Italian submarines in World War Two

Galatea (GT, N.71)

TypeCoastal / Sea going 
ClassSirena (21) 
Laid down 18 Jul 1931 Cantieri Riuniti dell'Adriatico, Monfalcone
Launched5 Oct 1933
Commissioned25 Jun 1934
End service
Stricken1 Feb 1948
Loss date
Loss position
History Stricken on 1st February 1948.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
C.C. Bruno Pilli1 May 194011 Dec 1940
T.V. Mario Baroglio12 Dec 194027 May 1942
T.V. Carlo-Gladstone Cruciani27 May 1942Aug 1945

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
1Pilli, Bruno9 Jun 19400559Taranto11 Jun 19401430Tobruk282Was to patrol 100 miles east of Tobruk, but returned because of defects (fuel leaks and leak to the "Rapida", special ballast to accelerate the dive).
  10 Jun 19401500
(0) Probably off Sidi Barrani.
At 1500 hours, an enemy destroyer was observed through the periscope and Galatea went down to 40 metres, then to 80 metres, before stabilising at 65 metres. Her hydrophones indicated that five enemy destroyers were hunting from 1500 to 1900 hours. These were probably destroyers of the 2nd Flotilla, HMS Hyperion (D.2) with HMS Hero, HMS Havock, HMS Hostile, HMS Imperial, HMS Decoy, HMS Defender and HMAS Waterhen. They had sailed at 0400 hours to sweep the approaches to Alexandria as far as 25°40' E and were assisted by two Flying-boats of 201 Group.

Although Galatea was not attacked, she had to abort her mission due to defects.

Pilli, Bruno12 Jun 1940Tobruk12 Jun 1940TobrukAt Tobruk during an air raid. One midshipman was wounded.
  12 Jun 19400340+
(0) Tobruk harbour.
At 0340 hours, there was an raid on Tobruk carried out by thirty-two Blenheim bombers from No. 202 Group. One bomb fell 50 meters astern of the submarine, midshipman Giuseppe Pizzorno was slightly wounded.

Pilli, Bruno2 Aug 19401425Tobruk7 Aug 19401330Taranto690,5Passage Tobruk-Taranto via coastal route till Ras Aamer then direct to Santa Maria di Leuca.

Pilli, Bruno11 Aug 19402158Taranto14 Aug 19400945Pola512Passage Taranto-Pola.

Pilli, Bruno16 Aug 19400740Pola16 Aug 19401404Monfalcone76Passage Pola-Monfalcone with the submarine Fisalia for refit.

Pilli, Bruno4 Oct 19401400Monfalcone4 Oct 19401855Monfalcone18,8Diving trials with Adua and Fisalia, escorted by tug Morrhua.

Pilli, Bruno10 Oct 19400800Monfalcone10 Oct 19401700Pola69Passage Monfalcone-Pola.

Pilli, Bruno14 Oct 19400705Pola14 Oct 19401930Pola59,8Trials.

Pilli, Bruno24 Oct 19401400Pola24 Oct 19401815Pola32Trials.

Pilli, Bruno25 Oct 19400800Pola25 Oct 19401140Pola23Trials.

Pilli, Bruno25 Oct 19401515Pola25 Oct 19401815Pola21Trials.

Pilli, Bruno26 Oct 19400850Pola26 Oct 19401700Pola87,5Trials.

Pilli, Bruno27 Oct 19400745Pola27 Oct 19401710Pola97Trials.

Pilli, Bruno2 Nov 19400800Pola2 Nov 19401720Pola80Trials.

Pilli, Bruno5 Nov 19401040Pola5 Nov 19401724Monfalcone72Passage Pola-Monfalcone.

Pilli, Bruno17 Nov 19400817Monfalcone17 Nov 19401215Monfalcone33Trials.

Pilli, Bruno22 Nov 19400855Monfalcone22 Nov 19401515Monfalcone62Trials.

Pilli, Bruno24 Nov 19400908Monfalcone24 Nov 19401546Pola71Passage Monfalcone-Pola.

Pilli, Bruno27 Nov 19400800Pola27 Nov 19401430Pola10Gyrocompass tests.

Pilli, Bruno2 Dec 19400910Pola2 Dec 19401800Fiume53Passage Pola-Fiume.

Pilli, Bruno5 Dec 19400815Fiume5 Dec 19401435Fiume13Trials.

Pilli, Bruno6 Dec 19400835Fiume6 Dec 19401332Pola52,5Passage Fiume-Pola.

Baroglio, Mario9 Dec 19400804Pola9 Dec 19401755Pola50Exercises with Adua, escorted by the tug Tenace, for simulated attacks on the torpedo boat Audace.

Baroglio, Mario10 Dec 19400805Pola10 Dec 19401530Pola47,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Laurana.

Baroglio, Mario13 Dec 19400800Pola13 Dec 19401737Pola58,7Exercises with the submarine Adua, escorted by the sloop Diana.

Baroglio, Mario15 Dec 19400800Pola15 Dec 19401545Pola47Hydrophone trials with the auxiliary Laurana and the tug Tenace, in 050° - Peneda Point - 19'.

Baroglio, Mario20 Dec 19401200Pola22 Dec 19401500Taranto504Passage Pola-Taranto.
  20 Dec 19401550
(0) About 30 miles north of Ancona.
At 1550 hours, the light cruiser Taranto escorted by the torpedo boat San Martino were encountered and recognition signals were exchanged with Galatea.

