Italian submarines in World War Two

Delfino (DL)

TypeOcean going 
ClassSqualo (6) 
Laid down 27 Oct 1928 Cantiere Navale Triestino, Monfalcone
Launched27 Apr 1930
Commissioned19 Jun 1931
End service
Loss date23 Mar 1943
Loss position40° 18'N, 17° 08'E
History Sunk in a collision in 206° - San Vito Semaphore - 7 miles (off Taranto) on 23rd March 1943.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
T.V. Giuseppe Aicardi20 Apr 194014 Nov 1940
C.C. Alberto Avogadro di Cerrione14 Nov 194014 Jan 1942
C.C. Alberto Avogadro di Cerrione27 Jan 194231 Jan 1943
S.T.V. Sergio Parodi1 Feb 19435 Feb 1943
G.M. Eugenio Franzitta6 Feb 19438 Feb 1943
C.C. Raul Galletti8 Feb 194328 Feb 1943
T.V. Mario Violante1 Mar 194323 Mar 1943

Ships hit

DateCommanderShip hitTypeGRTNat.Loss type
1.15 Aug 1940T.V. Giuseppe AicardiHelleLight Cruiser2,115GreekSunk

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
1Aicardi, Giuseppe9 Jun 19400740Leros14 Jun 19401540Leros439,1Patrolled in Kaso Straits in 34°48'N, 27°18'E on a patrol line with Jalea and Jantina.

2Aicardi, Giuseppe19 Jun 19400947Leros26 Jun 19401110Leros353Patrolled in Scarpanto Channel between Scarpanto Island and Prassonisi. Uneventful. Route: (a) in 121° - Kandeluisa - 2.5' (1332/19) (b) 163° - Cape Monolito - 6.5' (1650/19)(c) 190° - Prassonisi - ? (1826/19). Patrolled off Prassonisi until 25th June in a static position.

3Aicardi, Giuseppe15 Jul 19402040Leros22 Jul 19400730Leros533,5Patrolled in Doro Channel within 5 miles from 38°10'N, 24°50'E.
  18 Jul 1940010038° 10'N, 24° 50'E
(0) Approximately.
Two torpedo tracks were observed and they missed 50 metres ahead. The "attack" was most likely bogus, as no enemy submarine operated in the vicinity. The "torpedoes" were probably porpoises.
  18 Jul 19400515+38° 16'N, 24° 47'E
(0) Doro Channel.
A submarine was sighted at a distance of 2,700 metres and one bow torpedo (533mm) was fired, claiming a hit after 123 seconds. Aicardi claimed that the enemy "submarine" had fired a torpedo at him before he replied. A large oil patch was observed, but the attack was certainly on a non-sub target as no British or Hellenic submarine operated in the area. Italian Naval Intelligence believed that his target may have been HMS Orpheus as a British communiqué had announced her loss on 17th August. On 29th August 1940, Aicardi was awarded the Bronze medal for "his attack on an enemy submarine on 18th July".

4Aicardi, Giuseppe14 Aug 19402049Leros17 Aug 19401900Leros341Sailed for a special mission, under the orders of Governor De Vecchi, and patrolled off Tinos Island, sank the Greek cruiser Helle.
  15 Aug 1940
0830 (e)

(0) Gulf of Aigina (Tinos Island).
At 0430 hours, Delfino submerged and closed the harbour of Tinos at periscope depth. At a distance of 4,000 metres from the entrance, a steamer was observed sailing northward and could not be attacked. Two steamers of 6-8,000 tons were in the harbour as well as a Greek warship (the 2,115-ton light cruiser Elli). The presence of the warship was also reported earlier by a seaplane of 7/185 Squadriglia based at Leros. At a distance of 700 metres, a bow torpedo (533mm) was fired and squarely hit the cruiser, which sank quickly. A second torpedo (533mm) was fired from a stern tube to finish off the Hellenic cruiser, but missed. Nine were killed, there were 197 survivors including twenty-four wounded. Another torpedo (450mm) was fired from the stern tube, this time aimed at the passenger ships Elsi (1,433 GRT, built 1891) and Esperos (1,461 GRT, built 1918) both anchored in the harbour, but it also missed.

