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SA Naval Museum

NameSA Naval Museum
Date added4 Apr 2003
CityCape Town
CountrySouth Africa

DetailsJohannesburg is very big town, around 8.5 million people. The museum is located next to the famous Johannesburg zoo, the address is Saxonwold 2132, tel. no is +27 - 011 - 646 5513. 011 is town code od Johannesburg.

Admission fee for adults is 10 ZAR only, museum is opened every day from 9 Am till 4:30 PM excluding Christmas na New Years Eve. The driving distance from city centre is about 20 minutes and taxi costs 80-100 ZAR.

There is very interesting navy display, were is not only Molch in perfect condition but also descriptive exhibition about deep charges, mines and counter measures for floating mines. Museum has very interesting shop which is full of old books, magazines, memorabiles etc.

Nearly all museum staff are retitred soldiers and mariners and it's very interesting to talk with them. There is also very interesting exhibition about war so called Border conflict, which took 8 years. Lot of devices on display is war trophy ... Also exhibition about role of South African army during WWII is intersting for us.

Visitors infoTake a taxi to Clock tower in Simmonstown. The museum is located in the old navy base which is still partly in use.  

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