Ships hit during WWI


TypeQ ship
GRT1,191 tons
Country  British
BuilderMontrose SB. Co., Montrose
OperatorRoyal Navy
HistoryPeace-time operator: Power SS. Co., Ltd. (J. Power & Co.), London

U-boat attacks on Q ship Penshurst

DateU-boatLoss typePositionLocationRouteCargoCasualties
114 Jan 1917UB 37 (Paul Günther)DamagedDamaged by shellfire.
50° 07'N, 1° 47'W


UB 37 was sunk with all hands during this action.

230 Mar 1917UB 32 (Max Viebeg)DamagedDamaged by gunnery in the English Channel between Beachy Head and Le Havre


319 Aug 1917UC 72 (Ernst Voigt)DamagedTorpedo in the Bay of Biscay
47° 38'N, 8° 19'W


424 Dec 1917U 110 (Carl Albrecht Kroll)SunkBristol Channel.
51° 38'N, 5° 48'W


Sank over six hours after being torpedoed at 51.31N, 05.33W.

Position of attack on Penshurst


1917 (3).

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