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The most important recognition we get is the thousands of letters I've received from people like you since I opened up this site in July of 1995. Your support is what keeps this alive really and justifies (partly :) the amount of time needed to update and maintain this monster (over 18000 pages now) each day.

We in the crew know we have possibly the best military/history site in the world but it's nice to hear it from someone else :)


April 12. Featured site on the PooP Deck by Richard Tucker.
April 9. Chosen as one of Médaille d'Or's few sites worthy of displaying the medal shown here above.
March 28. The uboat.net site reaches the landmark of 2000 pages.
Feb 10. The Internet Treasure Hunt Bureau
uboat.net was featured site on this location for 3 days starting Feb 10. This is rather unusual as I understand it as normally sites pay to be listed there.
Jan 9. Cool Central Site of the Hour
Well, this is a short one, but nice nonetheless :)
Jan 9. Dr. Webster's Web Site of the Day

"Some Web sites are so well-conceived, they can take a relatively obscure subject and make it compelling. Today's prescription is one such site. Uboat.net focuses on the incredible true story of Hitler's U-boat campaign in World War II. It's an amazing site, for both casual visitors and serious war buffs. There are over 1,700 pages here, featuring scores of fascinating, high-quality photos, as well as detailed data about the operations and battles that these German underwater vessels and their crews experienced.

There's also maps of areas where U-boats operated; information about U-boat technologies; archive data and tons more."


Sept 15. uboat.net is featured in Yahoo!'s Picks of the Week.
This is what they wrote:

"September 22, 1942

SOMEWHERE IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC--Hello Yahoos back home STOP Welcome to Picks Overseas STOP Can't reveal our whereabouts STOP Just wanted to drop a line letting you know we're okay STOP Been reading a great deal about U-boats STOP Don't ask STOP Makes us nervous just thinking about them STOP Have even sworn off submarine sandwiches STOP Site has photographs STOP Statistics STOP And information on torpedoes GULP Hope you get a charge out of it STOP Got to go now STOP Wireless operator is giving us das boot STOP


Quite a few visitors popped in to take a look due to this entry.

June 9. uboat.net gets a rave review (A+, the highest given) by Sitegrade, a group of individuals who carefully rate web sites.

May 1. U-Web is renamed uboat.net and is moved it its own domain name http://uboat.net.

April 21. U-Web is selected by UK Plus as one of the very best site on the Net.

Mar 31. Visitor number 100,000 pops in, this number is of course not accurate, the actual number of visitors of much higher but still I use it until more accurate system will replace this one soon.

Jan 20. U-Web is selected by Netguide Live as one of the very best site on the Net! (4 stars out of 5).

Dec 22. U-Web is Cool site of the Hour.
Nov 10. U-Web approved for the Fledge site.
Oct 17. Selected Windows Magazine Web HotSpot of the day
July 19. Named a 4-Star Site (highest possible) by Magellan
Feb 6. U-Web is selected for Program One's Hall of Fame page which at this time only contains 33 excellent sites.
Jan 17. 25,000 people have visited the pages (plus all you proxy people :).
Jan 10. U-Web is given a fine review and coverage (with real WWII footage) on prime-time on the Stave TV! Islandia (Iceland tourism site) also got a good review.


Dec 30. U-Web is reviewed on Radio One, in the form of voice files.
Aug 15. U-Web is selected Featured Hotlink of the Day by Starting Point!
Aug 8. U-Web rated in the Top 5% of all Web pages by Point Survey!!
July 20. U-Web, The U-boat War 1939-1945 is created.

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