Baroglio, Mario24 Dec 19400800Taranto29 Dec 19401235Portolago (Leros)668Passage Taranto-Portolago via (1) 35°40'N, 20°20'E (2) 328° - Agria Grabusa Lt. (Crete) - 10' (3) 260° - C. Malaka (Crete) - 29' (4) 158° - Makra Island - 11' (5) Point E of Stampalia. Uneventful.

2Baroglio, Mario8 Jan 19411815Portolago (Leros)17 Jan 19410800Portolago (Leros)973Patrolled between 31°50'N, 26°40'E (Sidi Barrani) and 32°50'N, 23°20'E (Gulf of Bomba). Uneventful.

Baroglio, Mario22 Jan 19410916Portolago (Leros)22 Jan 19411525Portolago (Leros)26Trials.

Baroglio, Mario12 Feb 19410830Portolago (Leros)12 Feb 19411520Portolago (Leros)37Trials.

Baroglio, Mario24 Feb 19410215Portolago (Leros)24 Feb 19410735Stampalia45Passage Portolago-Stampalia.

3Baroglio, Mario25 Feb 19411110Stampalia2 Mar 19410720Rhodes505Patrolled about 20 miles southwest of Kastelorizo, on a line 36°00'N, 29°00'E to 36°00'N, 31°00'E covering the naval forces engaged in the re-conquest of the island, this was following the British raid of 24-25th February.
  28 Feb 19410335
(0) About 20 miles SW of Kastelorizo.
At 0330 hours, star shells were observed in the distance and, five minutes later, two silhouettes believed to be cruisers or medium sized vessels were seen. Galatea tried to close the range but lost sight of them at 0338 hours.
  28 Feb 19410414
(0) About 20 miles SW of Kastelorizo.
At 0414 hours, two two-funnel destroyers were sighted at 2,500 metres. At 0420 hours, Galatea dived to 35 metres and was not detected.

Baroglio, Mario2 Mar 19412030Rhodes3 Mar 19411050Leros110Passage Rhodes-Leros.

Baroglio, Mario22 Mar 19410905Leros22 Mar 19411700Leros39Exercises.

4Baroglio, Mario24 Mar 19411418Leros31 Mar 19411340Leros667Patrolled in Kaso Strait between 34°20'N and 34°40'N and 26°20'E and 26°40'E.
  31 Mar 19412004
(0) Kaso Strait.
At 2004 hours, T.V. Baroglio was informed by Marina Rodi of a large convoy escorted by two light cruisers and three destroyers, sighted by an aircraft at 1720 hours in 33°53' N, 26°55' E or 165° - Kupho Nisi - 64 miles. The submarine altered course to intercept east of Crete.

At 2323 hours, Galatea reached the intercepting point 4 miles from the coast and submerged to listen on her hydrophones but heard nothing.

At 0100 hours on 1st April, Galatea surfaced and continued her search. After receiving a new order not to attack torpedo-boats, she finally abandoned the chase at 0500 hours.

Baroglio, Mario2 Apr 19410908Leros2 Apr 19411335Leros27Trials.

Baroglio, Mario19 Apr 19410717Leros19 Apr 19411523Leros43Trials.

5Baroglio, Mario29 Apr 19411753Portolago (Leros)7 May 19410630Portolago (Leros)622Patrolled southwest of Kandeluisa (Dodecanese) between 36°00'N and 36°40'N, and between 21°00'E and 26°20'E. Sighted firing at long range at 2224 and 2355 hours on 29th April.

6Baroglio, Mario16 May 19411426Portolago (Leros)26 May 19411538Portolago (Leros)740Patrolled in Kaso Strait in 34°59'N, 26°25'E (east of Kupho Island, Crete).
  19 May 19412230
(0) Scarpanto Straits.
At 2230 hours, four silhouettes were sighted proceeding at high speed. Galatea attempted to close but to no avail.
  21 May 19410114
(0) Scarpanto Straits.
At 0114 hours, an enemy report from the submarine Onice was received and Galatea altered course to intercept.

At 0120 hours, explosions were heard from the direction of Scarpanto and Kaso [this was the attack by Onice on HMAS Nizam] but only H.E. were heard and nothing was sighted.
  22 May 19411846
(0) Scarpanto Straits.
At 1827 hours, a vessel was detected with the hydrophones.

At 1846 hours, Galatea was depth charged and suffered some damage but escaped to 70 meters. The enemy left at 2029 hours. Hydrophone effects were heard the next two days but the submarine was not attacked.

Baroglio, Mario9 Jun 19410845Portolago (Leros)9 Jun 19411335Portolago (Leros)21Exercises.

Baroglio, Mario17 Jun 19410848Portolago (Leros)17 Jun 19411240Portolago (Leros)20Exercises.

Baroglio, Mario20 Jun 19410907Portolago (Leros)20 Jun 19411235Portolago (Leros)17Trials.

7Baroglio, Mario2 Jul 19411925Portolago (Leros)4 Jul 19410700Portolago (Leros)174Night patrol off Chios in 38°00'N, 26°07'E. Uneventful.

