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Mario Baroglio

Born  3 Jan 1914Casale Monferrato (Alessandria)
Died  7 Apr 2000(86)Leghorn


  T.V.Tenente di Vascello


  Croce al merito di guerra
  Ufficiale dell'ordine della Republica Italiana
2 Jun 1944 Medaglia d'argento al valore militare
24 Dec 1944 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare
12 Apr 1946 Medaglia d'argento al valore militare

Career information

RUGGIERO SETTIMO (T.V. First Officer): from 15.12.1938 to ?
GALATEA (T.V. C.O.): from 12.12.1940 to 27.05.1942.
From ca. January 1943, at MARISOM MONFALCONE to supervise the trials of the corvette MINERVA.

Commands listed for Mario Baroglio

Submarine Type Rank From To
Galatea (GT, N.71)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.12 Dec 194027 May 1942

Ships hit by Mario Baroglio

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Mario Baroglio

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Galatea (GT, N.71)9 Dec 19400804Pola9 Dec 19401755Pola50Exercises with Adua, escorted by the tug Tenace, for simulated attacks on the torpedo boat Audace.

Galatea (GT, N.71)10 Dec 19400805Pola10 Dec 19401530Pola47,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Laurana.

Galatea (GT, N.71)13 Dec 19400800Pola13 Dec 19401737Pola58,7Exercises with the submarine Adua, escorted by the sloop Diana.

Galatea (GT, N.71)15 Dec 19400800Pola15 Dec 19401545Pola47Hydrophone trials with the auxiliary Laurana and the tug Tenace, in 050° - Peneda Point - 19'.

Galatea (GT, N.71)20 Dec 19401200Pola22 Dec 19401500Taranto504Passage Pola-Taranto.
  20 Dec 19401550
(0) About 30 miles north of Ancona.
At 1550 hours, the light cruiser Taranto escorted by the torpedo boat San Martino were encountered and recognition signals were exchanged with Galatea.

Galatea (GT, N.71)24 Dec 19400800Taranto29 Dec 19401235Portolago (Leros)668Passage Taranto-Portolago via (1) 35°40'N, 20°20'E (2) 328° - Agria Grabusa Lt. (Crete) - 10' (3) 260° - C. Malaka (Crete) - 29' (4) 158° - Makra Island - 11' (5) Point E of Stampalia. Uneventful.

1.Galatea (GT, N.71)8 Jan 19411815Portolago (Leros)17 Jan 19410800Portolago (Leros)973Patrolled between 31°50'N, 26°40'E (Sidi Barrani) and 32°50'N, 23°20'E (Gulf of Bomba). Uneventful.

Galatea (GT, N.71)22 Jan 19410916Portolago (Leros)22 Jan 19411525Portolago (Leros)26Trials.

Galatea (GT, N.71)12 Feb 19410830Portolago (Leros)12 Feb 19411520Portolago (Leros)37Trials.

Galatea (GT, N.71)24 Feb 19410215Portolago (Leros)24 Feb 19410735Stampalia45Passage Portolago-Stampalia.

2.Galatea (GT, N.71)25 Feb 19411110Stampalia2 Mar 19410720Rhodes505Patrolled about 20 miles southwest of Kastelorizo, on a line 36°00'N, 29°00'E to 36°00'N, 31°00'E covering the naval forces engaged in the re-conquest of the island, this was following the British raid of 24-25th February.
  28 Feb 19410335
(0) About 20 miles SW of Kastelorizo.
At 0330 hours, star shells were observed in the distance and, five minutes later, two silhouettes believed to be cruisers or medium sized vessels were seen. Galatea tried to close the range but lost sight of them at 0338 hours.
  28 Feb 19410414
(0) About 20 miles SW of Kastelorizo.
At 0414 hours, two two-funnel destroyers were sighted at 2,500 metres. At 0420 hours, Galatea dived to 35 metres and was not detected.

Galatea (GT, N.71)2 Mar 19412030Rhodes3 Mar 19411050Leros110Passage Rhodes-Leros.

Galatea (GT, N.71)22 Mar 19410905Leros22 Mar 19411700Leros39Exercises.

3.Galatea (GT, N.71)24 Mar 19411418Leros31 Mar 19411340Leros667Patrolled in Kaso Strait between 34°20'N and 34°40'N and 26°20'E and 26°40'E.
  31 Mar 19412004
(0) Kaso Strait.
At 2004 hours, T.V. Baroglio was informed by Marina Rodi of a large convoy escorted by two light cruisers and three destroyers, sighted by an aircraft at 1720 hours in 33°53' N, 26°55' E or 165° - Kupho Nisi - 64 miles. The submarine altered course to intercept east of Crete.

At 2323 hours, Galatea reached the intercepting point 4 miles from the coast and submerged to listen on her hydrophones but heard nothing.

At 0100 hours on 1st April, Galatea surfaced and continued her search. After receiving a new order not to attack torpedo-boats, she finally abandoned the chase at 0500 hours.

