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Re: Deutschland (U155)
Posted by: Bruce Dennis ()
Date: June 29, 2009 09:54AM

Hello Don,

"May I reiterate that I am more interested in establishing the source of the metal than the identity of the sitter."

Research can be painfully slow, and I sympathise with the frustration you may be feeling while we chew over he identity of the sitter. However, as there are no conclusive markings, and the provenance is missing, the sitter is all we have to work on. I once found an entire chapter of my wife's family history by pursuing a clue found on an heirloom, and it was a lot slimmer than the information on your iron bust.

Thank you for the latest photo. I had been curious if the initial 'K' was followed by a letter with German umlaut, but this last photo shows this is unlikely.

Have you tried the local history groups from the area where the Deutschland was broken? Someone, possibly working in isolation, may know at a glance the identity of the sitter with the distinctive name, and therefore the links to follow.

Hope this helps,

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