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Raphael Semmes

American steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam merchant Raphael Semmes.

Aboard Raphael Semmes when hit on 28 Jun 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
AmericanBarrows, Charles Josselyn, Merchant Marine23OilerRaphael Semmes
AmericanBaxter, Donald Reginald, Merchant Marine23WorkawayRaphael Semmes +
SpanishCasal, Jose, Merchant MarineSecond CookRaphael Semmes +
AmericanCooper, Richard Allen, Merchant Marine29Second MateRaphael Semmes +
AmericanDavis, Joseph, Merchant MarineRadio OperatorRaphael Semmes +
AmericanEaton, Harold Gordon, Merchant Marine58MasterRaphael Semmes +
AmericanGleason, William Carstens, Merchant Marine27WorkawayRaphael Semmes
AmericanGorman, William Peter, Merchant Marine55Third Assistant EngineerRaphael Semmes +
Puerto RicanHugendubler Garcia, Roque Alfonso, Merchant Marine32Fireman/WatertenderRaphael Semmes +
AmericanHughes, William Noel Roberts, Merchant Marine30First Assistant EngineerRaphael Semmes +
AmericanJones, Loring Farnum, Merchant Marine26Junior Third MateRaphael Semmes +
PhilippineManuel, James Martinez, Merchant MarineMessmanRaphael Semmes +
AmericanMartinez, Arturo, Merchant MarineFireman/WatertenderRaphael Semmes +
AmericanMaynard, Eugene Alexander, Merchant Marine55StewardRaphael Semmes +
AmericanMcDaniel, James Walker Cotton, Merchant Marine25Ordinary SeamanRaphael Semmes +
AmericanMiller, William Lewis, Merchant Marine25OilerRaphael Semmes +
SwedishNehlin, Nils Allan, Merchant Marine29Able SeamanRaphael Semmes +
AmericanOakley, Michael James Basile, Merchant Marine40Chief EngineerRaphael Semmes +
AmericanOrbase, Canuto Ola, Merchant Marine44MessmanRaphael Semmes +
AmericanSimpson, Randolph Foster, Merchant Marine22Able SeamanRaphael Semmes +
NorwegianSkevik, John Marius, Merchant Marine56CarpenterRaphael Semmes +

21 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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