Fighting the U-boats

Allied Navies

Surface Escorts

The V Class destroyer HMCS Sioux


DDThe biggest threat to the U-boats early in the war was the fully equipped destroyer.

Destroyer Escorts

DEOver 500 commissioned from 1943 - 1945 these became one the most formidable U-boat hunters around.


 From early 1943 these were the mainstream U-boat hunters for the Commonwealth Navies.

Escort Carriers

CVE136 of those were commissioned in the war. Some formed very formidable hunter killer groups with several DE's.


  Roughly half of the convoy escort in the North Atlantic were corvettes. Mostly of the Flower class.


  Somewhat similar to the corvettes but better armed and with longer range they were effective U-boat hunters.


  The collective term for US Coast Guard ships

A/S Trawlers

  These illustrated the sheer desperation the Royal Navy felt when it came to defend against the U-boats.

Hunter-Killer groups

Allied Navies