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Scottish Star

TypeCargo ship
CountryBritish British

Date of attack20 Feb 1942Time0304
2105 ATS/19 (e)
FateSunk by submarine Luigi Torelli (C.C. Antonio De Giacomo)
Position of attack13° 24'N, 49° 36'W
Complement73 (4 dead and 69 survivors)
Notes At 1115 hours on 19th February, a vessel was sighted in 16°06' N, 50°35' W, steering 170°. She was travelling fast and the submarine took the whole day to catch up.

At 0304 hours on the 20th, two torpedoes (533mm, S.I. type) were fired at a distance of 900 metres. Both hit the target.

At 0327 hours, Torelli fired 6 100mm rounds, but fire was checked as the ship was being abandoned (the survivors believed that fire had been directed at the W/T aerial) and she sank at 0405 hours.

This was the British Scottish Star (7,224 GRT, built 1916, ex Millais) on a voyage from London to Montevideo with 2,000 tons of general cargo. Her identity was revealed when she made an SOS.

Four were killed or missing. Sixty-nine (or 68?) were rescued (fifty-two by the light cruiser HMS Diomede). The remaining sixteen reached Barbados in lifeboat no. 2 at 1530 hours, local time, on 27th February.

Position of attack

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