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Adriano Pini

Born  8 Sep 1906Bellagio (Lake Como)
Died  9 Jan 1944(37)Killed in Pola during an air raid by the USAAF.


  T.V.Tenente di Vascello


13 May 1943 Medaglia d'argento al valore militare
5 Aug 1943 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare
23 Jan 1952 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare (posthumous)

Career information

AMBRA (T.V. C.O.): from 22.12.1938 to 24.06.1940.
SCIRÈ (T.V. C.O.): from 24.06.1940 to 11.09.1940.
D DESSIÈ (T.V. C.O.): from 23.09.1940 to 29.05.1942.
TOPAZIO (T.V. C.O.): from 28.02.1942 to 17.03.1942.
MARCANTONIO BRAGADINO (T.V. C.O.): from 21.06.1942 to 17.04.1943?
F.R.114 (T.V. C.O.) from ? to June 1943?
Joined RSI. In command of the Pola midget submarine (C.B. group). Killed during an air raid on the submarine base. Source: "I SOMMERGIBILI ITALIANI DAL SETTEMBRE 1943 AL DICEMBRE 1945" by Admiral Giuliano Manzari.

Commands listed for Adriano Pini

Submarine Type Rank From To
Ambra (AM)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.22 Dec 193824 Jun 1940
Scirè (SR)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.24 Jun 194011 Sep 1940
Topazio (TP)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.28 Feb 194217 Mar 1942
Dessiè (DE)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.23 Sep 194029 May 1942
Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)MinelayingT.V.21 Jun 194217 Apr 1943
FR 114 (ex-Espadon) ()T.V.1 Jun 194330 Jun 1943

Ships hit by Adriano Pini

DateSubmarineShip hitTypeGRTNat.Loss type
1.10 Jul 1940ScirèCheikCargo ship1,057Vichy FrenchSunk

War patrols listed for Adriano Pini

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Ambra (AM)10 Jun 1940Taranto10 Jun 1940TarantoAt Taranto refitting.

Scirè (SR)26 Jun 19400734La Spezia26 Jun 19401500La Spezia49Exercises.

Scirè (SR)26 Jun 19402235La Spezia27 Jun 19402035La Maddalena214Passage La Spezia-La Maddalena with Argo and Neghelli.

1.Scirè (SR)3 Jul 19401412La Spezia6 Jul 19402050La Maddalena550Sailed with Neghelli and Diaspro and patrolled in 37°31'N, 08°25'E or 310º - 110 miles from Asinara Point. Uneventful.

2.Scirè (SR)10 Jul 19400030La Maddalena12 Jul 19400500La Maddalena215Sailed for patrol with Argo, Iride and Diaspro initially 310° - Punta Scorno - 80 miles then 310° - Asinara Point - 54 miles.
  10 Jul 19401610
(0) West of Corsica.
At 1610 hours, a vessel was sighted at a distance of 16,000 metres on a southerly course at 10 knots.

At 1659 hours, Scirè had closed enough to recognise it as a 6,000-ton French ship but without being able to read the name and the attack was aborted.
  10 Jul 19402030
1930 (e)
41° 40'N, 7° 23'E
(0) 310° - Asinara Point - 54 miles (west of Corsica).
At 2000 hours, a vessel was sighted at a distance of 7,000 metres on a southerly course. As she appeared armed and her flag could not be determined, T.V. Adriano Pini decided to attack.

At 2030 hours, a single torpedo (533mm) was fired from a stern tube at a distance of 600 metres. The torpedo struck the ship amidship and she sank immediately.

This was the French Cheik (1,057 GRT, built 1920) on passage from Marseilles to Algiers carrying 1,150 tons of cement.

At 2033 hours, the submarine surfaced and picked up ten survivors, including Lieutenant Lenci, the only surviving officer of a crew of twenty-three.

In 1945, the French Government wanted to prosecute T.V. Pini for war crimes as he had sunk the French ship without warning after the Italo-French Armistice. The British government opposed the motion as it was felt that its own submarines had also sunk merchant ships without warning and the case would be weak. Nevertheless, the attack by Scirè on a vessel in an area where most those encountered would likely be French or Italian left little doubt that Pini should have been more careful in choosing his targets.

3.Scirè (SR)31 Jul 19402230La Maddalena1 Aug 19401512Cagliari167Sailed with Argo and Neghelli with brief stop at Cagliari to pick up her sailing orders before proceeding for patrol.

