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Ships hit by UB 32

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DateU-boat Commander Name of shipType of shipTonsNat.
13 Mar 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg ComradesFishing vessel (smack)58br
13 Mar 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg De Tien KindersFishing vessel44be
13 Mar 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg Gold SeekerFishing vessel (smack)62br
30 Mar 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg Penshurst (d.)Q ship1,191br
31 Mar 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg BoazSailing vessel111br
31 Mar 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg GippeswicSailing vessel116br
31 Mar 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg  Gloucester Castle (d.)Hospital ship7,999br
31 Mar 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg Queen Louise (d.)Steamer4,879br
1 Apr 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg EndymionSailing vessel73br
4 Apr 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg ParanaSteamer4,461bz
5 Apr 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg Ernest LegouveSailing vessel2,246fr
24 Apr 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg Marie BlancheSailing vessel359fr
25 Apr 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg  BallaratTroopship11,120br
27 Apr 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg AlfalfaSteamer2,993br
27 Apr 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg BeemahSteamer4,750br
28 Apr 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg PursueFishing vessel (smack)37br
29 Apr 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg Ellen HarrisonSailing vessel103br
29 Apr 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg MermaidSailing vessel76br
30 Apr 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg PortbailSteamer378fr
8 Jun 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg VinaesSteamer1,107nw
11 Jun 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg Mar CorSteamer3,257it
12 Jun 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg South PointSteamer4,258br
14 Jun 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg VigoureuseSailing vessel152fr
5 Jul 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg HavbrisSteamer677nw
6 Jul 1917 UB 32Max Viebeg Wabasha (d.)Tanker5,864br
26 Aug 1917 UB 32Benno von Ditfurth FeltreSteamer6,455it
22 ships sunk (42,893 tons) and 4 ships damaged (19,933 tons).

(d.) means the ship was damaged.
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Ships hit by UB 32


1917 (8).

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