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W.L. Steed

American steam tanker

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam tanker W.L. Steed.

Aboard W.L. Steed when hit on 2 Feb 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
PortugueseAndrade, Oliveira, Merchant Marine45Chief CookW.L. Steed +
Puerto RicanArroyo y Macallo, José Celso, Merchant Marine29Able SeamanW.L. Steed +
AmericanBone, Ralph Adams, Merchant Marine38Fireman/WiperW.L. Steed +
AmericanBornheimer, Ernest George, Merchant Marine39Extra Chief EngineerW.L. Steed +
AmericanBoyhan, John Francis, Merchant Marine33Ordinary SeamanW.L. Steed +
AmericanBrea, Joaquin Rama, Merchant Marine38Boatswain (Bosun)W.L. Steed
AmericanBryant, Waldo Ewing, Merchant Marine33Able SeamanW.L. Steed +
AmericanBurkholder, Raymond Ralph, Merchant Marine32Able SeamanW.L. Steed +
AmericanBurrell, William Richard, Merchant Marine56First Assistant EngineerW.L. Steed +
AmericanCarlo, John, Merchant Marine47Fireman/WiperW.L. Steed +
AmericanChandler, Arthur Lloyd, Merchant Marine24Ordinary SeamanW.L. Steed +
AmericanChoate, Edison Eddie, Merchant Marine28MessmanW.L. Steed +
AmericanChristiansen, Walter Marvin, Merchant Marine45Chief EngineerW.L. Steed +
AmericanElder, Robert, Merchant Marine46StorekeeperW.L. Steed +
AmericanErdos, James, Merchant Marine26Ordinary SeamanW.L. Steed +
AmericanEzell, Cecil Albert, Merchant Marine38Third MateW.L. Steed +
AmericanField, David Alfred, Merchant Marine25WiperW.L. Steed +
AmericanGrant, James Douglas, Merchant Marine27MachinistW.L. Steed +
AmericanHartz, Louis, Merchant Marine38Able SeamanW.L. Steed
AmericanHawkins, Ernest Nelson Kelson, Merchant Marine21MessmanW.L. Steed +
AmericanKyle, Robert Taylor, Merchant Marine37OilerW.L. Steed +
AmericanLevet, Jack, Merchant Marine46Third Assistant EngineerW.L. Steed +
AmericanMaihiot, Elmer Edmund, Merchant Marine33Second Assistant EngineerW.L. Steed +
AmericanMazzucco, Ralph Fred, Merchant Marine22Able SeamanW.L. Steed
AmericanMcAvenia, Harold Gerard, Merchant Marine44MasterW.L. Steed +
AmericanNilsson, Einar Arnulf, Merchant Marine47Chief MateW.L. Steed +
AmericanSantosuosso, Joseph, Merchant Marine25MessmanW.L. Steed +
AmericanShelton, Ezra Wilford, Merchant Marine25OilerW.L. Steed +
AmericanSiltz, Francis Ervin, Merchant Marine22Radio OperatorW.L. Steed +
AmericanSmith, Leonard, Merchant Marine26WiperW.L. Steed +
AmericanTootle, Walter Earl, Merchant Marine33Fireman/WiperW.L. Steed +
SpanishTorres, Laureano, Merchant Marine42OilerW.L. Steed +
AmericanTulane, Walter Austin, Merchant Marine26PumpmanW.L. Steed +
AmericanVolkert, Earl Ray, Merchant Marine20Second CookW.L. Steed +
AmericanWagner, Francis Joseph, Merchant Marine40MessmanW.L. Steed +
AmericanWahter, Constantine, Merchant Marine49Able SeamanW.L. Steed +
AmericanWayland, Sydney, Merchant Marine41Second MateW.L. Steed
AmericanZenos, George Genitsoriotis, Merchant Marine52StewardW.L. Steed +

38 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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