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Date added17 Apr 2005


The real name of this site is ā€œHitler and the Holocaustā€ however the home page contains a long list of excellent links to WWII topics that donā€™t have anything to do with the Holocaust. If you are researching the U-boat war you will want to look at these links. Here is a partial list of topics:

Primary documentsRearmament
Education of the youth Of GermanyTimeline
Hitler Jungend (Hitler Youth)German resistance movement
Fall of the Weimar RepublicGerman medals & militaria
Adolf HitlerGerman Military
TermsNuremberg War Crime trials
Maps & flagsNazi decrees
German industry & U.S. companies that helped Hitler

Note that these are just categories of links. Each one has several links under it and the links are to reputable places, for example Yale Law School, the History Place, etc. A number of primary documents (treaties, agreements, German surrender documents, etc.) can be found through these links.

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