8Baroglio, Mario14 Jul 19412205Portolago (Leros)29 Jul 19411026Brindisi1086Antisubmarine patrol SE off Stampalia between 35°50'N and 36°05'N, and between 26°43'E and 27°00'E, between the islands of Sirina and Zafrana. Was due to return to Leros at 2100 hours on 24th July but was diverted to Brindisi, passing 20 miles north of Cape Spada via 35°40'N, 22°00'E and 36°40'N, 20°30'E. Uneventful.

Baroglio, Mario31 Jul 19411855Brindisi2 Aug 19410730Pola285Passage Brindisi-Pola

Baroglio, Mario4 Aug 19410850Pola4 Aug 19411518Fiume58Passage Pola-Fiume

Baroglio, Mario15 Oct 19410816Fiume15 Oct 19411610Fiume24Exercises.

Baroglio, Mario16 Oct 19411258Fiume16 Oct 19411837Fiume23Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Abbazia.

Baroglio, Mario19 Oct 19410805Fiume19 Oct 19411748Fiume68Exercises.

Baroglio, Mario20 Oct 19411130Fiume20 Oct 19411709Pola58Passage Fiume-Pola.

Baroglio, Mario25 Oct 19410936Pola25 Oct 19411312Pola34Exercises.

Baroglio, Mario27 Oct 19410708Pola27 Oct 19411905Pola90Exercises escorted by the auxiliary Salvore.

Baroglio, Mario28 Oct 19410852Pola28 Oct 19411626Pola52Exercises with the submarine Ammiraglio Caracciolo escorted by the auxiliary Verbano and the torpedo boat Audace.

Baroglio, Mario1 Nov 19410818Pola1 Nov 19411418Pola10Exercises.

Baroglio, Mario2 Nov 19411658Pola2 Nov 19412338Pola68Exercises with the submarines Rismondo and Toti, escorted by the auxiliary Salvore.

Baroglio, Mario4 Nov 19410756Pola4 Nov 19411652Pola58Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio and the torpedo boat Audace.

Baroglio, Mario9 Nov 19410912Pola11 Nov 19410929Taranto483Passage Pola-Taranto.

Baroglio, Mario19 Nov 19411300Taranto19 Nov 19411716Taranto27Exercises.

Baroglio, Mario21 Nov 19411308Taranto21 Nov 19411518Taranto33Exercises.

Baroglio, Mario22 Nov 19411345Taranto22 Nov 19411709Taranto33Exercises.

Baroglio, Mario1 Dec 19411231Taranto1 Dec 19411804Taranto40Exercises.

Baroglio, Mario2 Dec 19410933Taranto2 Dec 19411606Taranto52Exercises, escorted by the tug Emma.

Baroglio, Mario3 Dec 19410934Taranto3 Dec 19411626Taranto46Exercises.

Baroglio, Mario13 Dec 19411048Taranto13 Dec 19411257Taranto2Exercises or changed anchorage?

9Baroglio, Mario15 Dec 19411509Taranto22 Dec 19411356Taranto967Patrolled between Cape Krio and Ras El Tin, between 33°40'N and 34°20'N, and between 23°00'E and 23°20'E.
  18 Dec 1941084634° 11'N, 23° 09'EAt 0846 hours, two destroyers of the HARDY class were sighted at 14,000 metres steering 100°. Galatea only managed to close to 11,000 metres before they disappeared.

At 0854 hours, another four destroyers were sighted at 13,000 metres, followed by another group but they passed out of range.

10Baroglio, Mario1 Jan 19420726Taranto7 Jan 19421307Leros1057Passage Taranto-Leros and patrolled 30 miles southwest of Gaudo, between 34°00'N and 34°40'N, and between 23°40'E and 24°00'E from 2215 hours on 3rd to 0055 hours on 6th January. Uneventful.

Baroglio, Mario16 Jan 19421130Leros16 Jan 19421712Leros26Exercises.

11Baroglio, Mario18 Jan 19421205Leros30 Jan 19420815Leros1236Patrolled between Ras Amer and Tobruk between 33°20'N and 34°00'N, and between 23°20'E and 23°40'E. An ULTRA intercept indicated that she was to pass through 34°40'N, 26°40'E and 34°14'N, 26°32'E, thence to her area. At 1915/25, she was ordered to shift her area to between 33°20'N and 33°40'N, and between 22°20'E and 22°40'E.
  25 Jan 1942230133° 27'N, 22° 54'EAt 2301 hours, a small vessel, which was probably not a naval unit, was sighted at 6,000 metres. It was lost from sight at 2312 hours.
  26 Jan 19422147At 2147 hours, information was received of an enemy convoy, escorted by four destroyers, in a square comprised between 33°40 N and 34°00 N and 18°20 E and 18°40 E. Galatea steered 360° and dived at 2347 hours to listen on her hydrophones.

At 0014 hours on 27th, H.E. were heard, but they lasted only a few minutes.

Baroglio, Mario17 Feb 19420836Leros17 Feb 19421252Leros29Trials and exercises.

Baroglio, Mario21 Feb 19421328Leros21 Feb 19421721Leros29Trials and exercises.

