003 03:52PM
  1st.Escort Group,Western Approaches  Bryan Burrow 06/07/2003 03:31PM
  Re: 1st.Escort Group,Western Approaches  Mark E 06/10/2003 10:42AM
  Re: 1st.Escort Group,Western Approaches  Bryan Burrow 06/19/2003 02:20PM
  Battleship "Duke of York"  Stephen Ambrose 06/18/2003 08:23AM
  Re: Battleship "Duke of York"  David Hepper 06/18/2003 09:59AM
  Re: Battleship "Duke of York"  Brian 06/18/2003 01:10PM
  Highest scoring British Destroyer  Shawn Peterson 06/17/2003 06:36PM
  HMCS Haida  Shawn Peterson 06/12/2003 04:51PM
  Re: HMCS Haida  Alec Coles 06/12/2003 05:55PM
  Re: HMCS Haida  Brian Corijn 06/12/2003 07:26PM
  Re: HMCS Haida  Douglas Struthers 06/13/2003 11:05AM
  Re: HMCS Haida's record  Brian 06/13/2003 02:10PM
  Re: HMCS Haida's record  Marek Twardowski 06/13/2003 09:39PM
  Re: HMCS Haida's record  shawn Peterson 06/16/2003 02:03PM
  Re: HMCS Haida's record  Bryan Burrow 06/16/2003 03:20PM
  HMS Wensleydale  david 06/15/2003 04:55PM
  Re: HMS Wensleydale  Marek Twardowski 06/15/2003 09:20PM
  Re: HMS Wensleydale damage  Brian 06/16/2003 02:14AM
  HMS Circassia  anton glinski 06/10/2003 06:35AM
  Re: HMS Circassia  Brian 06/11/2003 01:12AM
  HMS Cam  Brian 05/28/2003 02:02PM
  Re: HMS Cam  Roger 05/29/2003 05:29PM
  Re: HMS Cam  Brian Corijn 05/29/2003 06:07PM
  Re: Thanks to both  Brian 05/30/2003 01:16AM
  Re: Thanks to both  Roger 06/10/2003 08:19PM
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