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American steam merchant

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This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam merchant Fairport.

Aboard Fairport when hit on 16 Jul 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Allen, J.J., USNApprentice SeamanFairport
Armour, H.A., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
Bandlow, F., Merchant MarineWiperFairport
Barrea, N.R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Fairport
Beersm, R.W., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Fairport
Berg, E.E., Merchant MarineElectricianFairport
Bertrand, P., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
Brakeman, J.W., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
Brandt, H.M., USNSeaman Second ClassFairport
Brown, G., Merchant MarineMessmanFairport
Brown, H.W., Merchant MarineEngine CadetFairport
Buckley, C., Merchant MarineThird OfficerFairport
Buesking, H.D., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
Burns, J., Merchant MarineAble SeamanFairport
Caldwell, J.J., USNSignalman Third ClassFairport
Cardon, W., Merchant MarineMessmanFairport
Carison, R.G., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
Carrington, R., Merchant MarineMessmanFairport
Carroll, J., Merchant MarineOrdinary SeamanFairport
Carter, J.M., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
Chaffell, M.L., Merchant MarineSecond CookFairport
Ciokkosz, F.I., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Fairport
Como, P., Merchant MarineAble SeamanFairport
Crofton, T.D., Merchant MarineBoatswain (Bosun)Fairport
Crowley, L., Merchant MarineAble SeamanFairport
Czerkies, H.B., Merchant MarineWatertenderFairport
Davis, W.C., US ArmyPassenger (S/Sgt)Fairport
Degramzia, J.C., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
Dixson, B.F., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
Duersel, H.K., Merchant MarineOilerFairport
Dunlop, R.J., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
Dzernak, J.J., US ArmyPassenger (S/Sgt)Fairport
Easter, M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Fairport
Eddens, C.W., USNBoatswain’s Mate Second ClassFairport
Egleson, E., Merchant MarineOilerFairport
England, O.N., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Fairport
Erven, J.D., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
Evensen, E., Merchant MarineChief OfficerFairport
Faybik, F., Merchant MarineOrdinary SeamanFairport
Frank, A.E., USNREnsignFairport
Furroll, G., Merchant MarineDeck CadetFairport
Gainey, B., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
Galewon, C., Merchant MarineThird CookFairport
Gallager, M., Merchant MarineSecond Assistant EngineerFairport
Gallo, L., Merchant MarineOrdinary SeamanFairport
Gearing, R.R., US ArmyPassenger (T/3)Fairport
Gennusa, V.A., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Fairport
Glass, J.K., Merchant MarineWatertenderFairport
Gooden, R., Merchant MarineMessmanFairport
Gray, E., Merchant MarineSecond OfficerFairport
Grogg, W.S., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Fairport
Groneck, A.S., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
Hacusa, J., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
Hamilton, K.L., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
Hanock, George F., Merchant MarineMasterFairport
Harris, J.B., Merchant MarineJunior Third Assistant EngineerFairport
Hartman, J.A., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
Hawkins, A.F., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
Heise, N.W., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
Hellumes, W.C., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Fairport
Herbert, W.C., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Fairport
Hester, W.L., US ArmyPassenger (T/Sgt)Fairport
Hicks, J.R., US ArmyPassenger (T/Sgt)Fairport
Hirschbein, A., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Fairport
Hulteen, C.K., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
Huss, G.D., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
Jackson, C., Merchant MarineThird Assistant EngineerFairport
Jamieson, N.S., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Fairport
Johnson, O., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
Johonsen, H., Merchant MarineWatertenderFairport
Jones, W.R., Merchant MarineFirst Assistant EngineerFairport
Knowllon, J., Merchant MarineAble SeamanFairport
Koch, F.P., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
Kolb, F.R., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Fairport
Koski, H.O., USNSignalman Third ClassFairport
Kyser, J.H., US ArmyPassenger (T/3)Fairport
Lancaster, J.K., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Fairport
Le Sawyer, E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Fairport
Leinbach, R.E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Fairport
Lenart, T.S., US ArmyPassenger (T/3)Fairport
Lentz, P.J., USNRadioman Third ClassFairport
Litten, F.E., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
Litz, G., Merchant MarineChief EngineerFairport
Lonesky, J.F., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Fairport
Marshall, F.R., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
McCook, A.B., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
McMunn, A., Merchant MarineWiperFairport
Merritt, D., Merchant MarineRadio OperatorFairport
Miller, B., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
Miller, M., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
Mol, E., Merchant MarineMessmanFairport
Moores, W.H., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
Moyer, M.D., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
Nettles, H., Merchant MarineChief StewardFairport
Puryear, F.E., USNSeaman Second ClassFairport
Querfurth, R.W., USNSeaman Second ClassFairport
Radliff, J.E., Merchant MarineSeaman Second ClassFairport
Roche, F.F., USNSeaman Second ClassFairport
Rosher, J.H., USNSeaman Second ClassFairport
Russell, G.H., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
Sarnicki, C.C., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Fairport
Sather, P., Merchant MarineWiperFairport
Scholtz, E.L., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
Selander, N.O., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Fairport
Selby, J.S., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Fairport
Sims, W.C., USNSeaman Second ClassFairport
Small, J., Merchant MarineChief CookFairport
Spearman, J., Merchant MarineDeck EngineerFairport
Spencer, E.H., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
Stanford, F.C., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Fairport
Steward, J.R., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
Story, T.L., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
Thomas, C., Merchant MarineMessmanFairport
Thomas, L., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Fairport
Tooz, M., USNSeaman Second ClassFairport
Tutwiler, P.H., Merchant MarineMessmanFairport
Vorcher, W., Merchant MarineOilerFairport
Wade, W.J., Merchant MarineAble SeamanFairport
Warniak, J.F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Fairport
Wenceslaus, K., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
White, T.A., US ArmyPassenger (Sgt)Fairport
Wilson, B.C., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Fairport
Wilson, J.D., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport

123 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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