Galatea (GT, N.71)2 Apr 19410908Leros2 Apr 19411335Leros27Trials.

Galatea (GT, N.71)19 Apr 19410717Leros19 Apr 19411523Leros43Trials.

4.Galatea (GT, N.71)29 Apr 19411753Portolago (Leros)7 May 19410630Portolago (Leros)622Patrolled southwest of Kandeluisa (Dodecanese) between 36°00'N and 36°40'N, and between 21°00'E and 26°20'E. Sighted firing at long range at 2224 and 2355 hours on 29th April.

5.Galatea (GT, N.71)16 May 19411426Portolago (Leros)26 May 19411538Portolago (Leros)740Patrolled in Kaso Strait in 34°59'N, 26°25'E (east of Kupho Island, Crete).
  19 May 19412230
(0) Scarpanto Straits.
At 2230 hours, four silhouettes were sighted proceeding at high speed. Galatea attempted to close but to no avail.
  21 May 19410114
(0) Scarpanto Straits.
At 0114 hours, an enemy report from the submarine Onice was received and Galatea altered course to intercept.

At 0120 hours, explosions were heard from the direction of Scarpanto and Kaso [this was the attack by Onice on HMAS Nizam] but only H.E. were heard and nothing was sighted.
  22 May 19411846
(0) Scarpanto Straits.
At 1827 hours, a vessel was detected with the hydrophones.

At 1846 hours, Galatea was depth charged and suffered some damage but escaped to 70 meters. The enemy left at 2029 hours. Hydrophone effects were heard the next two days but the submarine was not attacked.

Galatea (GT, N.71)9 Jun 19410845Portolago (Leros)9 Jun 19411335Portolago (Leros)21Exercises.

Galatea (GT, N.71)17 Jun 19410848Portolago (Leros)17 Jun 19411240Portolago (Leros)20Exercises.

Galatea (GT, N.71)20 Jun 19410907Portolago (Leros)20 Jun 19411235Portolago (Leros)17Trials.

6.Galatea (GT, N.71)2 Jul 19411925Portolago (Leros)4 Jul 19410700Portolago (Leros)174Night patrol off Chios in 38°00'N, 26°07'E. Uneventful.

7.Galatea (GT, N.71)14 Jul 19412205Portolago (Leros)29 Jul 19411026Brindisi1086Antisubmarine patrol SE off Stampalia between 35°50'N and 36°05'N, and between 26°43'E and 27°00'E, between the islands of Sirina and Zafrana. Was due to return to Leros at 2100 hours on 24th July but was diverted to Brindisi, passing 20 miles north of Cape Spada via 35°40'N, 22°00'E and 36°40'N, 20°30'E. Uneventful.

Galatea (GT, N.71)31 Jul 19411855Brindisi2 Aug 19410730Pola285Passage Brindisi-Pola

Galatea (GT, N.71)4 Aug 19410850Pola4 Aug 19411518Fiume58Passage Pola-Fiume

Galatea (GT, N.71)15 Oct 19410816Fiume15 Oct 19411610Fiume24Exercises.

Galatea (GT, N.71)16 Oct 19411258Fiume16 Oct 19411837Fiume23Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Abbazia.

Galatea (GT, N.71)19 Oct 19410805Fiume19 Oct 19411748Fiume68Exercises.

Galatea (GT, N.71)20 Oct 19411130Fiume20 Oct 19411709Pola58Passage Fiume-Pola.

Galatea (GT, N.71)25 Oct 19410936Pola25 Oct 19411312Pola34Exercises.

Galatea (GT, N.71)27 Oct 19410708Pola27 Oct 19411905Pola90Exercises escorted by the auxiliary Salvore.

Galatea (GT, N.71)28 Oct 19410852Pola28 Oct 19411626Pola52Exercises with the submarine Ammiraglio Caracciolo escorted by the auxiliary Verbano and the torpedo boat Audace.

Galatea (GT, N.71)1 Nov 19410818Pola1 Nov 19411418Pola10Exercises.

Galatea (GT, N.71)2 Nov 19411658Pola2 Nov 19412338Pola68Exercises with the submarines Rismondo and Toti, escorted by the auxiliary Salvore.

Galatea (GT, N.71)4 Nov 19410756Pola4 Nov 19411652Pola58Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio and the torpedo boat Audace.

Galatea (GT, N.71)9 Nov 19410912Pola11 Nov 19410929Taranto483Passage Pola-Taranto.

Galatea (GT, N.71)19 Nov 19411300Taranto19 Nov 19411716Taranto27Exercises.

Galatea (GT, N.71)21 Nov 19411308Taranto21 Nov 19411518Taranto33Exercises.

Galatea (GT, N.71)22 Nov 19411345Taranto22 Nov 19411709Taranto33Exercises.

Galatea (GT, N.71)1 Dec 19411231Taranto1 Dec 19411804Taranto40Exercises.

Galatea (GT, N.71)2 Dec 19410933Taranto2 Dec 19411606Taranto52Exercises, escorted by the tug Emma.

