U-Boat War Badge


U-Boat War Badge

The U-Boat War Badge (German: U-Boots-Kriegsabzeichen) was a German war badge that was awarded to U-boat crew members during World War I and World War II. The U-boat War Badge was originally instituted during the First World War on February 1, 1918. It was awarded to recognize U-boat crews who had completed three war patrols. The badge was worn on the lower left side of the uniform and was oval shaped resembling a wreath of laurel leaves. A submarine lay across the center and the Prussian Crown was inlaid at the top center of the wreath.

On October 13, 1939, the U-boat War Badge was reinstituted again, shortly after the war began. It was very similar to the original badge with the exception of the Prussian crown which was replaced with a German Eagle, a swastika was added, and a more modernized submarine now facing towards the left was used.

There were several ways to be awarded this medal. The most common would be the completion of two war patrols. Although the completion of two war patrols might seem a lowly requirement, but a typical U-boat war cruise would often run into months at a time. As a contrast, the Infantry Assault Badge was awarded after three combat actions, which meant that they could be earned on three separate actions all under a week. Completing two war patrols was not only longer, but it was equally dangerous as the U-boat has to endure constant attacks by allied aircraft and warships.

During the later part of the war, U-boat losses were so great that many crewmen never made it past the second war patrol. The other occasion when this badge was awarded was on completion of an especially successful first patrol or having been wounded or killed in action. In the event of death, the award was presented to the next of kin.

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CommanderDate  Command
Kptlt. Arnauld de la Perière, Lothar von1918  U 35

Oblt. Dönitz, Karl1 Jan 1919  

Kptlt. Fischel, Hermann von1 Jan 1919  
Oblt. Förste, Erich1 Jan 1919  

Kptlt. Georg, Carl-Siegfried Ritter von   U 101
Kptlt. Götting, Friedrich1 Jan 1919  

Kptlt. Haecker, Erich1 Jan 1919  
Kptlt. Hartwig, Kurt1918  U 32
Kptlt. Heimburg, Heino von1918 or later  
Kptlt. Hennig, Heinrich von1 Jan 1919  

Kptlt. Krafft, Ernst1 Jan 1919  
Oblt. Krastel, Walter1 Jan 1919  
Oblt. Krause, Günther1 Jan 1919  
Oblt. Krieger, Ernst1918  
Oblt. Kümpel, Otto1 Jan 1919  

Oblt. Lamprecht, Fritz1 Jan 1919  
Oblt. Lange, Werner1 Jan 1919  
Oblt. Limann, Konrad1 Jan 1919  
Oblt. Loycke, Otto1 Jan 1919  

Kptlt. Marschall, Wilhelm   

Oblt. Ramien, Kurt   UB 109
Kptlt. Rhein, Wilhelm1 Jan 1919  

Kptlt. Saalwächter, Alfred1 Jan 1919  
Kptlt. Schmidt, Hugo1 Jan 1919  
Kptlt. Schrader, Otto von   UB 64
KrvKpt. Schultze, Otto   
Kptlt. Schulz, Gerhard1 Jan 1919  
Kptlt. Schuster, Karlgeorg1 Jan 1919  
Ltn. Slevogt, Kurt   
KrvKpt. Starke, Wilhelm-Friedrich1 Apr 1925  
Oblt. Stollenz, Georg1 Jan 1919  

Oblt. Utke, Kurt1 Jan 1919  

Kptlt. Walther, Hans1 Jan 1919  
Oblt. Warzecha, Walter1 Jan 1919  
Kptlt. Waßner, Erwin1 Jan 1919  
Oblt. Weichold, Eberhard1 Jan 1919  
Kptlt. Weisbach, Raimund1 Jan 1919  
Kptlt. Wenninger, Ralph1 Jan 1919  
Kptlt. Werner, Wilhelm   U 55
Oblt. Wurmbach, Hans Heinrich1 Jan 1919  

40 officers decorated with U-Boat War Badge (U-Boots-Kriegsabzeichen) located.

Note: This listing is still being compiled and some recipients might be missing.

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