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Dutch motor merchant

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This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Dutch motor merchant Polyphemus.

Aboard Polyphemus when hit on 27 May 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Agnew, Francis J., Merchant Navy17ShipwreckedNorland, Polyphemus
Ah Fook, , Merchant Navy29CarpenterPolyphemus
Au Yee, , Merchant Navy55Second BoatswainPolyphemus
Bergene, Kåre, Merchant Navy20ShipwreckedHeina, Norland, Polyphemus
Bjelde, Andreas, Merchant Navy45ShipwreckedNorland, Polyphemus
Boom, Johan Hendrik, Merchant Navy21Fifth Engineer OfficerPolyphemus
Bos, Jan Frederik Adolf, Merchant Navy21Fourth OfficerPolyphemus
Brandenburg, Herman, Merchant Navy40Chief OfficerPolyphemus
Breukers, Peter Wilhelm, Merchant Navy49PhysicianPolyphemus
Bråten, Lars, Merchant Navy51ShipwreckedNorland, Polyphemus
Burger, Leendert Marinus, Merchant Navy33Second OfficerPolyphemus
Campbell, Angus John, Merchant Navy19ShipwreckedNorland, Polyphemus
Campbell, Donald, Merchant Navy18ShipwreckedNorland, Polyphemus
Chan Kan, , Merchant Navy37QuartermasterPolyphemus +
Chan Tong, , Merchant Navy30FitterPolyphemus +
Chang Ah Ding, , Merchant Navy36Assistant StewardPolyphemus
Chang Pah Sing, , Merchant Navy44Assistant StewardPolyphemus
Cheung Yau, , Merchant Navy43SailorPolyphemus +
Chu Lin, , Merchant Navy38No. 1 FiremanPolyphemus +
Chuan Ah Yao, , Merchant Navy41Second CookPolyphemus
Chung Sum, , Merchant Navy47GreaserPolyphemus +
Chung Tai, , Merchant Navy32SailorPolyphemus +
Dijkdrenth, Jan, Merchant Navy27Third OfficerPolyphemus
Dwok Nong, , Merchant Navy42Boatswain (Bosun)Polyphemus +
Glover, James, Merchant Navy17ShipwreckedNorland, Polyphemus
Graaf, Pieter de, Merchant Navy38Chief StewardPolyphemus
Haggith, Victor Annesley, Merchant Navy15ShipwreckedNorland, Polyphemus
Hau Siao Mow, , Merchant Navy27Assistant StewardPolyphemus
Heintzbergen, Johannes Wilhelmus, Merchant Navy21Assistant EngineerPolyphemus
Ho Chiu, , Merchant Navy24SailorPolyphemus +
Ho Moon, , Merchant Navy36SailorPolyphemus
Hoogeveen, Johannes Martinus, Merchant Navy34Second Engineer OfficerPolyphemus
Hou Chung Chang, , Merchant Navy40Chief CookPolyphemus
Hoyle, William Harry, Merchant Navy18MidshipmanPolyphemus
Ip Ching, , Merchant Navy25FiremanPolyphemus
Ko Kan, , Merchant Navy42SailorPolyphemus +
Koningstein, Cornelis, Merchant Navy54MasterPolyphemus
Kotze, Peter, Merchant Navy18ShipwreckedNorland, Polyphemus
Lai Fook, , Merchant Navy41No. 2 FiremanPolyphemus
Lam Mow, , Merchant Navy26Greaser & CookPolyphemus
Lam Muk, , Merchant Navy35No. 4 FiremanPolyphemus
Lam Shing, , Merchant Navy50GreaserPolyphemus
Leung Dee, , Merchant Navy48QuartermasterPolyphemus
Leung Shu, , Merchant Navy25SailorPolyphemus
Leung Tin, , Merchant Navy32SailorPolyphemus +
Leung Yung, , Merchant Navy31SailorPolyphemus
Li Sau, , Merchant Navy26FiremanPolyphemus
Li Sun, , Merchant Navy26FitterPolyphemus +
Li Yiu, , Merchant NavySailorPolyphemus +
Lock, Reginald George, Civilian33PassengerPolyphemus, Suecia
Loomans, Thomas Johannes Joseph, Merchant Navy47Chief Engineer OfficerPolyphemus
Luk Sum, , Merchant Navy44SailorPolyphemus +
Man Sui, , Merchant Navy24GreaserPolyphemus
McAllan, William P., Merchant Navy22ShipwreckedNorland, Polyphemus
McMillan, Frank, Merchant Navy17ShipwreckedNorland, Polyphemus
Molenaar, Carel Pieter, Merchant Navy23Fourth Engineer OfficerPolyphemus
Pang Tai, , Merchant Navy47QuartermasterPolyphemus +
Poll, Cornelis van de, Merchant Navy20Assistant EngineerPolyphemus, Tjileboet +
Rasmussen, Konrad Helland, Merchant Navy30ShipwreckedNorland, Polyphemus
Reeper, Joseph Johannes Michels de, Merchant Navy33Third Engineer OfficerPolyphemus
Riemsdijk, Johannes Wilhelmus van, Merchant Navy32ElectricianPolyphemus
Shih Ah Mow, , Merchant Navy41Assistant StewardPolyphemus
Simpkin, Arthur, Merchant Navy18MidshipmanPolyphemus
Sjødin, Erling Georg, Merchant Navy37ShipwreckedNorland, Polyphemus
Steinsvåg, Knut Andreas, Merchant Navy22ShipwreckedSydhav, Norland, Polyphemus
Stewart, James George, Civilian40PassengerPolyphemus, Suecia
Tse Chuen, , Merchant Navy27GreaserPolyphemus
Tung Yau, , Merchant Navy34StorekeeperPolyphemus
Velde, Irus Valerie van der, Merchant Navy36Second StewardPolyphemus
Vomberg, Willem, Merchant Navy40First Radio OperatorPolyphemus
Wilkins, Leslie Charles, Merchant Navy23Second Radio OperatorPolyphemus
Wit, Maarten Huibert de, Merchant Navy29QuartermasterPolyphemus
Wong Chun, , Merchant Navy53SailorPolyphemus
Wong Fong, , Merchant Navy35No. 3 FiremanPolyphemus
Wong Kwan, , Merchant Navy25Sailor & CookPolyphemus +
Yu Wo Kong, , Merchant Navy27Assistant StewardPolyphemus
Yuen Hang, , Merchant Navy32FiremanPolyphemus

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