12Baroglio, Mario5 Mar 19422142Leros23 Mar 19421059Leros1739Patrolled south of Cyprus between 31°40'N and 32°50'N, and between 33°00'E and 34°00'E.
  16 Mar 19420155
(0) 241° - Beirut Light - 36 miles.
At 0138 hours, a shadow was sighted at 3,000 metres.
At 0155 hours, it was recognised as a large motor sailing vessel of about 100 GRT and stopped with a warning shot. It was carrying 100 tons of benzine from Syria to Cyprus. The crew of nine was allowed time to take to a lifeboat The identity of this vessel has not been ascertained, as the war diaries of Beirut for March 1942 are missing.

At 0221 hours, Galatea fired seven 100mm rounds, scoring two hits, but the vessel was only damaged. At 0241 hours, the submarine maneuvered to go alongside to destroy the vessel by demolition charge but another vessel arrived on the scene at the same time and the submarine turned its attention to this new target.

At 0246 hours, the submarine fired a torpedo (533mm) from a bow tube at a distance of 900 metres at the new arrival, which was a small torpedo boat about 50-60 metres in length. It missed. The torpedo had been set to a depth of 4 metres and it was believed to have passed under the target. Galatea withdrew at high speed and the enemy warship was not able to catch up.
  16 Mar 1942220333° 40'N, 34° 00'EAt 2203 hours, a gunboat or drifter was sighted at 2,000 metres. Galatea took evasive action.

13Baroglio, Mario28 Apr 19421828Portolago (Leros)16 May 19420545Portolago (Leros)1623Sailed through Kaso Strait and 34°20'N, 24°20'E for a patrol off Cyrenaica, in Grids 3445, 3409 and 3437, between 34°00'N and 34°20'N and 20°20'E and 21°20'E to form a patrol line with Nereide. Following this patrol, T.V. Baroglio came under criticism for the mishandling of his boat during the patrol of March 1942. It was suggested that he should be posted as exec officer on a destroyer.
  11 May 19421400At 1400 hours, information was received of four destroyers being sighted in 33°10' N, 26°10' E steering 270°, 26 knots. Galatea altered course south, but nothing was heard or sighted.

Baroglio, Mario23 May 19420910Portolago (Leros)23 May 19421358Portolago (Leros)26Exercises .

Baroglio, Mario25 May 19421829Portolago (Leros)25 May 19422035Parteni (Leros)13Passage Portolago-Parteni.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone29 May 19420630Parteni (Leros)29 May 19420750Portolago (Leros)13Passage Parteni-Portolago.

14Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone7 Jun 19421805Portolago (Leros)18 Jun 19420826Portolago (Leros)841Patrolled north of Ras Uleima, between 32°20'N and 33°00'N, and between 26°00'E and 26°40'E. On the night of 12 June, she was moved 40 miles south between 32°20'N and the Libyan coast and 26°00'E and 26°40'E. Early return because of cumulative defects.
  10 Jun 1942050532° 00'N, 26° 00'E
(0) Approximately.
At 0505 hours, an aircraft was sighted at 3-4,000 metres. Galatea crash-dived and at 0507 hours heard five fairly distant explosions (about 300-500 meters).
  14 Jun 1942013131° 55'N, 26° 23'EAt 0131 hours, a destroyer was sighted at 1,000-1,300 metres steering straight toward Galatea. The submarine crash-dived and the destroyer passed over her when she was at a depth of 30 meters but without dropping any depth charge.
  14 Jun 1942032031° 55'N, 26° 24'EAt 0320 hours, two destroyers were sighted at 4-5,000 metres. Five minutes later, Galatea dived and heard depth charges.
  16 Jun 1942055532° 00'N, 26° 00'E
(0) Approximately.
At 0555 hours, an aircraft surprised the submarine by dropping three small bombs. They missed by about 200 metres and Galatea dived.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone6 Jul 19420702Portolago (Leros)6 Jul 19421302Portolago (Leros)23Trials.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone13 Jul 19421650Portolago (Leros)18 Jul 19421710Pola1142Passage Portolago-Pola. (11th July: ULTRA reported her to be sailing on 13th July for passage Leros to Pola).
  14 Jul 1942100034° 28'N, 25° 54'EAt 0555 hours, a sailing vessel was sighted at 10,000 metres.

At 1000 hours, it was stopped with a warning shot and the crew quickly abandoned it in a small boat. However, it was a Greek caique carrying stores to North Africa and two Germans were on board. Galatea turned away.
  16 Jul 19422008At 2008, the submarine Narvalo was sighted at a distance of 12,000 metres.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone21 Jul 19420616Pola21 Jul 19421236Monfalcone70Passage Pola-Monfalcone for long refit.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone24 Oct 19420855Monfalcone24 Oct 19421844Monfalcone50Trials.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone26 Oct 19420742Monfalcone26 Oct 19421404Venice59,2Passage Monfalcone-Venice to collect four G7e torpedoes.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone29 Oct 19421102Venice29 Oct 19421450Venice15Trials.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone1 Nov 19420859Venice1 Nov 19421714Pola75,1Passage Venice-Pola.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone3 Nov 19420933Pola3 Nov 19421654Pola48Trials.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone4 Nov 19420826Pola4 Nov 19421600Pola11Gyrocompass tests.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone7 Nov 19420704Pola12 Nov 19420209Cagliari1086Passage Pola-Cagliari.
  10 Nov 1942
1534 (e)
At 1534 hours, the submarine HMS P 43 (Lieutenant A.C. Halliday, RN) sighted an Italian submarine steering 260°.