This brazen infringement of Greek neutrality was long denied by the Italians, who blamed the British for the attack. Fragments of the torpedo bearing a "TORRINO 1930" marking were recovered by the Greeks. They are on display at the Piraeus Maritime Museum.

This action may have been in retaliation for alleged Greek involvement in the sinking of the Greek small tanker Ermioni (chartered by Governor De Vecchi) by HMS Neptune (28th July 1940). In fact, British Intelligence had reported the passage of the vessel through the Corinth Canal.

In 1950, the light cruiser Eugenio di Savoia was ceded to Greece as war reparation and renamed Helle. She was in service from 1951 to 1965 and scrapped in 1973.
  15 Aug 19401130
(0) Syra harbour.
Delfino examined Syra harbour, but it was empty of shipping.
  16 Aug 19400100
(0) Southern entrance of Zea Channel.
A small local vessel was observed, but the attack was aborted as it was not worth the expenditure of a torpedo.
  16 Aug 19400530
(0) St. Nicolo harbour (Zea).
The harbour was examined but was empty of shipping.
  16 Aug 19401830
(0) 10 miles NE of S. Giorgio.
A convoy of five large loaded ships, including a large two-funnel liner with a British EXETER class cruiser, was observed from a distance of 7-8,000 metres but was too far to intercept. During the night Supermarina ordered Aiccardi to cancel his patrol.

5Aicardi, Giuseppe20 Sep 19401757Leros26 Sep 19401700Leros562,5Patrolled 8 miles east of Cape Malea and 20 miles east of Cape Spada. Unevenful.

6Aicardi, Giuseppe27 Oct 19401900Leros6 Nov 19400815Leros699,5Patrolled northeast of Doro Channel in 065° - Kalogeri Island - 17 miles. Uneventful patrol marked by poor visibility.

7Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto24 Nov 19400030Leros1 Dec 19400810Leros598Patrolled north of Aegean, off Tinos Island.
  28 Nov 19401320
(0) Off Cape Drepano.
The submarine heard two noises, with hydrophones. These were believed to be from two enemy submarines, but none were sighted.
  29 Nov 1940183639° 09'N, 25° 01'E
(0) 175° - Cape Tripti - 18 miles.
A submarine of the KATSONIS class was sighted at a distance of 800-1,000 metres, but she dived before an attack could be mounted. No Hellenic submarine operated in the area.
  29 Nov 19402320
2330 (e)
38° 12'N, 25° 01'E
(e) 38° 12'N, 25° 04'E
(0) 102° - Kalojeri Reef - 12 miles.
The submarine was surfaced when a Greek convoy of two steamers, escorted by three destroyers, was sighted proceeding at a speed of 10 to 12 knots. Two stern torpedoes (one 533mm and one 450mm) were fired from a distance of 1,200 metres at one of the destroyers and Delfino dived. Two explosions were heard and a destroyer claimed sunk. The convoy included the destroyers Spetsai, Vasilissa Olga, Kondouriotis, Vasilefs Georgios (Leader) escorting the merchants Asimina Baika, Sonia, Marit Maersk and Heron. They were heading in ballast to Chios and Lesbos in order to embark mobilization personnel and material, except Heron who was on a commercial route to Smyrna. The torpedoes passed close to Spetsai and the submarine was spotted on the surface before diving. The depth charges of Spetsai failed to detonate.

8Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto3 Jan 19412000Leros11 Jan 19410830Leros640Patrolled between Cape Sidero and Suda or zone C for CESARE West.
  6 Jan 19412200
(0) Off Suda Bay.
A destroyer squadron was sighted at a distance of 10,000 metres but passed out of range.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto1 Feb 19411815Leros6 Feb 19411030Brindisi827Passage Leros-Brindisi. Uneventful.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto8 Feb 19411200Brindisi9 Feb 19411700Pola362Passage Brindisi-Pola.
  9 Feb 1941100043° 07'N, 14° 05'EAn Italian merchant vessel was seen approaching on an opposite course from a distance of 6,000 metres. This was Stamira (1,463 GRT, built 1929). Despite repeated signals from Delfino identifying herself, the merchant ship turned back and apparently fired a round at the submarine, although the fall of shot was not observed. Marina Ancona was criticized for failing to warn Stamira of the possible encounter with an Italian submarine.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto12 Feb 19410730Pola12 Feb 19411300Fiume59Passage Pola-Fiume for refit.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto31 Mar 19411630Fiume1 Apr 19410810PolaPassage Fiume-Pola.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto5 Apr 19411430Pola6 Apr 19410730VenicePassage Pola-Venice, towed by the tug Tenace, and escorted in the last leg by the torpedo boat Audace.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto19 Apr 19410955Venice20 Apr 19411445FiumePassage Venice-Fiume with the tug Marittimo for refit.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto30 Jun 19410925Fiume30 Jun 19411715Fiume40Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto4 Jul 19410910Fiume4 Jul 19411530Fiume26Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto5 Jul 19411520Fiume5 Jul 19411745Fiume4Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto7 Jul 19411045Fiume7 Jul 19411715Pola59Passage Fiume-Pola.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto14 Jul 19410845Pola14 Jul 19411740Pola22Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto17 Jul 19410804Pola17 Jul 19411550Pola53,5Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto19 Jul 19410950Pola19 Jul 19411505Pola82,2Exercises escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto22 Jul 19410830Pola24 Jul 19410720Taranto501Passage Pola-Taranto.

9Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto27 Jul 19411330Taranto6 Aug 19411450Taranto2142,7Patrolled off Tobruk via Point S (37°40'N, 18°20'E), then to area between 32°20'N and 32°40'N, and between 24°40'E and 25°00'E. From the morning of 31st July to 2100 hours on 8th August was to operate between 32°00'N and 32°20'N, and between 24°40'E and 25°00'E [but returned earlier] via Point G (34°15'N, 23°20'E) and Point S (37°40'N, 18°20'E).
  1 Aug 1941232332° 12'N, 24° 46'E
(e) 32° 20'N, 24° 59'E
A Sunderland was observed approaching under the moonlight and the submarine machine guns opened fire and managed to shoot it down. This was Sunderland 'U' (L2166) of 230 Squadron based at Aboukir (east of Alexandria), which managed to drop six depth charges, but they caused no damage. The submarine closed the crash site and rescued four survivors (Flight Lieutenant Engert Brand, Flying Officer Raymond Edwin Packington, Sergeant William Henry Yates and Sergeant William Murray White), eight men were missing.
  2 Aug 19410055
(0) Off Tobruk.
Four destroyers were observed, apparently on a systematic A/S search. The submarine submerged and escaped. These were HMS Jervis (D.14), HMS Jackal, HMS Kingston and HMAS Nizam which had been sent out to search for a reported submarine.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto1 Sep 19411300Taranto1 Sep 19411900Taranto32Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto8 Sep 19410840Taranto8 Sep 19411620Taranto46,5Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto11 Sep 19411030Taranto12 Sep 19411400Messina278Passage Taranto-Messina.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto13 Sep 19411520Messina14 Sep 19411100Trapani193,5Passage Messina-Trapani.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto20 Sep 19410820Trapani20 Sep 19411145Trapani27Exercises with the submarine Squalo, escorted by the auxilairy Petsamo.

10Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto24 Sep 19411320Trapani2 Oct 19410910Trapani902Patrolled southwest of Sardinia and Cape Bon between 37°00'N and 37°20'N, and between 11°00'E and 11°05'E. From 27th September, moved to area between 37°45'N and the coast, and between 07°20'E and 07°40'E.
  27 Sep 19410710Two light cruisers escorted by destroyers were seen at 12,000 metres, but passed out of range.
  29 Sep 19411130A destroyer squadron steering 340°, was observed at a distance of 6-7,000 metres but no action could be taken.

11Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto18 Oct 19410935Trapani20 Oct 19410830Trapani353Sailed for patrol southeast of Pantelleria, between 36°30'N and 36°40'N, and between 12°20'E and 12°40'E, but turned back due to defects.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto21 Oct 19411745Trapani22 Oct 19411000Messina183Passage Trapani-Messina.

12Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto8 Nov 19410900Messina11 Nov 19411500Messina410Patrolled via Cape Passero, southeast of Malta, between 34°10 N and 34°50'N, and between 16°00'E and 16°20'E. Uneventful.

13Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto20 Nov 19411650Messina28 Nov 19411541Trapani865Patrolled southeast of Cape Passero, between 36°00'N and 36°20'N, and between 15°40'E and 16°00'E, on a patrol line with Settembrini and Tricheco. Uneventful, heard only H.E. Patrol interrupted because of leaks.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto1 Dec 19410905Trapani1 Dec 19411150Trapani16,5Exercises, escorted by the tug Montecristo.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto13 Dec 19410855Trapani13 Dec 19411310Trapani26,8Exercises, escorted by the tug Levanzo.

14Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto3 Jan 19420645Trapani9 Jan 19420700Trapani986Patrol line off Malta, between 34°30'N and 34°50'N, and between 15°40'E and 16°20'E, on a northeast-southeast axis with Platino, Onice and Alagi. Left patrol on 8th January. The submarine was twice alerted by Rome of the presence of an enemy submarine in her area, but sighted nothing. Ran aground in heavy weather during the return trip.
  8 Jan 1942024537° 39'N, 12° 32'EReturning to base in heavy weather, Delfino ran aground on a sand bottom. The submarine managed to free herself by her own means.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto28 Jan 19420900Trapani28 Jan 19421145Trapani17Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Nasello.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto31 Jan 19421449Trapani31 Jan 19421800Trapani17Exercises.

15Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto10 Feb 19421710Trapani11 Feb 19420545Trapani106Sailed for patrol 20 miles north of Cape Blanc, but encountered bad weather which spilled acid from her batteries and forced her to turn back.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto19 Feb 19421530Trapani21 Feb 19420045Crotone356Passage Trapani-Crotone.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto22 Feb 19420550Crotone24 Feb 19420815Pola494Passage Crotone-Pola. Sighted only Italian ships. Assigned to submarine school at Pola.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto3 Mar 19421250Pola3 Mar 19421850Pola16Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto5 Mar 19420815Pola5 Mar 19421400Pola15Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto6 Mar 19421245Pola6 Mar 19421735Pola3,5Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto7 Mar 19420820Pola7 Mar 19421415Pola16Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto10 Mar 19420825Pola10 Mar 19421425Pola16,5Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto12 Mar 19421246Pola12 Mar 19421845Pola20Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto14 Mar 19420815Pola14 Mar 19421430Pola19Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto17 Mar 19421335Pola17 Mar 19421915Pola19Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto2 Apr 19421320Pola2 Apr 19421905Pola24Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto6 Apr 19420820Pola6 Apr 19421410Pola21Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Grado.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto9 Apr 19421240Pola9 Apr 19421900Pola21Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto11 Apr 19421245Pola11 Apr 19421750Pola26Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto15 Apr 19421258Pola15 Apr 19421845Pola27Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto20 Apr 19421250Pola20 Apr 19421850Pola27Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto24 Apr 19420820Pola24 Apr 19421435Pola27Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto22 Jun 19420905Pola22 Jun 19421520Pola35Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto24 Jun 19421330Pola24 Jun 19421820Pola36Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto25 Jun 19420555Pola25 Jun 19422020Pola160Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto26 Jun 19421315Pola26 Jun 19421820Pola31Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto27 Jun 19421030Pola27 Jun 19421235Pola0,5Entered dock?

