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FFL Alysse (K 100)

French corvette

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the French corvette FFL Alysse (K 100).

Aboard FFL Alysse (K 100) when hit on 9 Feb 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Autret, Jean François, Free French Navy21Quartier Maître FourrierFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Baltas, Michel, Free French Navy22Matelot CharpentierFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Bassot, René Jean, Free French Navy21Quartier Maître CanonnierFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Bertrand, Emile Louis Georges, Free French Navy24Quartier Maître ChauffeurFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Boudreau, Jean Charles Hugh, Free French Navy18Matelot GabierFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Briec, Alexandre Joseph, Free French Navy28Quartier Maître ChauffeurFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Cadinot, Gérard André Louis, Free French Navy20Matelot ChauffeurFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Cloarec, Joseph, Free French Navy23Quartier Maître ManœuvreFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Coatleven, Paul François Louis, Free French Navy18Matelot RadioFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Coez, Albert Jules, Free French Navy21Quartier Maître ChauffeurFFL Alysse (K 100) +
David, Jean Gabriel Marie, Free French Navy20Matelot RadioFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Fisher, Lionel Ewart, RNVR27LieutenantFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Fritsch, Albert, Free French Navy21Apprenti FusilierFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Gaillard, Lucien Jean André, Free French Navy27Quartier Maître MécanicienFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Houitte, Raphaël Aristide Fernand, Free French Navy25Quartier Maître ÉlectricienFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Hurst, Norman, RNWireless OperatorFFL Alysse (K 100)
Kay, Norman Terrance, RN28CoderFFL Alysse (K 100)
Lavenue, Raymond Marius, Free French Navy21Quartier Maître TimonierFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Le Chevalier, Alfred Joseph Pierre, Free French Navy18Matelot ChauffeurFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Le Leap, Joseph Yves Marie, Free French Navy18Matelot CanonnierFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Lemaine, René Gustave Jean, Free French Navy20MatelotFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Lessard, Jean Baptiste, Free French Navy19Maître ÉlectricienFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Lizet, André Pierre Alphonse, Free French Navy19Quartier Maître MécanicienFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Menou, François Jean, Free French Navy18Matelot TimonierFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Merlin, Edouard, Free French Navy36Quartier Maître ChauffeurFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Pailler, Alain, Free French Navy21Matelot MécanicienFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Pépin Lehalleur, Jacques Marie Maurice, Free French Navy30Lieutenant De VaisseauFFL Alysse (K 100)
Perrin, Pierre Marie Gaston, Free French Navy21Matelot AsdicFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Pitte, Joseph Roger René, Free French Navy17Matelot CanonnierFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Qiaranta, Joseph Siméon Louis, Free French Navy21Quartier Maître RadioFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Quere, Jean Louis, Free French Navy23Quartier Maître CanonnierFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Riard, Jean Saturnin, Free French Navy21Matelot CuisinierFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Roussel, Emile Charles Georges, Free French Navy32Quartier Maître ChauffeurFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Smee, William Clifton Sydney, Free French Navy18Matelot AsdicFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Stadler, René Eugène, Free French Navy20Quartier Maître MécanicienFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Urvoy, Lucien Adolphe, Free French Navy21Matelot MécanicienFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Vigneau, Joseph Gustave, Free French Navy27MatelotFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Vincelot, Louis Antoine, Free French Navy20Quartier Maître CanonnierFFL Alysse (K 100) +
Walsh, Pierre Charlles Thomas, Free French Navy17Matelot Maître D’HôtelFFL Alysse (K 100) +

39 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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