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Giuseppe Bonadies

Born  26 Oct 1913Corato (Bari)
Died  14 Sep 1942(28)Killed in action


  S.T.V.Sottotenente di Vascello
  T.V.Tenente di Vascello


27 Jun 1942 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare
13 Jun 1944 Medaglia d'argento al valore militare (posthumous)
21 Feb 1946 Croce di guerra al valore militare (posthumous)
21 Feb 1946 Croce di guerra al valore militare (posthumous)
12 Apr 1946 Medaglia d'argento al valore militare (posthumous)

Career information

GALATEA (S.T.V. First Officer): from 10.02.1940 to November 1940+.
Promoted T.V. on ?
ALABASTRO (T.V. C.O.): from 15.07.1942 to 14.09.1942 (sunk, Bonadies was killed).

Commands listed for Giuseppe Bonadies

Submarine Type Rank From To
Alabastro (AB)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.15 Jul 194214 Sep 1942

Ships hit by Giuseppe Bonadies

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Giuseppe Bonadies

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Alabastro (AB)20 Jul 19420525Pola20 Jul 19421850Pola159Trials.

Alabastro (AB)21 Jul 19420905Pola21 Jul 19421400Pola40Trials.

Alabastro (AB)22 Jul 19421320Pola22 Jul 19421950Pola46Trials.

Alabastro (AB)24 Jul 19421330Pola24 Jul 19421930Pola28Exercises.

Alabastro (AB)25 Jul 19421340Pola25 Jul 19421940Pola31Exercises.

Alabastro (AB)30 Jul 19421330Pola30 Jul 19421925Pola60Trials.

Alabastro (AB)3 Aug 19421600Pola6 Aug 19421712Naples903Passage Pola-Naples at 14 knots, via (1) Point E: 40°40'N, 18°50'E (2) Point Q: 39°00'N, 18°50'E (3) Point N: 37°00'N, 16°20'E (4) Point S: Messina (5) Point M2 (6) Point B1. Uneventful.

Alabastro (AB)8 Aug 19420815Naples8 Aug 19421947Naples50Exercises.

Alabastro (AB)9 Aug 19420805Naples9 Aug 19421555Naples35Exercises.

Alabastro (AB)10 Aug 19420805Naples10 Aug 19421607Naples35Exercises.

Alabastro (AB)12 Aug 19421405Naples13 Aug 19420027Naples60Exercises.

Alabastro (AB)13 Aug 19420915Naples13 Aug 19421620Naples36Exercises.

Alabastro (AB)14 Aug 19420805Naples14 Aug 19421634Naples38Exercises.

Alabastro (AB)17 Aug 19420805Naples17 Aug 19421603Naples39Exercises.

Alabastro (AB)18 Aug 19420532Naples18 Aug 19421530Naples87Exercises.

Alabastro (AB)19 Aug 19420804Naples19 Aug 19421635Naples48Exercises.

Alabastro (AB)21 Aug 19420803Naples21 Aug 19421607Naples47Exercises.

Alabastro (AB)22 Aug 19420810Naples22 Aug 19421622Naples40Exercises.

Alabastro (AB)24 Aug 19421410Naples24 Aug 19422333Naples52Exercises.

Alabastro (AB)25 Aug 19421423Naples25 Aug 19421931Naples29Exercises.

Alabastro (AB)26 Aug 19420825Naples26 Aug 19421819Naples52Exercises.

Alabastro (AB)28 Aug 19421015Naples28 Aug 19422300Naples63Exercises.

Alabastro (AB)29 Aug 19420746Naples29 Aug 19420849Naples3Entered dock.

Alabastro (AB)30 Aug 19420933Naples30 Aug 19421112Naples6Tests.

Alabastro (AB)31 Aug 19420910Naples31 Aug 19421030Naples3Trials.

Alabastro (AB)31 Aug 19421615Naples31 Aug 19422309Naples44Exercises.

Alabastro (AB)1 Sep 19420840Naples1 Sep 19421730NaplesExercises.

Alabastro (AB)2 Sep 19421435Naples2 Sep 19422330NaplesExercises.

Alabastro (AB)4 Sep 19420830Naples4 Sep 19421600NaplesExercises.

Alabastro (AB)5 Sep 19420840Naples5 Sep 19421900NaplesExercises.

Alabastro (AB)7 Sep 19421407Naples7 Sep 19422245NaplesExercises.

Alabastro (AB)10 Sep 19421030Naples11 Sep 19420900Cagliari268,9Passage Naples-Cagliari.

1.Alabastro (AB)13 Sep 19421700Cagliari14 Sep 19421620Sunk with all handsSailed with Argo for a patrol off Algiers, via (1) Point C (2) 37°08'N, 04°10'E (3) 37°08'N, 02°40'E to an area between 37°30'N and 38°00'N and 02°00'E and 02°20'E. Sunk by British aircraft (Sunderland "R") of 202 Squadron in 37°28'N, 04°34'E (northeast of Cape Bengut). She had been sighted earlier by the submarine HMS Talisman (her last signal) and Hudson and Sunderland aircraft were sent to hunt her. On 26th September, she was ordered back but failed to show up.
  14 Sep 1942
1510 (e)

(0) 50 miles NW of Bougie,
At 1340 hours, the submarine HMS Talisman, on passage from Gibraltar to Malta, reported a submarine in 37°19'N, 02°23'E, steering 250°, 16 knots.

Sunderland 'R' of 202 Squadron (RAF) piloted by Pilot Officer E.P. Walshe, was sent from Gibraltar to investigate.

At 1510 hours, the aircraft sighted an object at a distance of 5 miles. When the range had closed to 2 miles it could be identified as a submarine steering 250°, 18 knots and the aircraft dived to perform a stern attack. The submarine's machine-guns put up antiaircraft fire, but stopped when the aircraft opened fire with its front gun. A stick of five Torpex depth charges, set at a depth of 25 feet, was released from a height of 50 feet, but one hung up. The other four straddled the submarine, two near the port bow and the other two on the starboard side of the conning tower. For 35 minutes the submarine circled, apparently out of control, firing at the aircraft with her machine-guns and perhaps with her deck gun. The crew began to abandon ship and about forty could be seen in the water as the submarine sank bow first.

There is little doubt that this was Alabastro. Why she failed to send an SOS is a mystery, which remains unsolved. T.V. Giuseppe Bonadies, four officers and thirty-nine ratings perished.

HMS Talisman did not survive her long. She never reached Malta and disappeared with all hands, probably mined off the Sicilian coast.

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