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Emblem entry for U-62

Crew XII/39

- We have no description for this emblem -

Keywords: shark, shield

11 U-boats displayed this emblem
U-62, U-72, U-446, U-720, U-793, U-1058, U-1101, U-1206, U-1407, U-2533 and U-4706.

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Black Swords

2 black crossed swords. This is a black version of the white Crew 37a emblem.

Keywords: swords, crew

1 U-boat displayed this emblem


Life Rune

This emblem is a Y with the central line extended upwards, the 'Lebensrune' or Life Rune. The same emblem, except all-black, was used for U-3032.


1 U-boat displayed this emblem

We have 3 emblems listed for this U-boat in our files. Check out the detailed profile page on this boat.

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