4.Scirè (SR)1 Aug 19401535Cagliari11 Aug 19401055La Maddalena1228Patrolled south of Balearic Islands in 37°20'N, 06°00'E and 06;20'E, on a patrol line with Argo and Neghelli. Uneventful.

Scirè (SR)6 Sep 19401250La Spezia6 Sep 19401810La Spezia23,2Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)10 Oct 19401358Augusta10 Oct 19401603Augusta7,8Exercises.

5.Dessiè (DE)23 Oct 19401015Augusta8 Nov 19400900Augusta1782Patrolled north of Gulf of Sollum, between 31°55'N and 32°40'N, and between 25°35'E and 26°35'E with Settembrini in an adjacent area.
  26 Oct 19401810
(0) Off Cyrenaica.
At 1810 hours, a vessel believed to be an Italian torpedo boat, was sighted at a distance of 1,500 metres. By precaution, Dessié dived. This was actually the submarine Settembrini.
  2 Nov 1940013532° 25'N, 25° 54'EAt 0135 hours, a submarine was briefly sighted in very poor visibility at a distance from 150 to 50 metres. It was believed to have been Luigi Settembrini, but she did not report any sighting and no British submarine operated in the vicinity.

Dessiè (DE)21 Nov 19401343Augusta21 Nov 19401620Augusta13Trials.

6.Dessiè (DE)26 Nov 19400130Augusta1 Dec 19401200Augusta594Patrolled northwest of Malta within 15 miles from 36°30'N, 13°10'E to the westward.
  28 Nov 19400305
0315.5 (e)
36° 30'N, 12° 59'EAt 0302 hours, a naval squadron was sighted at a distance of 4,000 metres. It consisted of three large units proceeding in single file and steering 270° at 20 knots.

At 0305 hours, two torpedoes (one 533mm and one 450 mm) were fired from the stern tubes at a range of 3,500 metres, aimed at the second ship. Dessié dived upon firing and two hits were heard. In fact, both had missed.

The targets were the heavy cruiser HMS York and the light cruisers HMS Gloucester and HMS Glasgow. They also heard one explosion but this was probably a torpedo detonating at the end of its run. It must also be noted that these three ships heard two detonations at 0138 hours in 36°57' N, 11°37' E but these were probably from the attack by the torpedo boat Calliope.

7.Dessiè (DE)18 Dec 19401455Augusta27 Dec 19401240Augusta731Patrolled east of Malta on a line 10 miles south from 35°50'N, 15°40'E, with Serpente in an adjacent area. Uneventful.

Dessiè (DE)16 Jan 19410900Augusta16 Jan 19411145Augusta12,5Exercises.

8.Dessiè (DE)19 Jan 19411800Augusta1 Feb 19411020Augusta1438Patrolled east of Malta to the Gulf of Sollum. Uneventful except for H.E.

Dessiè (DE)17 Feb 19411330Augusta17 Feb 19411625Augusta10,5Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)19 Feb 19410920Augusta19 Feb 19411820Augusta10,5Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)7 Mar 19410715Augusta8 Mar 19411347Naples262Passage Augusta-Naples.

Dessiè (DE)12 Apr 19411011Naples12 Apr 19411851Naples30,5Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)18 Apr 19410828Naples18 Apr 19411710Naples59,5Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)21 Apr 19410810Naples21 Apr 19411610Naples30Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)22 Apr 19410807Naples22 Apr 19411336Naples27,5Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)23 Apr 19411500Naples23 Apr 19411530Naples1,5Docked?

Dessiè (DE)24 Apr 19411800Naples24 Apr 19411836Naples1,5Undocked?

Dessiè (DE)25 Apr 19410906Naples25 Apr 19411612Naples33Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)30 Apr 19410802Naples30 Apr 19411112Naples18Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)2 May 19410804Naples2 May 19411135Naples30Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)3 May 19410925Naples3 May 19410935Naples0,3Docked?

Dessiè (DE)5 May 19410750Naples5 May 19410800Naples0,3Undocked?

Dessiè (DE)8 May 19410803Naples8 May 19411237Naples31Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)10 May 19411018Naples10 May 19411551Naples26,5Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)13 May 19411944Naples14 May 19410110Naples32Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)16 May 19411009Naples17 May 19411425Augusta277Passage Naples-Augusta.

