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German motor merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the German motor merchant Spreewald.

Aboard Spreewald when hit on 31 Jan 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
AustralianAnderson, Bruce, Merchant Navy38Passenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
GermanAumann, Erich, Kriegsmarine40Crew memberSpreewald +
AustralianBentley, Charles John, Merchant Navy54Passenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
GermanBorowski, Erich, Kriegsmarine33Crew memberSpreewald +
AustralianBottomley, Jack, Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald
AustralianBradley, Robert J., Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianBrown, William Henry Matthew, Merchant Navy28Passenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
GermanBull, Heinrich, Kriegsmarine42MasterSpreewald +
AustralianCurry, Noel Robert, Merchant Navy28Passenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianDooley, Lionel, Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald
GermanElmendorff, Kurt, Kriegsmarine30OfficerSpreewald +
AustralianEvans, Douglas, Merchant Navy25Passenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianFord, Geoffrey John, Merchant Navy21Passenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianFreeman, David J., Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald
AustralianGannon, Patrick, Merchant Navy61Passenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
DutchGill, M., Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianGordon, John, Merchant Navy27Passenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianGriffiths, Jack B., Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald
AustralianHayes, Dennis, Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald
AustralianHill, James A., Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald
AustralianHolmes, Ralph Marshman, Merchant Navy18Passenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianHumphreys, George Duke, Merchant Navy46Passenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianJones, William A., Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald
GreekKalfaitis, Nikolaos, Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianKeegan, Colin James, Merchant Navy38Passenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianKitchin, David, Merchant Navy18Passenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianLangtry, John, Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald
AustralianLong, Douglas James, Merchant Navy23Passenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianLucas, John, Merchant Navy40Passenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianMackay, Alexander, Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianMacNeill, Calum Gilbert, Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald
DutchMarcusse, , Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald
AustralianMartin, Horace, Merchant Navy38Passenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianMcAdam, George, Merchant Navy33Passenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianMcCowan, Keith Charles, Merchant Navy23Passenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianMcLelland, Leonard, Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald
AustralianMelville, Albert, Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald
GreekModonas, Nikolaos Apostolos, Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
EgyptianMuhaked Abdallah Atatie, , Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianO’Toole, Martin, Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
GreekPaleokrassas, Michail Nikolaou, Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianPratt, William, Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald
AustralianRavenscroft, Samuel, Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald
AustralianRedman, Ronald J., Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald
AustralianRiley, Thomas William, Merchant Navy28Passenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianRodgers, Murray Maclean, Merchant Navy28Passenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianRose, Robert L., Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald
AustralianSayer, Fred, Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald
GermanScheel, Gustav, Kriegsmarine53Chief Engineer OfficerSpreewald +
GermanSchmidt, Hermann, Kriegsmarine65GefreiterSpreewald +
GermanSchubert, Heinz, Kriegsmarine33MatroseSpreewald +
GermanSchönborn, Bernhard, Kriegsmarine31Crew memberSpreewald +
AustralianSkinner, Major Bristow, Merchant Navy52Passenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianSorensen, Robert, Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald
GermanStoiser, Otto, KriegsmarineMar.Ob.Ass.ArztSpreewald
NorwegianStrøm, Sigurd, Merchant Navy25Passenger (Prisoner)Spreewald +
AustralianTesseyman, Joseph V., Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald
AustralianThorpe, Ashley, Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald
DutchVanbrugel, , Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald
DutchVanderhusen, , Merchant NavyPassenger (Prisoner)Spreewald

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