Fighting the U-boats

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This section of is designed to provide as complete and accurate picture of the immense force that fought the U-boat threat in the Atlantic and elsewhere.

Allied Warships

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Ships & Navies

  Convoy escorts
  Hunter Killer groups
  Other ships

Aircraft and Air Forces

  Reconaissance, hunters and
  all the other aircraft.


  Famous allied Naval commanders

Weapons & Technologies

  Radars, HD/DF, depth charges,
  code-breaking etc.

Allied Warship Commanders

Over 12,200 Allied Officers already listed

Allied military losses

  Allied major warship losses

Crew lists from Ships hit by U-boats

This database, over 88,000 names, lists the casualties and survivors from Allied and neutral ships hit by U-boats during WWII.

The ASW warfare

  The Convoy Commodores
  Allied Bases
  The Lend-Lease Act
  U-boat losses by cause

The Air offensive

  Air forces
  Air raids on U-boats in port
  Aerial U-boat patrols