Galatea (GT, N.71)3 Dec 19410934Taranto3 Dec 19411626Taranto46Exercises.

Galatea (GT, N.71)13 Dec 19411048Taranto13 Dec 19411257Taranto2Exercises or changed anchorage?

8.Galatea (GT, N.71)15 Dec 19411509Taranto22 Dec 19411356Taranto967Patrolled between Cape Krio and Ras El Tin, between 33°40'N and 34°20'N, and between 23°00'E and 23°20'E.
  18 Dec 1941084634° 11'N, 23° 09'EAt 0846 hours, two destroyers of the HARDY class were sighted at 14,000 metres steering 100°. Galatea only managed to close to 11,000 metres before they disappeared.

At 0854 hours, another four destroyers were sighted at 13,000 metres, followed by another group but they passed out of range.

9.Galatea (GT, N.71)1 Jan 19420726Taranto7 Jan 19421307Leros1057Passage Taranto-Leros and patrolled 30 miles southwest of Gaudo, between 34°00'N and 34°40'N, and between 23°40'E and 24°00'E from 2215 hours on 3rd to 0055 hours on 6th January. Uneventful.

Galatea (GT, N.71)16 Jan 19421130Leros16 Jan 19421712Leros26Exercises.

10.Galatea (GT, N.71)18 Jan 19421205Leros30 Jan 19420815Leros1236Patrolled between Ras Amer and Tobruk between 33°20'N and 34°00'N, and between 23°20'E and 23°40'E. An ULTRA intercept indicated that she was to pass through 34°40'N, 26°40'E and 34°14'N, 26°32'E, thence to her area. At 1915/25, she was ordered to shift her area to between 33°20'N and 33°40'N, and between 22°20'E and 22°40'E.
  25 Jan 1942230133° 27'N, 22° 54'EAt 2301 hours, a small vessel, which was probably not a naval unit, was sighted at 6,000 metres. It was lost from sight at 2312 hours.
  26 Jan 19422147At 2147 hours, information was received of an enemy convoy, escorted by four destroyers, in a square comprised between 33°40 N and 34°00 N and 18°20 E and 18°40 E. Galatea steered 360° and dived at 2347 hours to listen on her hydrophones.

At 0014 hours on 27th, H.E. were heard, but they lasted only a few minutes.

Galatea (GT, N.71)17 Feb 19420836Leros17 Feb 19421252Leros29Trials and exercises.

Galatea (GT, N.71)21 Feb 19421328Leros21 Feb 19421721Leros29Trials and exercises.

11.Galatea (GT, N.71)5 Mar 19422142Leros23 Mar 19421059Leros1739Patrolled south of Cyprus between 31°40'N and 32°50'N, and between 33°00'E and 34°00'E.
  16 Mar 19420155
(0) 241° - Beirut Light - 36 miles.
At 0138 hours, a shadow was sighted at 3,000 metres.
At 0155 hours, it was recognised as a large motor sailing vessel of about 100 GRT and stopped with a warning shot. It was carrying 100 tons of benzine from Syria to Cyprus. The crew of nine was allowed time to take to a lifeboat The identity of this vessel has not been ascertained, as the war diaries of Beirut for March 1942 are missing.

At 0221 hours, Galatea fired seven 100mm rounds, scoring two hits, but the vessel was only damaged. At 0241 hours, the submarine maneuvered to go alongside to destroy the vessel by demolition charge but another vessel arrived on the scene at the same time and the submarine turned its attention to this new target.

At 0246 hours, the submarine fired a torpedo (533mm) from a bow tube at a distance of 900 metres at the new arrival, which was a small torpedo boat about 50-60 metres in length. It missed. The torpedo had been set to a depth of 4 metres and it was believed to have passed under the target. Galatea withdrew at high speed and the enemy warship was not able to catch up.
  16 Mar 1942220333° 40'N, 34° 00'EAt 2203 hours, a gunboat or drifter was sighted at 2,000 metres. Galatea took evasive action.

12.Galatea (GT, N.71)28 Apr 19421828Portolago (Leros)16 May 19420545Portolago (Leros)1623Sailed through Kaso Strait and 34°20'N, 24°20'E for a patrol off Cyrenaica, in Grids 3445, 3409 and 3437, between 34°00'N and 34°20'N and 20°20'E and 21°20'E to form a patrol line with Nereide. Following this patrol, T.V. Baroglio came under criticism for the mishandling of his boat during the patrol of March 1942. It was suggested that he should be posted as exec officer on a destroyer.
  11 May 19421400At 1400 hours, information was received of four destroyers being sighted in 33°10' N, 26°10' E steering 270°, 26 knots. Galatea altered course south, but nothing was heard or sighted.

Galatea (GT, N.71)23 May 19420910Portolago (Leros)23 May 19421358Portolago (Leros)26Exercises .

Galatea (GT, N.71)25 May 19421829Portolago (Leros)25 May 19422035Parteni (Leros)13Passage Portolago-Parteni.

58 entries. 53 total patrol entries (12 marked as war patrols) and 13 events.

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