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto2 Jul 19420800Pola3 Jul 19420050Fiume100Passage Pola-Fiume and exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto4 Jul 19420830Fiume4 Jul 19421355Fiume18Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto7 Jul 19421415Fiume7 Jul 19422300Fiume45Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto9 Jul 19421430Fiume10 Jul 19420205Fiume58Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto11 Jul 19421645Fiume11 Jul 19422355Fiume40Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto13 Jul 19421415Fiume14 Jul 19420255Fiume70Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto15 Jul 19421455Fiume16 Jul 19420100Fiume60Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto17 Jul 19421425Fiume18 Jul 19420100Fiume65Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto21 Jul 19421420Fiume22 Jul 19420105Fiume60Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto23 Jul 19420830Fiume23 Jul 19421715Fiume26Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto25 Jul 19420845Fiume25 Jul 19421500Fiume25Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto27 Jul 19421235Fiume27 Jul 19421540Fiume26Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto29 Jul 19421240Fiume30 Jul 19420110Fiume50Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto31 Jul 19420030Fiume31 Jul 19420620Fiume140Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto4 Aug 19420825Fiume4 Aug 19421405Fiume20Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto6 Aug 19421330Fiume6 Aug 19421950Fiume27Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto8 Aug 19420825Fiume8 Aug 19421200Fiume11Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto10 Aug 19421330Fiume10 Aug 19421900Fiume18Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto12 Aug 19421330Fiume13 Aug 19420035Fiume45Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto14 Aug 19420800Fiume14 Aug 19421215Fiume28Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto18 Aug 19420830Fiume18 Aug 19421800Fiume30Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto19 Aug 19422215Fiume20 Aug 19420335Fiume65Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto21 Aug 19421143Fiume21 Aug 19421625Fiume65Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto22 Aug 19420840Fiume22 Aug 19421155Fiume8Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto24 Aug 19421500Fiume24 Aug 19421805Fiume12Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto26 Aug 19421525Fiume26 Aug 19422035Fiume14Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto28 Aug 19421615Fiume29 Aug 19420030Fiume50Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto31 Aug 19421515Fiume1 Sep 19420050Fiume50Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto2 Sep 19421445Fiume3 Sep 19420045Fiume65Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto4 Sep 19421500Fiume4 Sep 19421930Fiume11Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto7 Sep 19421500Fiume8 Sep 19420200Fiume75Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto9 Sep 19421500Fiume9 Sep 19422000Fiume12Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto11 Sep 19421500Fiume11 Sep 19421925Fiume12Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto12 Sep 19421005Fiume12 Sep 19421710Fiume15Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto15 Sep 19422000Fiume15 Sep 19422355Fiume40Exercises with the submarine Manara, escorted by the torpedo boat Fortunale.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto17 Sep 19422000Fiume18 Sep 19420030Fiume45Exercises with the submarine Manara, escorted by the torpedo boat Fortunale.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto20 Sep 19420335Fiume20 Sep 19420645Fiume12Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Fortunale.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto21 Sep 19421630Fiume21 Sep 19422355Fiume50Exercises with the submarine Manara, escorted by the auxiliary Marcello.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto23 Sep 19421030Fiume23 Sep 19422355Fiume45,58Exercises with the submarine Manara, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary Jadera.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto25 Sep 19421150Fiume25 Sep 19421910Fiume22Exercises with the submarine Manara, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary Jadera.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto28 Sep 19420940Fiume28 Sep 19421310Fiume8Exercises with the submarine Manara, escorted by the auxiliary Abbazia.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto29 Sep 19421136Fiume29 Sep 19422327Fiume45Exercises with Manara, escorted by the gunboat Cattaro.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto30 Sep 19421050Fiume30 Sep 19422345Fiume50Exercises with Manara, escorted by the gunboat Cattaro.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto2 Oct 19421630Fiume2 Oct 19421645Fiume3Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto10 Oct 19421145Fiume10 Oct 19421200Fiume3Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto12 Oct 19420955Fiume12 Oct 19422210Fiume40Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto13 Oct 19421210Fiume13 Oct 19421840Fiume25Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto15 Oct 19421210Fiume15 Oct 19422230Fiume45Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto16 Oct 19421020Fiume16 Oct 19422400Fiume50Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto19 Oct 19421215Fiume19 Oct 19422125Fiume35Exercises with the submarines Manara and Jalea, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto21 Oct 19421225Fiume21 Oct 19422215Fiume48Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto23 Oct 19421150Fiume23 Oct 19422120Fiume40Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto26 Oct 19420902Fiume26 Oct 19421820Fiume23Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto28 Oct 19421030Fiume28 Oct 19422043Fiume41Exercises.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto3 Nov 19420820Fiume5 Nov 19421400Taranto588Passage Pola-Taranto to resume operations, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso until 1420 hours on 3rd November.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto12 Nov 19420900Taranto12 Nov 19421100Taranto9Exercises.

16Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto13 Nov 19421130Taranto16 Nov 19421407Buerat El SunSupply mission to Buerat El Sun (70.2 tons of German ammunition).
  14 Nov 19420530An unidentified ship was seen at 2,000 metres and the submarine prudently dived.
  16 Nov 1942072032° 00'N, 15° 30'E
(0) Approximately.
An Italian steamer escorted by the torpedo-boat Orsa was seen at a distance of 2,000 metres and recognition signals were exchanged at 0745 hours (note: the Orsa report does not mention the presence of a steamer or that she encountered the submarine).

