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Lake Osweya

American motor merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American motor merchant Lake Osweya.

Aboard Lake Osweya when hit on 20 Feb 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
AmericanAbrahamsen, Alfred, Merchant Marine41Second MateLake Osweya +
AmericanBailkey, Harold Willard, USNR35Gunner’s Mate Third ClassLake Osweya +
AmericanBatson, Charles Horace, USNR19Seaman Second ClassLake Osweya +
AmericanBrasher, Howard Johnnie, USN22Signalman Third ClassLake Osweya +
AmericanBrown, Charles James, USNR17Seaman Second ClassLake Osweya +
AmericanCarroll, William Walter, Merchant Marine37Chief MateLake Osweya +
AmericanCarthy, Russell Ralph, Merchant Marine22MessmanLake Osweya +
AmericanCrosbie, William Joseph, Merchant Marine24OilerLake Osweya +
AmericanEvans, Thomas Livingston, Merchant Marine38Second Assistant EngineerLake Osweya +
AmericanFass, Adam Robert, Merchant Marine20MessmanLake Osweya +
AmericanFreeman, William Raymond, USNR17Apprentice SeamanLake Osweya +
AmericanFrench, Joseph Luther, USNR24EnsignLake Osweya +
AmericanJacota, George Michael, Merchant Marine26Able SeamanLake Osweya +
AmericanJohnson, Ivar Oscar, Merchant Marine27Able SeamanLake Osweya +
AmericanKerfoot, Donald C., Merchant Marine23Ordinary SeamanLake Osweya +
AmericanKibbit, Charles William, Merchant Marine40Third MateLake Osweya +
AmericanKilpatrick, John Sidney, Merchant Marine36Chief EngineerLake Osweya +
AmericanKirwan, Paul Joseph, Merchant Marine25BakerLake Osweya +
AmericanKrieger, John Charles, Merchant Marine22MessmanLake Osweya +
AmericanMathisen, Herman, Merchant Marine57Boatswain (Bosun)Lake Osweya +
AmericanMathisen, Herman Johannes, Merchant Marine20Able SeamanLake Osweya +
AmericanMcDonald, Samuel Oscar, Merchant Marine27WiperLake Osweya +
AmericanMcMahon, Bernard Frank, Merchant Marine29ElectricianLake Osweya +
AmericanMcMurry, William, USNR18Seaman Second ClassLake Osweya +
AmericanMurray, George James, Merchant Marine24Ordinary SeamanLake Osweya +
AmericanO’Neal, William Thomas, Merchant Marine33Third Assistant EngineerLake Osweya +
AmericanPearce, Leroy Stewart, Merchant Marine23OilerLake Osweya +
AmericanPhillips, Charles Morris, Merchant Marine23Able SeamanLake Osweya +
AmericanPrinz, Karl Ernest, Merchant Marine51MasterLake Osweya +
AmericanRoemer, George Herman, Merchant Marine52CookLake Osweya +
AmericanRuley, Burtney Jackson, Merchant Marine41Steward and CookLake Osweya +
AmericanSenn, Harold Anderson, USNR20Apprentice SeamanLake Osweya +
AmericanSmith, Fred George, Merchant Marine39Radio OperatorLake Osweya +
AmericanSumner, Winfred Leo, Merchant Marine24Able SeamanLake Osweya +
AmericanTolson, Buman Cromwell, Merchant Marine26Able SeamanLake Osweya +
AmericanVealie, Joseph Jordan, Merchant Marine23OilerLake Osweya +
AmericanWagner, Charles Edward, Merchant Marine37First Assistant EngineerLake Osweya +
AmericanWhayne, Thomas Samuel, USN32Radioman Second ClassLake Osweya +
AmericanZies, George Leroy, Merchant Marine31MessmanLake Osweya +

39 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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