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American steam merchant

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This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam merchant Fairport.

Aboard Fairport when hit on 16 Jul 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
AmericanAllen, J.J., USNApprentice SeamanFairport
AmericanArmour, H.A., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
AmericanBandlow, F., Merchant MarineWiperFairport
AmericanBarrea, N.R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Fairport
AmericanBeersm, R.W., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Fairport
AmericanBerg, E.E., Merchant MarineElectricianFairport
AmericanBertrand, P., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
AmericanBrakeman, J.W., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
AmericanBrandt, H.M., USNSeaman Second ClassFairport
AmericanBrown, G., Merchant MarineMessmanFairport
AmericanBrown, H.W., Merchant MarineEngine CadetFairport
AmericanBuckley, C., Merchant MarineThird OfficerFairport
AmericanBuesking, H.D., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
AmericanBurns, J., Merchant MarineAble SeamanFairport
AmericanCaldwell, J.J., USNSignalman Third ClassFairport
AmericanCardon, W., Merchant MarineMessmanFairport
AmericanCarison, R.G., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
AmericanCarrington, R., Merchant MarineMessmanFairport
AmericanCarroll, J., Merchant MarineOrdinary SeamanFairport
AmericanCarter, J.M., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
AmericanChaffell, M.L., Merchant MarineSecond CookFairport
AmericanCiokkosz, F.I., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Fairport
AmericanComo, P., Merchant MarineAble SeamanFairport
AmericanCrofton, T.D., Merchant MarineBoatswain (Bosun)Fairport
AmericanCrowley, L., Merchant MarineAble SeamanFairport
AmericanCzerkies, H.B., Merchant MarineWatertenderFairport
AmericanDavis, W.C., US ArmyPassenger (S/Sgt)Fairport
AmericanDegramzia, J.C., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
AmericanDixson, B.F., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
AmericanDuersel, H.K., Merchant MarineOilerFairport
AmericanDunlop, R.J., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
AmericanDzernak, J.J., US ArmyPassenger (S/Sgt)Fairport
AmericanEaster, M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Fairport
AmericanEddens, C.W., USNBoatswain’s Mate Second ClassFairport
AmericanEgleson, E., Merchant MarineOilerFairport
AmericanEngland, O.N., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Fairport
AmericanErven, J.D., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
AmericanEvensen, E., Merchant MarineChief OfficerFairport
AmericanFaybik, F., Merchant MarineOrdinary SeamanFairport
AmericanFrank, A.E., USNREnsignFairport
AmericanFurroll, G., Merchant MarineDeck CadetFairport
AmericanGainey, B., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
AmericanGalewon, C., Merchant MarineThird CookFairport
AmericanGallager, M., Merchant MarineSecond Assistant EngineerFairport
AmericanGallo, L., Merchant MarineOrdinary SeamanFairport
AmericanGearing, R.R., US ArmyPassenger (T/3)Fairport
AmericanGennusa, V.A., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Fairport
AmericanGlass, J.K., Merchant MarineWatertenderFairport
AmericanGooden, R., Merchant MarineMessmanFairport
AmericanGray, E., Merchant MarineSecond OfficerFairport
AmericanGrogg, W.S., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Fairport
AmericanGroneck, A.S., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
AmericanHacusa, J., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
AmericanHamilton, K.L., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
AmericanHanock, George F., Merchant MarineMasterFairport
AmericanHarris, J.B., Merchant MarineJunior Third Assistant EngineerFairport
AmericanHartman, J.A., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
AmericanHawkins, A.F., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
AmericanHeise, N.W., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
AmericanHellumes, W.C., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Fairport
AmericanHerbert, W.C., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Fairport
AmericanHester, W.L., US ArmyPassenger (T/Sgt)Fairport
AmericanHicks, J.R., US ArmyPassenger (T/Sgt)Fairport
AmericanHirschbein, A., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Fairport
AmericanHulteen, C.K., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
AmericanHuss, G.D., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
AmericanJackson, C., Merchant MarineThird Assistant EngineerFairport
AmericanJamieson, N.S., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Fairport
AmericanJohnson, O., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
AmericanJohonsen, H., Merchant MarineWatertenderFairport
AmericanJones, W.R., Merchant MarineFirst Assistant EngineerFairport
AmericanKnowllon, J., Merchant MarineAble SeamanFairport
AmericanKoch, F.P., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
AmericanKolb, F.R., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Fairport
AmericanKoski, H.O., USNSignalman Third ClassFairport
AmericanKyser, J.H., US ArmyPassenger (T/3)Fairport
AmericanLancaster, J.K., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Fairport
AmericanLe Sawyer, E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Fairport
AmericanLeinbach, R.E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Fairport
AmericanLenart, T.S., US ArmyPassenger (T/3)Fairport
AmericanLentz, P.J., USNRadioman Third ClassFairport
AmericanLitten, F.E., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
AmericanLitz, G., Merchant MarineChief EngineerFairport
AmericanLonesky, J.F., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Fairport
AmericanMarshall, F.R., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
AmericanMcCook, A.B., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
AmericanMcMunn, A., Merchant MarineWiperFairport
AmericanMerritt, D., Merchant MarineRadio OperatorFairport
AmericanMiller, B., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
AmericanMiller, M., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
AmericanMol, E., Merchant MarineMessmanFairport
AmericanMoores, W.H., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
AmericanMoyer, M.D., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
AmericanNettles, H., Merchant MarineChief StewardFairport
AmericanPuryear, F.E., USNSeaman Second ClassFairport
AmericanQuerfurth, R.W., USNSeaman Second ClassFairport
AmericanRadliff, J.E., Merchant MarineSeaman Second ClassFairport
AmericanRoche, F.F., USNSeaman Second ClassFairport
AmericanRosher, J.H., USNSeaman Second ClassFairport
AmericanRussell, G.H., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
AmericanSarnicki, C.C., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Fairport
AmericanSather, P., Merchant MarineWiperFairport
AmericanScholtz, E.L., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
AmericanSelander, N.O., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Fairport
AmericanSelby, J.S., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Fairport
AmericanSims, W.C., USNSeaman Second ClassFairport
AmericanSmall, J., Merchant MarineChief CookFairport
AmericanSpearman, J., Merchant MarineDeck EngineerFairport
AmericanSpencer, E.H., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport
AmericanStanford, F.C., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Fairport
AmericanSteward, J.R., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
AmericanStory, T.L., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
AmericanThomas, C., Merchant MarineMessmanFairport
AmericanThomas, L., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Fairport
AmericanTooz, M., USNSeaman Second ClassFairport
AmericanTutwiler, P.H., Merchant MarineMessmanFairport
AmericanVorcher, W., Merchant MarineOilerFairport
AmericanWade, W.J., Merchant MarineAble SeamanFairport
AmericanWarniak, J.F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Fairport
AmericanWenceslaus, K., US ArmyPassenger (T/4)Fairport
AmericanWhite, T.A., US ArmyPassenger (Sgt)Fairport
AmericanWilson, B.C., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Fairport
AmericanWilson, J.D., US ArmyPassenger (T/5)Fairport

123 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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