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TypeCargo ship
CountryBritish British

Date of attack5 Dec 1940Time0339
0220 (e)
FateSunk by submarine Argo (T.V. Alberto Crepas)
Position of attack54° 14'N, 18° 08'W
Complement55 (36 dead and 19 survivors)
Notes At 0339 hours, the officer of the watch suddenly sighted a dark shape. A torpedo was immediately fired at a distance of 500 metres at a 12,000-ton two-funnel vessel. The torpedo hit after 35 seconds under the first funnel. A second explosion followed, attributed to a boiler and she sank. This was the steamer Silverpine (5,066 GRT, built 1924) in ballast and detached from convoy OB.252 bound from Glasgow to New York. Thirty-six were killed. Nineteen survivors were picked up by HMS Harvester at 0900 hours in 57°00' N, 17°30' W. The submarine was later hunted by HMS Harvester. Starting at 0412 hours, Argo reported three patterns of eight depth charges each.

Position of attack

Ships hit by Italian submarines