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Greek steam merchant

Photo Courtesy of Library of Contemporary History, Stuttgart

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Greek steam merchant Pantelis.

Aboard Pantelis when hit on 8 Oct 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
GreekAmentas, Georgios, Merchant Navy41GreaserPantelis +
GreekAthanasiadis, Athanasisos, Merchant Navy38FiremanPantelis
GreekFianoylis, Pantelis, Merchant Navy24FiremanPantelis +
GreekFyntoysis, Nicolas, Merchant Navy31FiremanPantelis +
GreekGadelis, Haralampos, Merchant Navy42SailorPantelis +
GreekGalantis, Stelios, Merchant Navy47SailorPantelis +
GreekGianakis, Stefanos, Merchant Navy26Third OfficerPantelis +
GreekHaniotis, Emmanoyel, Merchant Navy29FiremanPantelis +
GreekIoannidis, Nicolas, Merchant Navy37FiremanPantelis +
GreekKaitis, Kostas, Merchant Navy30FiremanPantelis +
GreekKantaras, Antonis, Merchant Navy36SailorPantelis +
GreekKefalas, Dionisios, Merchant Navy38SailorPantelis +
GreekKoliris, Stathis, Merchant Navy51TrimmerPantelis +
GreekKostantinou, Georgios, Merchant Navy38Chief Engineer OfficerPantelis +
GreekKoygianis, Fotis, Merchant Navy40TrimmerPantelis +
GreekLemos, Stavros, Merchant Navy59Boatswain (Bosun)Pantelis +
GreekMatrozos, Michael, Merchant Navy42DonkeymanPantelis +
GreekMponis, Georgios, Merchant Navy26Third Engineer OfficerPantelis +
GreekOrfanidis, Pantelis, Merchant Navy28SailorPantelis
GreekPanaghiotis , Samonas, Merchant Navy36MasterPantelis
GreekPantelakis, Ioannis, Merchant Navy59SailorPantelis +
GreekPapazis, Ioannis, Merchant Navy37FiremanPantelis +
GreekParadisis, Panaghiotis, Merchant Navy36FiremanPantelis
GreekPateras, Nicolas, Merchant Navy48Second Engineer OfficerPantelis +
GreekPonticos, Georgios, Merchant Navy44SailorPantelis +
GreekPontikos, Alexandro, Merchant Navy60Second CookPantelis +
GreekPontikos, Georgios, Merchant Navy52CookPantelis +
GreekPontikos, Spiros, Merchant Navy31StewardPantelis +
GreekSiderakis, Nicolaos, Merchant Navy26SailorPantelis +
GreekValantassis, Adamanios, Merchant Navy28Chief OfficerPantelis +
GreekValantassis, Fotis, Merchant Navy26Radio OperatorPantelis
GreekValantassis, Stavors, Merchant Navy58Second OfficerPantelis +
GreekVavlas, Michael, Merchant Navy33Mess BoyPantelis +

33 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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