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Yugoslavian steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Yugoslavian steam merchant Trepca.

Aboard Trepca when hit on 13 Mar 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
FinnishAnderson, Gustaf Adolf, Merchant Navy29Crew memberTrepca
YugoslavianAntunovic, Andrija, Merchant Navy32Third Engineer OfficerTrepca
YugoslavianBelic, Marijan, Merchant Navy44FiremanTrepca
PolishCiskowski, Benedict, Merchant Navy22Coal PasserTrepca +
YugoslavianDabicic, Sime, Merchant Navy37FiremanTrepca
YugoslavianDobrajc, August, Merchant Navy41Radio OperatorTrepca
YugoslavianDoricic, Ivan, Merchant Navy31Second StewardTrepca
FinnishErikson, Werner, Merchant Navy26Crew memberTrepca
YugoslavianFatovic, Bozo, Merchant Navy35FiremanTrepca
YugoslavianFerencic, Petar, Merchant Navy43Chief Engineer OfficerTrepca
YugoslavianFranciskovic, Gildo, Merchant Navy30Chief OfficerTrepca
YugoslavianGrbic, Stipe, Merchant Navy49FiremanTrepca +
YugoslavianJurisic, Zvonimir, Merchant Navy22ApprenticeTrepca
YugoslavianKola, Marko, Merchant Navy33Coal PasserTrepca
YugoslavianLeontic, Velimir E., Merchant Navy29Second OfficerTrepca
YugoslavianLukacic, Krsto, Merchant Navy38Chief StewardTrepca
YugoslavianMagazinovic, Boris, Merchant Navy26Radio OperatorTrepca
YugoslavianMandic, Ivan, Merchant Navy35Able SeamanTrepca
YugoslavianMaricic, Kruno Albino, Merchant Navy19Coal PasserTrepca
YugoslavianMarochini, Stanko, Merchant Navy49MasterTrepca
YugoslavianMartedic, Marijan, Merchant Navy38Able SeamanTrepca
YugoslavianMedic, Kristijan, Merchant Navy21Able SeamanTrepca
YugoslavianOlic, Ivan, Merchant Navy31FiremanTrepca
YugoslavianPavic, Mate, Merchant Navy31Second Engineer OfficerTrepca +
YugoslavianPavlovic, Petar, Merchant Navy46Able SeamanTrepca
YugoslavianRuzic, Vojko, Merchant Navy26Third OfficerTrepca +
FinnishSauvala, Nestor Wäinö, Merchant Navy60Engineer OfficerTrepca
YugoslavianSemencic, Ante, Merchant Navy40Boatswain (Bosun)Trepca
YugoslavianStipanov, Ante, Merchant Navy40FiremanTrepca
YugoslavianStrgacic, Ljubidrag, Merchant Navy59DonkeymanTrepca
PolishSzwczyk, Ryszard, Merchant Navy46FiremanTrepca
YugoslavianTipic, Josip, Merchant Navy39CookTrepca
YugoslavianTominic, Albert, Merchant Navy27Fourth Engineer OfficerTrepca
YugoslavianTruta-Tabulov, Ante, Merchant Navy25CarpenterTrepca
YugoslavianVrurnic, Redjeljko, Merchant Navy28Crew memberTrepca
YugoslavianYucetic, Petar, Merchant Navy34FiremanTrepca
GreekZoumberis, Vasilios, Merchant Navy29Coal PasserTrepca

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Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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