Italian submarines in World War Two

Rubino (RU)

TypeCoastal / Sea going 
ClassSirena (21) 
Laid down 26 Sep 1931 Cantieri Navale del Quanaro, Fiume
Launched29 Mar 1933
Commissioned21 Mar 1934
End service
Loss date29 Jun 1940
Loss position39° 10'N, 18° 49'E
Fate Sunk on 29th June 1940 in the Ionian Sea in position 39°10'N,18°49'E by a Sunderland aircraft from 201 Squadron (RAF).


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
T.V. Luigi Trebbi26 Oct 193929 Jun 1940

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Trebbi, Luigi10 Jun 1940Taranto10 Jun 1940TarantoAt Taranto at the outbreak of the war.

1Trebbi, Luigi16 Jun 19401400Taranto17 Jun 19400435CrotonePassage Taranto-Crotone.

1bTrebbi, Luigi17 Jun 19400620Crotone29 Jun 19401400SunkSailed for patrol 20 miles west of Alexandria via 32°06'N, 24°46'E and Tobruk Light. Reached area on 21st June, and due to intense A/S activity was moved 40 miles north. She was then ordered to return home with other submarines. At 0430 hours on 25th June 1940, she reported having been hunted by air and surface forces and due to damage was leaving her patrol area. She was expected to arrive at 1900 hours on the 29th at Point A (off Santa Maria di Leuca) and met by the torpedo boat Pallade to be escorted to Gallipoli and then by the coastal route to Taranto. On 29th June, while proceeding home on surface, she was sunk by an RAF bomber. Survivors from Liuzzi and/or Rubino are shown arriving at Alexandria on MovieTone newsreel of 8th August 1940.
  29 Jun 19401400
1323 (e)

(e) 39° 05'N, 18° 49'E
At about 1400 hours, Rubino was proceeding on the surface when an aircraft was sighted. At first it was believed to be Italian, but it swooped down to the attack. Rubino barely had time to open fire with her machine guns before she was hit by two bombs and quickly sank.

This was Sunderland 'S' (L.5804) of 230 Squadron, 201 Naval Cooperation Group, piloted by Flight Lieutenant W.W. Campbell. Based at Malta, it was on a mission to cover convoy M.A. 3 and was flying at 1,000 feet when the submarine was sighted. It released two 250-lb A/S bombs, which exploded abaft the conning tower. The aircraft made a second run and dropped two more bombs which exploded again near the conning tower. The submarine disappeared and survivors and bodies could be seen. The aircraft alighted and picked up four survivors. Two officers, including T.V. Luigi Trebbi, and thirty-nine ratings perished.

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