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Agnete Maersk

TypeCargo ship
CountryBritish British

Date of attack24 Mar 1941Time1725
FateSunk by submarine Veniero (C.C. Manlio Petroni)
Position of attack48° 50'N, 22° 45'W
Complement28 (28 dead, no survivors)
Notes At 1609 hours, a vessel was observed at a distance of 8,000 metres. It tried to escape.

At 1630 hours, Veniero opened fire. She stopped and was abandoned. This was the British steamer Agnete Maersk (2,104 GRT, built 1924), a straggler from convoy O.G.56.

Shortly after, Veniero fired two torpedoes at Agnete Maersk to finish her off. They missed under.

At 1650 hours, gunfire was resumed to try to finish off Agnete Maersk but she still did not sink.

At 1656 hours, a third torpedo was fired, but it also missed under.

At 1725 hours, gunfire was resumed again and this time Agnete Maersk was set afire and sank. Twenty-eight men were killed, there were no survivors.

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Ships hit by Italian submarines