At 1555 hours, the British submarine had closed to 3,200 yards but the attack failed due to a defective gyro compass.

This was most certainly Galatea transferring from Pola to Cagliari. She did not notice the British submarine.

15Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone13 Nov 19422210Cagliari22 Nov 19420720Cagliari1085Patrolled near Philippeville in Italian Grid 1124, between 37°20'N and 37°40'N, and between 07°40'E and 08°00'E. On the night of 16 November, patrol was shifted to an area between 37°40'N and 38°00'N, and between 07°40'E and 08°00'E. On the night of 20 November, patrol was again shifted to an area between 37°00'N and 37°20'N, and between 06°40'E and 07°00'E.
  14 Nov 19420900At 0900 hours, an Italian aircraft was seen and exchanged recognition signals with Galatea.
  15 Nov 19420452At 0452 hours, an aircraft dropped flares forcing Galatea to submerge.
  15 Nov 19421930At 1930 hours, following signals from the submarines Argento and Velella reporting an enemy naval formation, Galatea proceeded at full speed toward Cape de Fer.
  15 Nov 194220102010 Hours, a submarine was sighted. Galatea closed and recognised it to be Italian.
  15 Nov 1942233137° 08'N, 7° 02'EAt 2331 hours, two small vessels, corvettes or minesweepers, were sighted at 6,000 metres. Galatea moved to attack but they moved out of range.
  16 Nov 19420037At 0037 hours, an unknown submarine was sighted. Galatea turned away.
  21 Nov 1942020837° 02'N, 6° 51'EAt 0140 hours, an 8,000-ton steamer lead by a 1,500-ton destroyer were sighted at a distance of 8,000 metres. Galatea closed on the surface.

At 0208 hours, four torpedoes were fired from a distance of 2,000 metres aimed at the freighter. She was zigzagging at 10 knots while the destroyer had already crossed ahead of Galatea and was now at 4,500 metres from the submarine. Two of the torpedoes porpoised but Galatea was forced to crash dive at 0213 hours as the destroyer was now turning toward her.

At 0217 hours, three depth-charges exploded, followed by two more at 0220 hours,
but although close they caused no damage.

The torpedoes appeared to have missed.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone28 Nov 19421330Cagliari28 Nov 19421733Cagliari30Trials and exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone30 Nov 19420753Cagliari30 Nov 19421200Cagliari22Trials and exercises.

16Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone2 Dec 19421910Cagliari9 Dec 19422210Cagliari1128,8Patrolled off Algerian coast, between 37°00'N and 37°20'N, and between 07°20'E and 07°40'E (Grid 3524) [or 37°20'N and 37°40'N, and between 08°40'E and 09°00'E]. The patrol rapport is lost.
  4 Dec 19422026
1939 (e)
37° 51'N, 8° 20'EAt 2026 hours, Galatea reported sighting three torpedo boats. These were probably part of Force Q (the light cruisers HMS Aurora and HMS Argonaut and the destroyers HMS Eskimo and HMS Tartar). She was probably the submarine sighted by HMS Eskimo at this time.
  9 Dec 19422145 approx.
(0) Near Cagliari.
At about 2145 hours, the submarine Turchese, who was leaving for patrol, was encountered and exchanged recognition signals.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone14 Dec 19420141Cagliari15 Dec 19420016Cagliari92,3Trials.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone20 Dec 19421500Cagliari22 Dec 19421710Augusta470,01Passage Cagliari-Augusta via coastal route until Cavoli Island, hence to Point 4 (40°10'N, 11°40'E) and Point 5 (40°10'N, 14°00'E) and Point M. The transfer report is lost.
  20 Dec 19421818
1812.5 (e)

(0) 095° - Serpentara Lt - 3 to 4 miles.
The transfer report being lost, this is reconstructed solely based on British documents.

At 1802 hours, the submarine HMS P 228 (later known as HMS Splendid, Lieutenant I.L. Mackay McGeogh, RN) was patrolling off Cagliari when a U-boat was sighted at 4,000 yards, steering 140° at 15 knots. She closed underwater at full speed and fired one torpedo at 1812.5 hours, from a distance of 2,000 yards. It missed.

The target was Galatea. We only know that she sighted the enemy submarine.

17Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone24 Dec 19421200Augusta7 Jan 19431230Portolago (Leros)1496Patrolled off Cyrenaica, between 34°00'N and Libyan coast, and between 21°00'E and 21°30'E. Uneventful.
  31 Dec 19421413At 1413 hours, the submarines Galatea, Aradam and Mameli were informed that an enemy convoy of four merchant vessels with six escorts had been sighted at 1130 hours, in 33°15' N, 21°35' E, steering 090° at medium speed.

Galatea remained on hydrophone watch, but nothing was detected. Other signals followed with the same result.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone24 Jan 19430810Portolago (Leros)24 Jan 19431050Portolago (Leros)21,1Trials.

18Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone30 Jan 19430759Portolago (Leros)14 Feb 19431207Portolago (Leros)1289,8Patrolled west of Cyprus, between 35°20'N and 36°00'N, and between 30°00'E and 30°40'E. Returned due to defects. Uneventful.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone1 Mar 19431636Portolago (Leros)2 Mar 19430521Portolago (Leros)68Trials and exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone18 Mar 19430920Portolago (Leros)18 Mar 19431204Portolago (Leros)19Trials and exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone19 Mar 19430932Portolago (Leros)19 Mar 19431102Portolago (Leros)3Trials and exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone22 Mar 19430935Portolago (Leros)22 Mar 19431038Portolago (Leros)4Trials and exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone27 Mar 19430930Portolago (Leros)27 Mar 19431040Portolago (Leros)4Trials and exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone7 Apr 19430945Portolago (Leros)7 Apr 19431120Portolago (Leros)10,5Trials and exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone14 Apr 19430824Portolago (Leros)14 Apr 19431035Portolago (Leros)4Trials and exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone18 Apr 19430850Portolago (Leros)18 Apr 19431117Portolago (Leros)4,5Trials and exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone30 Apr 19431036Portolago (Leros)30 Apr 19431114Parteni (Leros)7,5Passage Portolago-Parteni.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone4 May 19431110Parteni (Leros)4 May 19431717Parteni (Leros)27Trials and exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone5 May 19430610Parteni (Leros)5 May 19430739Portolago (Leros)7,5Passage Parteni-Portolago.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone15 May 19432036Portolago (Leros)15 May 19432242Portolago (Leros)9Trials and exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone8 Jun 19431023Portolago (Leros)8 Jun 19431140Portolago (Leros)5,8Trials and exercises.

19Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone10 Jun 19431620Portolago (Leros)28 Jun 19430808Portolago (Leros)1259,2Patrolled south of Crete between 34°00'N and the African coast and 23°00 E [or 23°40'E?] and 27°00'E and between 31°30'N and 34°00'N and 23°40'E and 26°38'E. Her return trip was known through ULTRA as of 21st June 1943. Sirena was then ordered to replace her, but apparently could not comply and was replaced by Beilul.
  10 Jun 19431950
2041C (e)

(0) 359° - Stampalia - 7 miles.
At 1950 hours, Galatea was proceeding from Leros escorted out by a MAS boat, when she was shaken by an explosion followed by two more distant ones.

This was an attack by the submarine HMS Taurus (Lieutenant Commander M.R.G. Wingfield, RN).

At 2014C hours, the British submarine had sighted a U-boat escorted by a small vessel and an aircraft at a range of 10,000 yards. She closed submerged at high speed.

At 2041C hours, HMS Taurus fired six torpedoes from 4,000 yards. They missed and exploded at the end of their run.

This was the third attack by a British submarine that Galatea had avoided. She bore a charmed life!

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone14 Jul 19431010Portolago (Leros)14 Jul 19431147Portolago (Leros)8,9Trials and exercises.

20Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone3 Aug 19431230Portolago (Leros)18 Aug 19431040Pozzuoli1177,21Patrolled off Cyrenaica, between 34°00'N and the African coast and 22°40'E and 24°00'E and then ordered via Point A (35°20'N, 16°00'E), Point B (35°20'N, 14°00'E) Point C (36°46'N, 12°20'E), Point D (37°00'N, 11°43'E), Point E (37°17'N, 11°32'E), Point F (37°24'N, 11°35'E) and Point G (38°20'N, 11°10'E), around Sicily to proceed straight to Naples.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone7 Sep 19430900Pozzuoli7 Sep 19431000Naples9,2Passage Pozzuoli-Naples.

21Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone7 Sep 19431452Naples11 Sep 19431732Bone775,8Sailed for patrol off Salerno, met HMS Eclipse at 2214 hours on 9th September in 40°15'N, 13°25'E and was directed to Bone.
  9 Sep 1943154540° 44'N, 13° 00'EAt 1545 hours, Galatea was proceeding with Benedetto Brin to Bone according to their Armistice instructions, when they were stopped by HMS MTB-266. The British boat ordered them to proceed to Palermo, but they refused to comply. The British MTB just followed them until HMS Eclipse joined them at 2126 hours and ordered them to Palermo. The two Italian submarines still refused to comply and torpedo tubes were readied. To avoid an incident, T.V. Cruciani came aboard HMS Eclipse to explain the situation and the British commanding officer finally allowed them to proceed to Bone.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone14 Sep 19431458Bone16 Sep 19431037Malta318,5Passage Bone-Malta with Alagi, Giada, Platino, Marea, Menotti, Brin and Tuchese, escorted by the destroyer HMS Isis.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone2 Oct 19431035St. Paul (Malta)2 Oct 19431400La Valette (Malta)17,5Passage St. Paul-Valetta.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone22 Oct 19431322La Valette (Malta)27 Oct 19431145Haifa1047Passage Malta-Haifa with Bragadino and Alagi, through 34°19'N, 21°41'E.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone30 Oct 19431055Haifa31 Oct 19431906Alexandria329Passage Haifa-Alexandria for A/S training.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone3 Nov 19430826Alexandria3 Nov 19431647Alexandria43A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone4 Nov 19430740Alexandria4 Nov 19431632Alexandria44A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone5 Nov 19430810Alexandria5 Nov 19431448Alexandria43A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone9 Nov 19430632Alexandria10 Nov 19431455Haifa323Passage Alexandria-Haifa.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone20 Nov 19431005Haifa21 Nov 19431750Alexandria329Passage Haifa-Alexandria.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone22 Nov 19430750Alexandria22 Nov 19431715Alexandria44A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone24 Nov 19430703Alexandria24 Nov 19431654Alexandria44A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone25 Nov 19430730Alexandria25 Nov 19431428Alexandria43A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone27 Nov 19430725Alexandria27 Nov 19431452Alexandria43A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone29 Nov 19430829Alexandria29 Nov 19431550Alexandria43A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone1 Dec 19430721Alexandria1 Dec 19431420Alexandria44A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone3 Dec 19430600Alexandria4 Dec 19431448Haifa323Passage Alexandria-Haifa.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone24 Dec 19430800Haifa24 Dec 19431015Haifa17,3Trials.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone1 Jan 19440845Haifa2 Jan 19442035Alexandria327Passage Haifa-Alexandria.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone10 Jan 19440750Alexandria10 Jan 19441427Alexandria43,2A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone12 Jan 19440611Alexandria12 Jan 19441312Alexandria41,2A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone15 Jan 19440732Alexandria15 Jan 19441450Alexandria40,5A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone22 Jan 19441700Alexandria24 Jan 19440740Haifa329,2Passage Alexandria-Haifa.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone3 Mar 19440810Haifa3 Mar 19441133Haifa30,5Trials.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone9 Mar 19441825Haifa11 Mar 19440740Alexandria323Passage Haifa-Alexandria.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone14 Mar 19440755Alexandria14 Mar 19441652Alexandria47A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone17 Mar 19440640Alexandria17 Mar 19441502Alexandria43,2A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone18 Mar 19440837Alexandria18 Mar 19441715Alexandria45,2A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone20 Mar 19440739Alexandria20 Mar 19441432Alexandria42,2A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone21 Mar 19440731Alexandria21 Mar 19441725Alexandria47,5A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone22 Mar 19440725Alexandria22 Mar 19441518Alexandria44A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone24 Mar 19440643Alexandria24 Mar 19441903Alexandria50,2A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone25 Mar 19440728Alexandria25 Mar 19441528Alexandria42,2A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone27 Mar 19440805Alexandria27 Mar 19441555Alexandria42,2A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone1 Apr 19441835Alexandria3 Apr 19440902Haifa329Passage Alexandria-Haifa.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone12 May 19440930Haifa12 May 19441720Haifa65,2Trials and exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone13 May 19441640Haifa14 May 19440738Haifa155Passage to Alexandria then turned back because of defects?

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone16 May 19441642Haifa18 May 19442130Alexandria318,2Passage Haifa-Alexandria.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone20 May 19441305Alexandria31 May 19440510Gibraltar1897Passage Alexandria-Gibraltar. She joined convoy MKS 50 for the passage.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone10 Jun 19440810Gibraltar10 Jun 19441914Gibraltar80,8A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone11 Jun 19440802Gibraltar11 Jun 19441918Gibraltar43,5A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone12 Jun 19440845Gibraltar12 Jun 19441415Gibraltar9,5Gyrocompass tests.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone13 Jun 19440828Gibraltar13 Jun 19442047Gibraltar63,6A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone15 Jun 19440806Gibraltar15 Jun 19441810Gibraltar73,3A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone16 Jun 19440745Gibraltar16 Jun 19441849Gibraltar52,3A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone17 Jun 19440800Gibraltar17 Jun 19441856Gibraltar76,7A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone18 Jun 19440748Gibraltar18 Jun 19442023Gibraltar74,6A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone19 Jun 19440745Gibraltar19 Jun 19442026Gibraltar72,8A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone20 Jun 19440750Gibraltar20 Jun 19442024Gibraltar63,4A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone4 Jul 19440840Gibraltar4 Jul 19441920Gibraltar53,5A/S exercises with the destroyers USS Charles F. Hughes (DD-428), USS Knight (DD-633), USS Doran (DD-634) and HMS Wolverine.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone5 Jul 1944Gibraltar5 Jul 1944GibraltarA/S exercises with USS Charles F. Hughes (DD-428), USS Knight (DD-633), USS Doran (DD-634) and HMS Vanoc.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone7 Jul 19440754Gibraltar7 Jul 19441830Gibraltar39,4A/S exercises with the destroyers USS Charles F. Hughes (DD-428), USS Knight (DD-633), USS Doran (DD-634) and the frigate HMS Tees

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone8 Jul 19440750Gibraltar8 Jul 19441830Gibraltar47,8A/S exercises with the destroyers USS Charles F. Hughes (DD-428) and USS Doran (DD-634) and then with the destroyer USS Knight (DD-633) and the patrol vessel HMS Kilmore.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone10 Jul 19441145Gibraltar10 Jul 19441833Gibraltar55,2A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone11 Jul 19440750Gibraltar11 Jul 19441346Gibraltar36,3A/S exercises with USS Cowie (DD-632) and USS Doran (DD-634).

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone11 Jul 19442024Gibraltar12 Jul 19440840Gibraltar84A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone13 Jul 19441013Gibraltar13 Jul 19441815Gibraltar52A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone18 Jul 19440749Gibraltar18 Jul 19441740Gibraltar63,2A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone19 Jul 19440728Gibraltar19 Jul 19441742Gibraltar40,4A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone20 Jul 19440742Gibraltar20 Jul 19440620Gibraltar37,7A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone21 Jul 19440759Gibraltar21 Jul 19441804Gibraltar52,2A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone21 Jul 19440759Gibraltar21 Jul 19441804Gibraltar52,2A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone22 Jul 19440650Gibraltar22 Jul 19441707Gibraltar41,1A/S exercises with the destroyers USS Benson (DD-421) and USS Ludlow (DD-438).