16bAvogadro di Cerrione, Alberto17 Nov 19420220Buerat El Sun21 Nov 19421500Taranto1508Return trip from supply mission.
  18 Nov 19421400An enemy aircraft was sighted and the submarine dived.
  18 Nov 19421555Two enemy aircraft were sighted and the submarine dived.
  19 Nov 19421052
(0) Very approximately 90-100 miles east of Malta.
The submarine was requested to locate the crew of an aircraft, which had been forced down at 0925 hours in the Italian Grid 9371. The submarine turned back but found nothing and at 1444 hours was ordered to resume her trip home.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto5 Dec 19420825Taranto5 Dec 19421310Taranto23Trials.

Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto6 Dec 19420800Taranto6 Dec 19421510Taranto50Escorted a submarine or trials?

17Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto9 Dec 19421100Taranto12 Dec 19420700Buerat El SunSupply mission to Buerat El Sun (61.3 tons: 21.8 tons of German petrol, 1.5 ton of lubricant oil and 38 tons of German ammunition).
  11 Dec 19420445An unknown aircraft flying toward Delfino was sighted and the submarine dived.

17bAvogadro di Cerrione, Alberto12 Dec 19421515Buerat El Sun15 Dec 19421620Taranto1215Return trip from supply mission [mileage is for round trip].
  14 Dec 19420020-0110An Italian hospital ship was seen on an opposite course.
  15 Dec 19421120-1220
(0) Near Taranto.
An Italian convoy (consisting of a tanker and tug escorted by a torpedo-boat and aircraft) was encountered and recognition signals were exchanged. These were most probably Unione escorted by the torpedo boat Antonio Mosto and the tug Titiano proceeding from Taranto to Messina.

18Avogadro di Cerrione, Alberto29 Dec 19421040Taranto2 Jan 19430900Tripoli678Supply mission to Libya [75.5 tons: 20 tons of German petrol, 16 tons of lubricant oil, 9.5 on of Italian and 30 tons of German ammunition].
  29 Dec 1942145040° 40'N, 17° 11'EA derelict mine was sunk by machine gun fire.
  1 Jan 19430315Two destroyers were sighted at 3,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  1 Jan 19432140A Hospital ship was encountered which turned out to be Gradisca and they proceeded in company to Tripoli.

18bAvogadro di Cerrione, Alberto2 Jan 19431600Tripoli6 Jan 19431020Taranto680Return trip from supply mission.
  5 Jan 19431130-1250
(0) Probably about 50 miles from Cape Colonne.
A balloon of the incendiary type was shot down by machine gun fire.
  6 Jan 19430750
(0) A few miles off Taranto.
A balloon of the incendiary type was shot down by machine gun fire.

Parodi, Sergio1 Feb 1943Taranto5 Feb 1943TarantoRepairs in Taranto.

Franzitta, Eugenio6 Feb 1943Taranto6 Feb 1943TarantoRepairs in Taranto.

Galletti, Raul8 Feb 1943Taranto28 Feb 1943TarantoRepairs in Taranto. Change in command.

Violante, Mario15 Mar 19430920Taranto15 Mar 19431740TarantoExercises.

Violante, Mario18 Mar 19430655Taranto18 Mar 19431930TarantoExercises.

Violante, Mario20 Mar 19431420Taranto20 Mar 19431900TarantoExercises.

Violante, Mario23 Mar 19431045Taranto23 Mar 19431315Sunk10While being transferred from Taranto to Augusta, collided accidentally with the pilot vessel Limbara 6.5 miles from San Vito Light, and sank rapidly. Twenty-eight of her crew were lost (her captain and twenty-two men survived).
  23 Mar 19431321
(0) 206° - S. Vito Semaphore - 7 miles (entrance of Mare Grande, Taranto).
The pilot vessel Limbara (402 GRT, built 1910) collided with the submarine. Delfino sank quickly taking down twenty-eight of her crew. Twenty-three survivors, including T.V. Violante, were picked up by Limbara.

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