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The Edelweiss - U-124

The Eidelweiss emblem of U-124 came from the loss of U-64 in April 1940. The two boats had the same crew for the most part, including the commander, Kptlt. Wilhelm Schulz. They were saved from the cold Norwegian waters by members of the German mountain troops, whose unit badge is an Eidelweiss. The grateful U-boat men adopted the emblem on their next U-boat, U-124, commissioned in June 1940.

When Kptlt. Johann Mohr took command of U-124 in late 1941 he added his own Green Frog emblem to the front of the conning tower, retaining the Edelweiss on both sides.

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2 U-boats displayed this emblem
U-124 and U-515.

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U-boat Emblems