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone24 Jul 19440732Gibraltar24 Jul 19441751Gibraltar46,3A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone25 Jul 19441125Gibraltar25 Jul 19441756Gibraltar44,8A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone28 Jul 19441259Gibraltar28 Jul 19441820Gibraltar38,2A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone29 Jul 19440725Gibraltar29 Jul 19441516Gibraltar36,3A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone30 Jul 19440733Gibraltar30 Jul 19441527Gibraltar30,2A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone31 Jul 19441257Gibraltar31 Jul 19441757Gibraltar32A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone31 Aug 19440805Gibraltar31 Aug 19441813Gibraltar43,7A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone2 Sep 19441119Gibraltar2 Sep 19441733Gibraltar46A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone3 Sep 19440745Gibraltar3 Sep 19441624Gibraltar53,8A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone7 Sep 19441204Gibraltar7 Sep 19441758Gibraltar42,2A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone9 Sep 19440815Gibraltar9 Sep 19442000Gibraltar54,3A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone11 Sep 19441205Gibraltar11 Sep 19442000Gibraltar45,7A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone12 Sep 19441209Gibraltar12 Sep 19441937Gibraltar44,6A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone14 Sep 19440836Gibraltar14 Sep 19441801Gibraltar60,6A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone15 Sep 19440834Gibraltar15 Sep 19441801Gibraltar46A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone17 Sep 19440803Gibraltar17 Sep 19441437Gibraltar49,5A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone18 Sep 19440802Gibraltar18 Sep 19441600Gibraltar45,3A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone19 Sep 19441230Gibraltar19 Sep 19441857Gibraltar38,2A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone21 Sep 19440804Gibraltar21 Sep 19441657Gibraltar38,4A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone22 Sep 19440804Gibraltar22 Sep 19441829Gibraltar52,6A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone23 Sep 19441231Gibraltar23 Sep 19441802Gibraltar36,6A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone24 Sep 19440811Gibraltar24 Sep 19441805Gibraltar64,2A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone25 Sep 19440807Gibraltar25 Sep 19441834Gibraltar58,4A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone26 Sep 19440807Gibraltar27 Sep 19440839Gibraltar142,1A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone28 Sep 19440804Gibraltar28 Sep 19441823Gibraltar56,7A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone28 Sep 19440804Gibraltar28 Sep 19441823Gibraltar56,7A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone29 Sep 19440804Gibraltar29 Sep 19441857Gibraltar43,6A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone30 Sep 19440800Gibraltar30 Sep 19441903Gibraltar51,8A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone6 Oct 19440749Gibraltar6 Oct 19441757Gibraltar55,7A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone7 Oct 19440755Gibraltar7 Oct 19441829Gibraltar43,7A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone8 Oct 19440806Gibraltar8 Oct 19441715Gibraltar60,1A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone9 Oct 19440805Gibraltar9 Oct 19441611Gibraltar55,3A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone10 Oct 19440748Gibraltar10 Oct 19441726Gibraltar43,3A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone12 Oct 19440748Gibraltar12 Oct 19441729Gibraltar47,6A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone13 Oct 19440748Gibraltar13 Oct 19441620Gibraltar42,3A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone14 Oct 19440803Gibraltar14 Oct 19441734Gibraltar61,7A/S exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone30 Oct 19441042Gibraltar30 Oct 19441229Gibraltar7,5Photo sortie.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone2 Nov 19440335Gibraltar7 Nov 19441513La Valette (Malta)1112,2Passage Gibraltar-Malta with convoy KMS.67 escorted by HMS Fleetwood and HMS Gloxinia. Arrived with serious engine defects.
  3 Nov 19441150The Italian destroyer Indomito escorting the submarine Luigi Settembrini were encountered on opposite course.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone12 Nov 19441624La Valette (Malta)14 Nov 19440954Taranto355,1Passage Malta-Taranto escorted by the torpedo boat Clio then long refit. Fitted with a dummy Snorkel for A/S exercises or before?

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone17 Jul 19450756Taranto17 Jul 19451620Taranto33Trials.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone30 Jul 19450801Taranto30 Jul 19451606Taranto33,4Trials.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone4 Aug 19450807Taranto4 Aug 19451252Taranto32,4Trials.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone6 Aug 19450758Taranto6 Aug 19451717Taranto81,7Trials.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone14 Aug 19450802Taranto14 Aug 19451519Taranto50,5Trials.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone17 Aug 19450803Taranto17 Aug 19451530Taranto32,6Exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone18 Aug 19450804Taranto18 Aug 19451705Taranto34,1Exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone24 Aug 19451200Taranto24 Aug 19451918Taranto44Exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone27 Aug 19451602Taranto27 Aug 19452225Taranto36Exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone29 Aug 19450756Taranto29 Aug 19451625Taranto42Exercises.

Cruciani, Carlo-Gladstone31 Aug 19451559Taranto31 Aug 19452225Taranto36,3Exercises.

242 entries. 226 total patrol entries (21 marked as war patrols) and 36 events.

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