9.Dessiè (DE)23 May 19412255Augusta8 Jun 19410850Augusta1725Patrolled between (1) 32°26'N, 27°54'E (2) 32°13'E, 28°13'E (3) 32°38'N, 28°48'E (4) 32°56'N, 28°36'E. On the way, was diverted to investigate the Bay of Messara, south of Crete in 34°50'N, 24°20'E or Grids 2418 and 2433. Heard only H.E.
  6 Jun 1941Time?35° 55'N, 20° 10'EDuring the day (probably morning, time not given), a derelict mine was fired upon (250 rounds of 13mm and 80 rounds of 6.5mm ammunition) but without sinking it.

Dessiè (DE)26 Jun 19411007Augusta26 Jun 19411210Augusta6Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)2 Jul 19411045Augusta2 Jul 19411347Augusta18Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)4 Jul 19410800Augusta4 Jul 19411142Augusta21,5Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)6 Jul 19410800Augusta6 Jul 19411137Augusta18Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)7 Jul 19411525Augusta7 Jul 19411800Augusta9Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)14 Jul 19410855Augusta14 Jul 19411141Augusta17Exercises.

10.Dessiè (DE)23 Jul 19411215Augusta27 Jul 19410910Augusta473Patrolled west of Malta within 15 miles from 36°30'N, 13°06'E or about 38 miles north of Linosa. Uneventful.

Dessiè (DE)30 Jul 19412005Augusta3 Aug 19410900Leros618Passage Augusta-Leros. Uneventful. HMS Unique, patrolling near Augusta, was told of her departure from an ULTRA decrypt but was a little too far North to intercept.

Dessiè (DE)20 Aug 19410824Leros20 Aug 19411220Leros30,5Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)29 Aug 19410800Leros29 Aug 19411157Leros25Exercises.

11.Dessiè (DE)5 Sep 19411315Leros9 Sep 19410544Leros360Patrolled near Kandeluisa, between 35°50'N and 36°05'N, and between 26°43'E and 27°00'E. Ran aground due to an error in navigation.
  8 Sep 19410930
(0) Makri Sophrano Islet (southernmost of the Sopkrana Nisia group).
At 0930 hours, due to an error in navigation, Dessié hit a rock with some damage to her bow. T.V. Adriano Pini and two others received a reprimand.

Dessiè (DE)10 Sep 19411500Leros10 Sep 19411522Leros0,3Docked?

Dessiè (DE)17 Sep 19411129Leros17 Sep 19411150Leros0,3Undocked?

Dessiè (DE)19 Sep 19410815Leros19 Sep 19411142Leros21,5Exercises.

12.Dessiè (DE)20 Sep 19410733Leros21 Sep 19410730Leros168Sailed for patrol between Cyprus, Egypt and the Palestinian coast, but turned back when it was realised she was leaking fuel (British Intelligence was aware of it through an ULTRA intercept).

Dessiè (DE)21 Sep 19411005Leros21 Sep 19411112Leros3Trials.

Dessiè (DE)23 Sep 19410733Leros23 Sep 19411221Leros27Trials.

Dessiè (DE)25 Sep 19411312Leros25 Sep 19411333Leros0,3Docked?

Dessiè (DE)27 Sep 19411012Leros27 Sep 19411031Leros0,3Undocked?

Dessiè (DE)30 Sep 19410839Leros30 Sep 19411202Leros27Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)1 Oct 19410813Leros1 Oct 19411207Leros28Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)2 Oct 19410814Leros2 Oct 19411157Leros21Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)5 Oct 19411055Leros5 Oct 19411114Leros0,3Docked?

Dessiè (DE)9 Oct 19410926Leros9 Oct 19410947Leros0,3Undocked?

Dessiè (DE)11 Oct 19410809Leros11 Oct 19411223Leros31,5Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)20 Oct 19411353Leros20 Oct 19411415Leros0,3Docked?

Dessiè (DE)25 Oct 19411034Leros25 Oct 19411121Leros1,5Undocked?

Dessiè (DE)27 Oct 19410810Leros27 Oct 19411130Leros31,5Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)1 Nov 19410824Leros1 Nov 19411217Leros21Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)4 Nov 19410859Leros4 Nov 19411208Leros21Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)13 Nov 19410806Leros13 Nov 19411130Leros21Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)29 Nov 19410805Leros29 Nov 19411155Leros20Exercises.

13.Dessiè (DE)3 Dec 19411150Leros15 Dec 19410735Leros935Defensive patrol near Leros, between Nikaria Channel and latitude 38°00'N, and between 25°20'E and 26°00'E.
  7 Dec 19410430
(0) Off Cape Pappas.
At 0430 hours, a vessel was sighted at a distance of 12,000 metres, followed by another at 0457 hours. Dessié closed to investigate. These proved to be the Italian Bucintoro (1,273 GRT, built 1909) escorted by the auxiliary Canogli on their way to Leros. They exchanged signals and closed to voice range to ascertain their respective identities.

