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Emblem entry for U-264

Shield with Sword and Swastika

This is a very similar emblem to the one on U-2 and U-121. See that version.

The hilt of the sword here is not 100% correct. The original had more elaborate, old-fashioned embellishments.

The version on U-264 was slightly different but essentially the same emblem.

Keywords: shield, sword, swastika, circle

2 U-boats displayed this emblem
U-264 and U-579.

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Two Mines

- We have no description for this emblem -

Keywords: mines

1 U-boat displayed this emblem


Divine Hand saving Boat

An U-boat is being saved from incoming aircraft bomb by a large hand from the sky

Keywords: sky,hand,bomb,boat

1 U-boat displayed this emblem


Cowboy shooting Gun in air

A cowboy on a raised horse is shooting his gun in the air. Painted on a white shield.

Keywords: gun,cowboy,horse, shield

1 U-boat displayed this emblem

We have 4 emblems listed for this U-boat in our files. Check out the detailed profile page on this boat.

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