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Cemetery entries located

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Grave of Wilhelm von Trotha (Föglö, Finland)

German Cemetery (Glencree, Co Wicklow, Ireland)

Commonwealth War Graves (Tromsö, Norway)
Solheim Cemetery (Bergen, Norway)

Grave of Friedrich Steinhoff (Fort Devens, MA, USA)
Grave of Werner Henke (Fort Meade, MD, USA)
Graves of 7 U-boat sailors, POWs executed at Fort Leavenworth (Fort Leavenworth, KS, USA)
Long Island Cemetery (Pinelawn, NY, USA)
Grave of crewman from U-853 (Newport, RI, USA)
Grave of crewman (Heder) from U-550 (Newport, RI, USA)
Grave of crewman from U-352 (Beaufort, SC, USA)
Graves of 29 men of U-85 (Hampton Roads, VA, USA)
Graves of 4 crewmen of British trawler Bedfordshire (Ocracoke Island, NC, USA)