Stanislaw Hryniewiecki, ORP

Born  29 Nov 1896Samarra
Died  8 Oct 1943(46)ORP Orkan


  Komandor Podporucznik
  Komandor porucznik


Warship Commands listed for Stanislaw Hryniewiecki, ORP

ORP WicherKmdr ppor.DestroyerMay 1937Jan 1938
ORP Grom (H 71)Kmdr ppor.Destroyer11 May 19374 Mar 1938
ORP GryfKmdr ppor.Minelayer2 Sep 19393 Sep 1939
ORP Blyskawica (H 34)Kmdr ppor.Destroyer16 Jul 194013 Sep 1940
ORP Piorun (G 65)Kmdr por.Destroyer2 Aug 194130 Aug 1941
ORP Piorun (G 65)Kmdr por.Destroyer17 Jan 194224 May 1942
ORP Orkan (G 90)Kmdr por.Destroyer18 Nov 19428 Oct 1943 (+)

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Minelayer ORP Gryf ()

3 Sep 1939
Wicher took part in naval combat off Hela. Two German destroyers, the Leberecht Maa? and Wolfgang Zenker under command of Rear Admiral G?nther L?tjens approached to Polish naval base at Hela and opened fire at 0700hours. Wicher and the minelayer Gryf answered few minutes later. A Polish coastal battery (4 guns of 152mm) was also involved in combat. After short time Germans hit the Gryf twice, but suffered heavy damage on Leberecht Maa?. Wolfgang Zenker (also damaged) laid a smokescreen and both destroyers retreated. The minelayer entered the floating dock for repairs. Later in the morning, Ju.87s of 4/Tr.G.186, an outfit originally intended to embark on the Graf Zeppelin, carried out 2 attacks against the harbour area: At 0910 hrs 11 a/c attacked, Gryf sustained one bomb hit on the bow and several near-misses which set her on fire. The fire reached the AAA ammunition, which detonated, but dock and ship remained afloat. This attack caused 2 deaths. In the second attack, about 1400 hrs, 12 dive-bombers armed with 250-kg bombs targeted both Gryf and Wicher, nearby. The CM sustained one bomb hit which caused her to settle on the bottom of the harbour, burning fiercely. At 1600 hrs, He-59 seaplanes of Ku.Fl.Gr 506 flying out of Kamp-bei-Kolberg, attacked again, and were followed at 1725 by more He-59s of Ku.Fl.Gr 706 which completed the destruction of the wreck. Gryf burned for another 2 days. (1)

Destroyer ORP Blyskawica (H 34)

12 Aug 1940
Blyskawica took part in the Anti-Aircraft defence of Portsmouth. She shot down one enemy bomber (He-111). (1)

30 Aug 1940
The Polish destroyers Blyskawica and Burza joined the escort of a convoy heading to the USA. Later Burza suffered a malfunction and was forced to return to base. (1)

1 Sep 1940
Lookouts on Blyskawica spotted a lifeboat from the British Merchant Har Zion with one survivor (Seaman Osman Adem). He was picked up. The Har Zion was torpedoed and sunk the previous day by German U-boat U-38 northwest of Bloody Foreland in position 56°20'N, 10°00'W. 34 members of her crew went down with the ship. (1)

2 Sep 1940
Blyskawica and some British destroyers left the convoy they were escorting and formed an escort of another convoy which was heading to England. (1)

3 Sep 1940
While escorting a convoy, ORP Blyskawica observed a periscope and attacked a U-boat with depth charges. Two hours later, in fog, she encountered a U-boat (probably the same one) on the surface at a distance of 700 meter and attacked it with gunfire and depth charges. (1)

Destroyer ORP Piorun (G 65)

12 Feb 1942
Piorun (Lt. Cdr. Hryniewiecki) was ordered to make a ASW search in the Irish Sea to find and neutralize a U-boat reported there. The search is unsuccessful.

13 Feb 1942
Piorun returns to Gourock.

26 Feb 1942
Piorun became part of the escort of a convoy to Canada.

28 Feb 1942
The convoy Piorun is escorting was caught by a strong storm. The Polish ship suffered no damage.

11 Mar 1942
At night Polish lookouts on Piorun spotted a surfaced U-boat trying to slip into the convoy. The Germans also spotted the destroyer as the U-boat submerged. She was detected by the asdic and attacked with depth charges. After this attack, contact was lost and the Germans managed to slip away.

12 Mar 1942
Piorun entered St. John's, Canada.

17 Mar 1942
Piorun came to Argentia, Canada.

21 Mar 1942
Piorun departed from Canada as part of the escort of a convoy to Great Britain.

27 Mar 1942
Piorun met a lonely Norwegian tanker. A boarding party inspected the tankers documents and she was ordered to join the convoy.

29 Mar 1942
Piorun meets another tanker. This time it was a British vessel which was also ordered to join the convoy.

1 Apr 1942
The convoy, of which Piorun is part of the escorts reaches Gourock.

8 Apr 1942
After boiler cleaning Piorun was loaded with British gold in order to transport this cargo to Canada. At 16.30hours the Polish ship left Gourock and later that day entered Londonderry.

9 Apr 1942
Piorun departed from Londonderry and joined the escort of a convoy to Canada.

16 Apr 1942
Piorun entered Halifax harbour where the gold was unloaded.

26 Apr 1942
Piorun left Argentia, Canada with a convoy to Great Britain.

9 May 1942
Piorun reached Greenock.

Destroyer ORP Orkan (G 90)

20 Feb 1943
Between 20 February and 9 March 1943, ORP Orkan participates in escort of convoys: JW-53 and RA-53 (Loch Ewe - Murmansk - Loch Ewe). (1)

25 Jun 1943 (position 48.45, -11.33)
ORP Orkan (Kmdr por S. Hryniewiecki) picks up two survivors from the British merchant Ford Concord that was torpedoed and sunk by German U-boat U-456 about 440 nautical miles north of the Azores in position 46°05'N, 25°20'W on 12 May.

4 Jul 1943
The Polish Supreme Chief General Wladyslaw Sikorski was killed when the Liberator aircraft transporting him back to the UK crashed on takeoff from Gibraltar. Later that month, ORP Orkan transferred his body from Gibraltar to the UK to be buried at the Polish War Cemetery in Newark-on-Trent, England.

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  1. Personal communication

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