Soldier to the Last Minute
Grossadmiral Karl Dönitz and the Nuremberg Trial

These pages about Grossadmiral Dönitz cover his actions in the last year of the war, focussed on the Nuremberg Trial and offer a brief overview about his years after the war.

Written by Clemens Brechtelsbauer

1. Agony of the Reich

Grossadmiral Dönitz in the last year of the war as Commander-in-Chief of the Kriegsmarine.

2. Last Man Standing

Dönitz' appointment as the last head of state of the Third Reich and his actions as leader of the German government.

3. Trial by Fire

Here some light is shed on the question why and how the Grossadmiral was tried for war crimes at the Nuremberg Trials.

4. Aftermath

What happened after Nuremberg to the Grossadmiral is reported here and an attempt is made to describe the historic dimension of the Grossadmiral's personality.

Grossadmiral Karl Dönitz