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Emblem entry for U-371

The Wild Onager - U-338

This emblem was inspired by U-338's launch, when it broke its moorings and sank a small tugboat.

It was adopted as the emblem of the 29th Flotilla at La Spezia in Italy.

Keywords: onager, donkey, horse

4 U-boats displayed this emblem
U-77, U-338, U-371 and U-617.

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Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms of unknown town showing a lion below a line and a saint above it - all on a shield. The city of Mönchen-Gladbach adopted the boat but its emblem is different from this one.

Keywords: coat of arms,lion,saint,shield

1 U-boat displayed this emblem


Mosquito with Torpedo

A mosquito fly holding a torpedo below it.

Keywords: fly,mosquito,torpedo

1 U-boat displayed this emblem

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