Dessiè (DE)17 Dec 19410900Leros17 Dec 19410930Leros0,5Docked?

Dessiè (DE)23 Dec 19411050Leros23 Dec 19411115Leros0,5Undocked?

14.Dessiè (DE)4 Jan 19421700Leros6 Jan 19420540Leros275Sailed for patrol off Tobruk in Grids 6285 and 3485 but turned back because of defects. Uneventful.

Dessiè (DE)8 Jan 19420845Leros8 Jan 19421045Leros11Exercises.

Dessiè (DE)11 Jan 19420800Leros17 Jan 19420815Augusta806Passage Leros-Augusta. Initially, on 10/1, the route was established as follows: (a) Point E of Stampalia (b) 36°06'N, 26°00'E (c) 36°05'N, 24°10'E (d) 35°45'N, 23°30'E, (e) 35°45'N, 23°00'E and (f) Point A1 of Augusta) then was altered to (a) Kaso Straits (b) 35°00'N, 26°44'E (c) 33°40'N, 26°20'E (d) 34°10'N, 22°40'E (e) Point A1 of Augusta. Uneventful.

Dessiè (DE)18 Jan 19421040Augusta19 Jan 19421600Naples316Passage Augusta-Naples.

Topazio (TP)2 Mar 19420903Messina5 Mar 19421140Pola676Passage Messina-Pola. Sighted only Italian vessels.

Topazio (TP)7 Mar 19420849Pola7 Mar 19421425Fiume58Passage Pola-Fiume.

Dessiè (DE)1 Apr 19421016Naples1 Apr 19421800Naples57Trials.

Dessiè (DE)7 Apr 19420947Naples7 Apr 19421520Naples31Trials.

Dessiè (DE)10 Apr 19420843Naples10 Apr 19421735Naples60Trials.

Dessiè (DE)11 Apr 19421430Naples11 Apr 19421927Naples38,5Exercises with torpedo boat Achille Papa.

Dessiè (DE)13 Apr 19420845Naples13 Apr 19422304Naples92Trials.

Dessiè (DE)19 Apr 19420912Naples19 Apr 19422014Naples25Gyrocompass tests.

Dessiè (DE)20 Apr 19421054Naples20 Apr 19421420Naples22,5Trials.

Dessiè (DE)22 Apr 19421243Naples22 Apr 19421706Naples31Trials.

Dessiè (DE)23 Apr 19420930Naples23 Apr 19421029Naples1,5Docked.

Dessiè (DE)23 Apr 19421909Naples23 Apr 19421938Naples1,5Undocked.

Dessiè (DE)24 Apr 19422042Naples25 Apr 19421843Trapani210Passage Naples-Trapani.

15.Dessiè (DE)4 May 19422100Trapani23 May 19420730Trapani2016,5Patrolled in Western Mediterranean, between 38°00'N and 38°40'N, and between 02°40'E and 03°00'E. Uneventful. Heard only H.E. and distant explosions.
  5 May 1942122138° 26'N, 9° 46'EAt 1221 hours, a derelict mine was sunk after an expenditure of 170 rounds of 13.2mm and 13 rounds of 9mm ammunition.
  22 May 1942175038° 21'N, 11° 00'EAt 1750 hours, a derelict mine was sunk after an expenditure of 90 rounds of 13.2mm ammunition.

Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)21 Jun 19422000Brindisi22 Jun 19421541Taranto140Passage Brindisi-Taranto.

Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)24 Jun 19421320Brindisi24 Jun 19421848Brindisi37Trials.

Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)26 Jun 19420830Brindisi26 Jun 19421110Brindisi2,5Trials.

16.Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)27 Jun 19421120Taranto3 Jul 19420550Ras HilalSupply mission to Derna (49 tons of petrol and 1.247 ton of provisions). She arrived off Derna at dusk on 1st July, but could not enter due to bad weather and was told to wait for the departure of the submarine Corridoni. However, Corridoni could not sail because of the bad weather and finally Bragadino was diverted to Ras Hilal. ULTRA sigint had learnt that Italian submarines Atropo, Bragadino, Corridoni and Zoea, used to transport stores to Derna, were passing through 33°20’N, 22°40’E.
  30 Jun 1942035834° 24'N, 21° 30'EAt 0358 hours, a derelict mine was sighted but no action taken except reporting its position by signal.

