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Benjamin Brewster

American steam tanker

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam tanker Benjamin Brewster.

Aboard Benjamin Brewster when hit on 10 Jul 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Abele, Francis Joseph, Merchant MarineRadio OperatorBenjamin Brewster +
Allbritton, Pierre Lawrence, Merchant MarineOilerBenjamin Brewster +
Bendrien, Karl Albert, Merchant Marine40Third MateBenjamin Brewster +
Bertels, Claus E., Merchant MarineSecond Assistant EngineerBenjamin Brewster
Brattlof, Nels Oscar, Merchant MarineAble SeamanBenjamin Brewster +
Brown, Leon C.C., Merchant MarineOrdinary SeamanBenjamin Brewster
Burke, Andrew James, Merchant MarineAble SeamanBenjamin Brewster +
Butler, Charles Winfred, Merchant MarineThird Assistant EngineerBenjamin Brewster +
Byrd, Albert B., Merchant Marine21Ordinary SeamanEsso Nashville, Benjamin Brewster
Carlile, Fred Wheeler, Merchant MarinePumpmanBenjamin Brewster +
Carlson, Gustav Birger, Merchant MarineSecond CookBenjamin Brewster +
Carroll, Simeon Drew, USNRCoxswainBenjamin Brewster
Caylor, David A., Merchant MarineCrew MessmanBenjamin Brewster
De Nofrio, Michael T., USNApprentice SeamanBenjamin Brewster
Dick, John P., USNApprentice SeamanBenjamin Brewster
Diuros, Stephen Q., USNApprentice SeamanBenjamin Brewster
Domonkos, Michael, USNRApprentice SeamanBenjamin Brewster +
Eickhoff, Carl Friedrich, Merchant MarineChief EngineerBenjamin Brewster +
Ericson, Raffnar A., Merchant MarineChief CookBenjamin Brewster
Hamlin, Walter, Merchant MarineFireman/WiperBenjamin Brewster +
Hammel, Peter George Joseph, Merchant MarineMasterBenjamin Brewster +
Heavner, Earl J., Merchant MarineOrdinary SeamanBenjamin Brewster
Hingle, Charles Frederick, Merchant MarineStewardBenjamin Brewster +
Hooper, Thomas Lafayet, Merchant MarineMessmanBenjamin Brewster +
Johnston, Allan, Merchant MarineChief MateBenjamin Brewster +
Keeton, John Edward, Merchant MarineSecond MateBenjamin Brewster +
Kenney, Ira C., Merchant MarineOilerBenjamin Brewster
Kleyle, Harold Julius, Merchant MarineStorekeeperBenjamin Brewster +
Landry, Clyde Joseph, Merchant MarineMessmanBenjamin Brewster +
Palmer, Charles Graef, Merchant MarineAble SeamanBenjamin Brewster +
Porter, Albert Irving, Merchant MarineMessmanBenjamin Brewster +
Reid, Jack G., Merchant MarineOilerBenjamin Brewster +
Roberts, William James, Merchant MarineWiperBenjamin Brewster +
Small, Orrin Edgar, Merchant MarineBoatswain (Bosun)Benjamin Brewster +
Spaulding, Grover, Merchant MarineAble SeamanBenjamin Brewster +
Stafford, James T., Merchant Marine22Able SeamanE.M. Clark, Benjamin Brewster
Stirling, John B., Merchant MarineFirst Assistant EngineerBenjamin Brewster
Thaxton, Noble Gilbert, Merchant MarineAble SeamanBenjamin Brewster +
Wamsley, Cecil M., Merchant MarineMachinistBenjamin Brewster
Wells, William T., Merchant MarineFiremanBenjamin Brewster

40 persons found.

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