Ronald Max Seaburne-May DSC, RN

Birth details unknown

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1 Mar 1941 S.Lt.
1 Oct 1942 Lt.
1 Oct 1950 Lt.Cdr.


3 May 1943 DSC

Warship Commands listed for Ronald Max Seaburne-May, RN

HMS Upright (N 89)Lt.Submarineearly 194421 May 1944
HMS Urtica (P 83)Lt.Submarine28 Sep 19447 Feb 1945
HMS Vivid (P 77)Lt.Submarine4 Mar 1945
HMS Statesman (P 246)Lt.Submarine22 May 1945Jul 1945

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Submarine HMS Statesman (P 246)

17 Jun 1945
HMS Statesman (Lt. R.M. Seaburne-May, RN) departed Trincomalee for her 10th war patrol (8th in the Far East). She was ordered to patrol off the North coast of Sumatra.

No log is available for this period and the patrol report does not mention daily positions so therefore no map can be displayed. (1)

24 Jun 1945 (position 5.36, 95.13)
HMS Statesman (Lt. R.M. Seaburne-May, RN) engaged a Japanese vessel with gunfire off Ulee Lhoe, Northern Sumatra, Netherlands East Indies. Two hits were obtained but the action had to be broken off. The target has so far not been identified.

(All times are zone -6.5)
1418 hours - Sighted the funnel and superstructure of a small vessel moving up and down the coast to the West of Ulee Lhoe. Closed to attack.

1442 hours - Surfaced and opened fire at a range of 6000 yards. The target was of about 800 to 1000 tons and was thought to be the submarine tender Komahashi (this was not correct as this ship was stationed in Japanese home waters during the entire war). 10 Rounds were fired for 2 hits before the target slipped from sight behind Lompat Island. 2 More rounds were fired at a couple of landing craft before these too disappeared.

1455 hours - The Port lookout reported an MTB closing.

1456 hours - Dived. The MTB remained in the area for some time and dropped several small depth charges but none were close.

1532 hours - The MTB made off through Cedar passage to re-join the other ship.

1615 hours - Set course for Cedar passage with the object of surfacing and to chase.

1815 hours - Surfaced in position 05.36'N, 95.13'E and set off to chase the enemy but they were not sighted again.

26 Jun 1945 (position 5.19, 97.34)
HMS Statesman (Lt. R.M. Seaburne-May, RN) sank a sailing vessel with gunfire off Diamond Point in position 05°19'N, 97°34'E.

(All times are zone -6.5)
0102 hours - Altered course to investigate two objects approaching from the West.

0140 hours - The objects were identified as two small junks of about 20 tons.

0145 hours - The leading junk was sunk with 8 rounds from a range of 2200 yards. The second junk beached herself and could not be engaged against the dark background of the trees. No further action was taken and course was set towards deeper water. (1)

5 Jul 1945
HMS Statesman (Lt. R.M. Seaburne-May, RN) attacked a beached coaster with one torpedo off Ulee Lhoe, Northern Sumatra, Netherlands East Indies. The torpedoes missed and exploded on the beach.

(All times are zone -6.5)
1700 hours - Decided to finally detroy the grounded coaster seen on July 1st (but not molested earlier in the hope of better game showing up). The coaster was about 120 feet long and about 100 tons. She was laying beached about 1 mile to the West of Ulee Lhoe.

1749 hours - Fired a torpedo at the coaster from 3800 yards. The torpedo was later seen to explode on the beach having passed close astern of the target.

1755 hours - Retired to seaward as gun action was not thought wise due to the shore batteries in this area. (1)

6 Jul 1945
During the afternoon HMS Statesman (Lt. R.M. Seaburne-May, RN) was detected and briefly depth charges while trying to reconnoiter Sabang harbour. No damage was inflicted to HMS Statesman but she wisely retired from the area. (1)

11 Jul 1945
HMS Statesman (Lt. R.M. Seaburne-May, RN) ended her 10th war patrol (8th in the Far East) at Trincomalee. (1)


  1. ADM 199/1875

ADM numbers indicate documents at the British National Archives at Kew, London.

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