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American steam merchant

Lihue under her former name Seattle. Photo courtesy of State Library of New South Wales

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam merchant Lihue.

Aboard Lihue when hit on 23 Feb 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Bethell, Howard Edward, Merchant Marine27Ordinary SeamanLihue
Bigelow, Walter James, Merchant Marine46Able SeamanLihue
Booth, Hunter Robert, Merchant Marine28CarpenterLihue
Bosworth, Robert Charles, Merchant Marine33OilerLihue
Buckley, Brainard G., Merchant Marine35WiperLihue
Cafferty, William Ambrose, Merchant Marine34UtilityLihue
Cranstoun, Andrew W., Merchant Marine23Third MateLihue
Dansky, George, Merchant Marine23Crew memberLihue
Downey, Paul, Merchant Marine45Crew memberLihue
Dyer, John Cassin, Merchant Marine34Second MateLihue
Esoultero, Jacinto C., Merchant Marine59StewardLihue
Fraser, Cox Michael, Merchant Marine66Chief CookLihue
Gordon, George R., Merchant Marine50Second CookLihue
Harnek, Leo Frank, Merchant Marine32WiperLihue
Jocher, Edmond Julius, Merchant Marine34Able SeamanLihue
Jordan, Joseph Ashton Ladson, Merchant Marine39Able SeamanLihue
Kenyon, Everett Jay, Merchant Marine43Chief EngineerLihue
Leithead, William Gladstone, Merchant Marine38MasterLihue
Lidell, Steadman, Merchant Marine25Radio OperatorLihue
MacDonald, Ronald A., Merchant Marine36First Assistant EngineerLihue
Murphy, James Frederick, Merchant Marine35Second Assistant EngineerLihue
Murray, John M., Merchant Marine39Crew memberLihue
Pedersen, Perry T., Merchant Marine33Chief MateLihue
Post, Charles Wallace, Merchant Marine47Deck EngineerLihue
Ramirez, John H., Merchant Marine36WatertenderLihue
Shreve, Joseph Edward, Merchant Marine25Third Assistant EngineerLihue
Stockett, William E., Merchant Marine22MessmanLihue
Stokkeland, Peder, Merchant Marine40FiremanLihue
Tennant, John J., Merchant Marine33Assistant EngineerLihue
Timmerman, Robert D., Merchant Marine24Able SeamanLihue
Truman, Jerold William, Merchant Marine23FiremanLihue
Vogelfanger, Hyman S., Merchant Marine22Crew memberLihue
Walfrom, John Francis, Merchant Marine54Crew memberLihue
West, Carl W., Merchant Marine40OilerLihue

34 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
If you wish to add a crewmember to the listing we would need most of this information: ship name, nationality, name, dob, place of birth, service (merchant marine, ...), rank or job on board. We have place for a photo as well if provided. You can e-mail us the information here.