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Date added17 Apr 2005

DetailsThis is a superb archive and museum dedicated to U-boat information. It is run by a former U-boat officer. They are officially a charity and they exist on donations and membership fees so don’t expect to get something for nothing. They are probably the best source for U-boat information and photos there is and they are used by most writers and historians that deal with the U-boat war. They are staffed only by unpaid volunteers and are always shorthanded. Send a donation (perhaps 20 euros) with your inquiry (or at least send international reply coupons to cover return postage) and be patient. You will get a faster response if your inquiry is in German but they are flooded with inquiries and with a limited number of staff you can expect to wait for a month or more for a reply in many cases.
Visitors info

Bahnhofstr. 57
27478 Cuxhaven
Phone: 04722/322

Call between 9-12 German time on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


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