17.Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)3 Jul 19422100Ras Hilal8 Jul 19421315Taranto1266Return trip from supply mission to Derna [mileage is for round trip].

Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)12 Jul 19420800Taranto12 Jul 19421740Taranto74Exercises.

18.Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)16 Jul 19421250Taranto20 Jul 19421542Tobruk628Supply mission to Tobruk with 53 tons of petrol.
  20 Jul 19420416At 0416 hours, a small vessel and the submarine dived immediately.

19.Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)20 Jul 19422010Tobruk25 Jul 19421615Taranto1242Return trip from supply mission to Tobruk [mileage is for round trip].
  20 Jul 19420416At 0416 hours, a small vessel and the submarine dived immediately.
  23 Jul 1942083539° 55'N, 18° 00'EAr 0835 hours, a derelict mine was sighted and sunk by machine gun fire after expending 180 rounds of 13.2mm and 170 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)3 Aug 19420818Taranto3 Aug 19421425Taranto43,5Exercises.

20.Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)7 Aug 19421017Taranto11 Aug 19421025TobrukSupply mission to Tobruk (58 tons). Uneventful.

21.Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)11 Aug 19421450Tobruk15 Aug 19420644Augusta1143,5Return trip from supply mission to Tobruk. Uneventful [mileage is for round trip].

Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)24 Aug 19420900Taranto24 Aug 19421117Taranto8,5Exercises.

22.Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)24 Aug 19421806Augusta27 Aug 19420822BenghaziSupply mission to Benghazi with 46 tons of stores. Uneventful.

23.Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)27 Aug 19421740Benghazi30 Aug 19421305Taranto1095,5Return trip from supply mission to Benghazi. Uneventful [mileage is for round trip].

24.Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)13 Sep 19421100Taranto17 Sep 19420945BenghaziSupply mission to Benghazi with 71 tons of stores.

25.Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)17 Sep 19421810Benghazi21 Sep 19421420Taranto1112Return trip from supply mission to Benghazi [mileage is for round trip].
  20 Sep 1942204538° 59'N, 18° 28'EAt 2045 hours, a derelict mine was sighted and reported by radio.

Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)22 Sep 19420900Taranto22 Sep 19421000Taranto6Exercises.

Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)2 Oct 19420800Taranto2 Oct 19421326Taranto34,5Exercises.

26.Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)4 Oct 19421045Taranto8 Oct 19420908BenghaziSupply mission to Benghazi via 33°23'N, 18°30'E. Uneventful.

27.Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)8 Oct 19421641Benghazi11 Oct 19421500Taranto1129Return trip from supply mission to Benghazi. Uneventful [mileage is for round trip].

28.Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)2 Nov 19421045Taranto6 Nov 19421000TobrukSupply mission to Tobruk with 69.076 tons of ammunition. Was to pass through 34°02'N, 22°12'E at 1000 hours on 5th November. Uneventful.

29.Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)6 Nov 19421730Tobruk11 Nov 19421630Taranto1440Return trip from supply mission via 34°30'N, 22°20'E at 1800/7 and then course 297° for 36°36'N, 17°20'E, then refit. Uneventful [mileage is for round trip].

Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)18 Feb 19430840Taranto18 Feb 19431705Taranto40Exercises.

Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)22 Feb 19430831Taranto22 Feb 19431559Taranto49Exercises.

Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)24 Feb 19430830Taranto24 Feb 19431430Taranto47Exercises with the auxiliary Linnara.

Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)25 Feb 19431300Taranto25 Feb 19431535Taranto6Exercises.

Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)26 Feb 19431010Taranto26 Feb 19431553Taranto2Exercises.

Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)27 Feb 19430530Taranto27 Feb 19431100Taranto37,5Exercises.

Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)1 Mar 19431645Taranto4 Mar 19430645Augusta353Passage Taranto-Augusta. Uneventful.

Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)19 Mar 19430710Augusta19 Mar 19431546Reggio66Passage Augusta-Reggio to load supplies. This is listed as navigation trip no.19.

30.Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)22 Mar 19431600Reggio25 Mar 19432045SousseSupply mission to Sousse (50.88 tons of stores). Uneventful.

31.Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)25 Mar 19432350Sousse28 Mar 19430915Trapani728Return from supply mission. Uneventful [mileage is for round trip].

Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)2 Apr 19431700Trapani5 Apr 19431945Naples352Passage Trapani-Naples. Uneventful.

124 entries. 120 total patrol entries (31 marked as war patrols) and 15 events.

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