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Eugenio Gatti

Born  18 Oct 1902Genoa
Died  5 May 1943(40)


  T.V.Tenente di Vascello


Career information

X.3 (T.V. First Officer): from 10.02.1940? to ?
X.3 (T.V. C.O.): from 10.02.1940 to 07.07.1940.
DAGABUR (T.V. C.O.): from 26.07.1940 to 07.02.1941.
From 26.01.1943, served as Com. M.M. in Tunisia Uff. Oper.

Commands listed for Eugenio Gatti

Submarine Type Rank From To
X 3 (X3)MinelayingT.V.10 Feb 19407 Jul 1940
Dagabur (DA)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.26 Jul 19407 Feb 1941

Ships hit by Eugenio Gatti

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Eugenio Gatti

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
X 3 (X3)5 Jun 19401550Augusta5 Jun 19401735Augusta4Exercises.

X 3 (X3)14 Jun 19401700Augusta14 Jun 19401755Augusta2Exercises.

X 3 (X3)14 Jun 19402010Augusta16 Jun 19400715Crotone183Passage Augusta-Crotone with X 2.

X 3 (X3)22 Jun 19402005Crotone24 Jun 19400825Brindisi244Passage Crotone-Brindisi with X 2.

X 3 (X3)29 Jun 19401815Brindisi30 Jun 19400650Bari67Passage Brindisi-Bari with X 2.

X 3 (X3)4 Jul 19400700Bari6 Jul 19400940Pola306Passage Bari-Pola.

X 3 (X3)25 Jul 19400812Pola25 Jul 19401100Pola9Exercises.

Dagabur (DA)26 Jul 19400750Taranto26 Jul 19401800Taranto43Trials.

Dagabur (DA)27 Jul 19400925Taranto27 Jul 19401045Taranto1,2Trials.

Dagabur (DA)29 Jul 19400940Taranto29 Jul 19401000Taranto0,5Changed moorings or docked?

Dagabur (DA)29 Jul 19401915Taranto29 Jul 19401955Taranto0,5Changed moorings or undocked?

Dagabur (DA)30 Jul 19401210Taranto30 Jul 19401945Taranto31Exercises.

Dagabur (DA)1 Aug 19400930Taranto1 Aug 19401830Taranto37Exercises.

Dagabur (DA)2 Aug 19400950Taranto2 Aug 19401310Taranto20Exercises. Dagabur was ordered to sail as soon as ready for a patrol in a zone between 35°20'N and 36°20'N, and between 21°30'E and 22°30'E, but defects prevented the sortie.

Dagabur (DA)4 Aug 19400815Taranto4 Aug 19401230Taranto20Trials.

Dagabur (DA)5 Aug 19400740Taranto5 Aug 19401200Taranto25Exercises.

1.Dagabur (DA)5 Aug 19402200Taranto6 Aug 19401100Taranto88Defensive patrol.

Dagabur (DA)8 Aug 19400515Taranto9 Aug 19401350Augusta362,35Passage Taranto-Augusta.

Dagabur (DA)11 Aug 19400835Augusta11 Aug 19401040Augusta8Hydrophone trials.

2.Dagabur (DA)14 Aug 19401200Augusta7 Sep 19400820Augusta2470Patrolled between Jaffa and Cyprus. Went as far as 14 miles west of Jaffa, followed coast northward to 33°50'N, then to a point 90 miles south of Cape Greco (Cyprus) to 33°30'N, 21°45'E. Average speed of advance 100 miles per day. Uneventful.

Dagabur (DA)7 Oct 19400700Augusta8 Oct 19401030Taranto272Passage Augusta-Taranto.

Dagabur (DA)9 Oct 19401830Taranto10 Nov 19401230TarantoAt Taranto. The crew of the submarine was taken on board the destroyer Freccia and brought to Benghazi to take charge of the submarine Uarsciek whose crew had been incapacitated by mercury poisoning.

Dagabur (DA)16 Nov 19400900Taranto16 Nov 19401340Taranto25Trials.

Dagabur (DA)4 Dec 19400900Taranto4 Dec 19401450Taranto24Trials.

Dagabur (DA)10 Dec 19400827Taranto10 Dec 19401140Taranto14,5Trials.

Dagabur (DA)13 Dec 19400830Taranto13 Dec 19401315Taranto1Trials.

Dagabur (DA)20 Dec 19400845Taranto21 Dec 19402230Augusta272Passage Taranto-Augusta.

Dagabur (DA)24 Dec 19400858Augusta24 Dec 19401120Augusta4Changed anchorage.

3.Dagabur (DA)27 Dec 19400100Augusta9 Jan 19411050Augusta1430Patrolled off Cyrenaica (off Gulf of Sollum and Bardia) and Egyptian coast. Uneventful. Then at Augusta for refit.

Dagabur (DA)31 Jan 19410835Augusta31 Jan 19411130Augusta8Trials.

30 entries. 30 total patrol entries (3 marked as war patrols) and 0 events.

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